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05db8905, 2007-11-16, 02:37PM CST

Fully agree and sympathize with this complaint. I have recently purchased (Feb. 2007) an Orleans home in North Carolina and the entire process has been a nightmare. Customer service is horrible, and I am not alone with problems in my neighborhood either!!! I plan to write up my own complaint in detail so people will hopefully be more aware of the poor business practices Orleans Home Builders is guilty of.

a7d2f97c, 2009-01-24, 05:39PM CST

I bought my home from Orleans Homes in September 2007 in Oak Ridge, North Carolina. The problems started before the house was even completed. Somehow when the house was measured we lost a foot, but measuring all the rooms, couldn't figure out why. At the end of the hallway the doorways looked odd going into the bedroom and it was difficult to move furniture to the finished attic with a foot less to work in. Because we couldn't prove where the problem was, they gave us NO money back at closing. But that was the beginning of our nightmare. The front porch was a foot shorter as well. We had to have them redo it and found that they also made the mistake on the wrap around portion. I wouldn't purchase the house without them giving us something back on the less footage. After the house was drywalled, we found puddles of water from the 2nd level down to the basement, which meant a leak somewhere in the walls and water on the inside of the drywall. I made them cut out the drywall after the repair. The bathtub in the master bedroom didn't fit right so every time you turned water on in the shower or bath tub the water ran down to the garage. I hadn't even moved in yet. I had them put a laundry room one of my walk in closets. At that point I had moved in and when putting the washer and dryer in, they hadn't left room for the vent on the back of the dryer. I kept complaining about this and wouldn't check off on their list (couldn't do laundry!). Finally, the crew came back in and moved everything where it needed to be months later to make it work. Problem is they moved the laundry pan over but didn't have a drain!! So what's the purpose of the laundry pan?? I didn't find out until I moved out of the house a year later.

When I moved out and back to Virginia, the problem we had with a fan in the air conditioning system had never been resolved. When they first put the unit in, the fan with it didn't fit, so they made it fit. Needless to say there were problems. It sounded like an airplane taking off in my bedroom. We had to move from the master to a different bedroom because it was too loud. My recommendation, pick a different builder. My best friend/sister, bought a house in the neighborhood before me and she has had a major mold problem from a leak in the master bathroom as well, a gas leak and leaks in the family room. Like someone else previously said, they come out look and say they are going to fix and months later, you still have the leak which unfortunately means mold is growing somewhere. By the way, it was the dangerous black mold. You would expect more from a company that builds 4,000 square foot all brick houses. Premium prices for these headaches? Not worth it. Done.

07745567, 2009-08-24, 10:52AM CDT

This company has horrible customer service. Make sure to get everything in writing up front, because after settlement you will never see them again. A number of bloggers are suggesting Orleans will go out out business because they cannot pay their debts in 2009.

07745567, 2010-03-01, 06:44PM CST

Orleans just filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy March 1st, 2010. Big surprise. Good luck getting your money back!

b6113639, 2010-03-16, 05:44PM CDT

Stay away from this builder they have filed chapter 11 bankruptcy and are leaving all current customers hanging out to dry. They are not building or finishing new homes and wont let you out of your contract. Plus they cant tell you if or when they ever will. If they do ever finish my new home I doubt they be around for any warranty work.

f6c20a22, 2010-04-21, 06:45AM CDT

They not only have hung their customers out to dry.....they severed a huge number of sales managers and did not pay them for their last weeks of service! Thank God they went out of business so they cannot take advantage of anyone else.

99d92bac, 2010-11-23, 12:31PM CST

New Orleans or Realen Builders when we bought our house in 2003 was ok to deal with then, but living in the house for the past 7 years I have found so many problems, many minor but all related to very poor craftsmanship, or lazy work by the builders themselves. I am currenty working on a leak starting in the sewer vent pipe in the attic. The pvc piping was not glue, which is causing a leak, draining into our family room. Similiar problem 5 years ago, finding out the flashing around the sewer vent pipe was not installed properly causing a gap in the roof.

There have been many things we have discovered where it is obvious that they did not care about quality just "get the house done and move to the next". I would never buy a

N. Oleans product again, nor recomend them.

By the way of course their chessy warranty has been through for a while, thus we are responsable for the clean up of their crap work.

2b887c48, 2011-05-13, 01:24PM CDT

We bought our home in NJ from Orleans builders in 2009. We were told we had a 2 year warrantee when we closed. A year later they went into Chapter 11. While they were in Chapter 11, they wouldn't do any repair/warrantee work in our home. I was told to "wait until they came out of chapter 11," then all my issues would be resolved. Once they came out, they semi changed the name of the company and dumped all our warrantees!!! I now have a house with quite a few problems and will have to start paying out of pocket to get them all fixed. This company is GARBAGE!!! Their customer service has been AWFUL from day one!!! I will bad mouth them to anyone who will listen for as long as they are still in business!!Save yourself a lot of heartache and grief, buy from a GOOD builder and not this crap company!!!

3281872d, 2011-07-02, 06:07AM CDT

terrible, terrible experience ... all of the homes in our community must have the siding replaced and some roofs - these are new homes!!! we must pay ourselves to the tune of about $20,000 for the siding - nothing but problems from this builder - stay away!!

63162a40, 2011-09-04, 08:34PM CDT

Stay away from this company. They do not build their houses properly and do not leave up to their responsibility to repair the defects. Here is what gone wrong in my house. The foundation developed a crack and a major water leak resulted. The air ducts are knocking in the winter time. The fireplace was not sealed properly and cold air is penetrating in the winter. A drainage pipe from the gutters was not connected to the street. Water accumulated in the yard. The AC is a not good quality. The coil had a recall but the company did not bother to notify its customers. I had to leave at a hotel after my move, waiting for the AC company to send the coil from Mexico. In the meantime the whole AC system had to be replaced. The water pressure in the house is not adequate. The sliding door to the deck is bent and air penetrating strong winds. A whole section of the attics was not insulated. The builder forgot to put towels and toilet paper holder in one of the bathrooms.

None of the above was fixed by the company. They claimed that we should have seen this when we moved in.

b3b61114, 2011-10-27, 03:54PM CDT

We bought our SF home in Byers Station, Chester Springs, PA in 2007 and within the 3rd year one of the windows was leaking during rains. We have stucco around the house.

Orleans and the warranty company RWC refuse to acknowledge it's their problem.

We hired a good stucco guy and gave the contract to get the repairs done. After the stucco was ripped on one side of the house, we noticed they had used only one layer of protection, i.e. only a Tyvec Stucco wrap, and nothing else.

When they install the stucco wrap, they puncture it in many places since they use the staple gun, who in their right mind would use only one layer to protect. Stucco is poros, the layers underneath should be multiple to provide any kind of protection. Even a layman would know this!

The wood underneath was completely wet and rotted in lot of places. They didn't install Jumbo tex, rain screen or weep screed, which would have cost a few hundreds extra then, than us having to shell out thousands.

Now we are having to shell out $14,000 on each side to get the stucco replaced, about $60K total, which is a lot of money in today's day and age and is causing a lot of financial hardship, mental agony and pain on me and my family.

I wish I had never bought this house. Stay away from all name builders, they are all cheats! Get a custom home built, it will give you peace of mind for years to come.

Hope this helps!

63162a40, 2011-12-31, 11:11PM CST

Stay away from this builders. They deny their responsibility to fix the numerous problems we had with the house. Just a year after moving in we found out how bad the house is. This people are sweet talking to you before you close. They dont want to hear from you after that. They came after us with the money. A whole hell broke loose if we were late a day. It took them several months to refund a fee of a few hundred dollars. They did not even apologize. They refused even to talk to us about the faulty in the house claiming that we were not under warranty (we bought and back leased their model house)). They treated us like a nuisance. This is just a partial list of faults that have never been repaired:

1. Leaky basement, cracks in foundation

2. The AC broke just as we were moving in the first summer. The AC system came with a faulty coil on recall. We had to wait more than two months for the system to be fixed by the AC manufacturer..

3. Drafty fireplace. It is not usable. We had to fill the exhaust pipe with insulation to prevent the cold air from coming in.

4. An exhaust pipe from the furnace which has not been glued causing condensation to leak into the furnace

5. A section of main return of the heating duct system was not connected

6. Gutter drain pipe not connected to sewer line to the street. This cause sink holes in the side yard.

7. Many nails are popping out of the drywall

8. The two sides of the deck double door practically separate on windy days

9. The attic was not insulated above the entire entrance section.

10 the concrete floor at the entrance had the wrong slope causing the entrance to have standing water on rainy days.

aa15e5ba, 2012-04-18, 01:38PM CDT

Thank you for your comments. I'm in the process of have a home built by Ryan Homes-SO GLAD I AM!!. I too thought that Orleans Homebuilders were top notch builders with excellent customer service, but as the saying goes "Just because it glitters on the outside doesn't mean it isn't rotten inside." I'll make sure I pass the word on about Orleans Homes to folks who are contemplating having a home built. Evidently, Orleans Organization has forgotten that 'Word of mouth' is still a powerful sword! I hope it all works out for you!

ba8667f4, 2012-05-10, 03:42PM CDT

I have been reading many of the horrible reviews on Orleans Homebuilders and have also decided it is my obligation to chime in as well.

I feel my experience with Orleans may be the worst yet.

My wife and I recently purchased a home from Orleans Homebuilders in New Jersey.

As many others, the experience of moving into this home for us was also unforgettable.


Such a corrupt business unit. I have records from the town that the builders knew it was there and did not verbally tell us it was there on our property.

They also pulled up and left the development without cleaning it up. It was only after we accidentally stumbled upon it that we learned of the dire situation.

Nice of them to think of themselves and $$$ before thehealth of the families and childrenin this development.

Shame on them, their shoddy workmanship and their lack of any moral ethics.

If I had the chance, I would steer clear from them and find a better, more honest builder.

Good Luck!

51f3403f, 2012-10-11, 12:12AM CDT

I agree terrible company and horrible to work for I am a employee who works for Orleans went out on fmla and could not return to work in 12 weeks as I am still in a cast and first thing they do is terminate employment. Company cares about no one but themselves and dont care about workers or customers

Sherry, 2012-10-13, 10:32PM CDT

Orleans Homes puts the S in the word SHADY. First, I'm sorry people had to experience the horrible situations I've read. I did my research and was prepared to take a chance and see what Orleans was about. I just returned from their community called Wildflowers in Middletown, NY. WE WALKED OUT OF THE DEAL!!!! The first time we saw this community we fell in love. It was just what we were looking for! I did my homework and decided that armed with knowledge, I could negotiate and secure everything in writing. First, when we returned the 4th time with checkbook and pre-approval from OUR lender in hand, here's what happened. From June to now we found out the price increased on every aspect of the home we wanted. The sales manager told me we had to get another pre-appoval from their preferred lender. A pre-approval is a pre-approval. Funny, when I told them we were comming to reserve the lot and I was pre-approved for a mortage, she didn't tell me it had to be with their preferred lender! I made it clear that I will shop my mortage rates and when the time comes if their lender can match the rate I found, I'll use them. If not, I will go with my own bank! She preceeded to tell me that other banks are difficult to approve for this community, and the song and dance continued! This story is long: let's cut to the chase. Price increases can happen again prior to contract, you won't know what you're paying and, the skys the limit for them. They are unwilling to negotiate but, we were finally thrown a bone, $15,000 off the $41,000 in upgrades we had chosen BUT the prices of said upgrades went up 20% since we priced everything out in July. That means the $15,000 bone is now worth about $6,000!!! We asked about home inspections. If we can be present each step of the way, the song and dance continued. We wanted more then the 2 inspections indicated on their website. She said OK, we now do four. I wanted that in writing, and the song and dance continued. We wanted to be present when the county inspector comes. At first it was a flat out NO. After hashing it out, I told her if I can pinpoint when the inspections are due and track down the inspector (let's face it, you can find everything and anything you need on the internet). I want in writing that I can stand on the side lines and observe. If not, I want to have the right to bring in my own independent engeneer/inspector at my exspense. Answer: and I qoute, "Have you thought about having a home custom built?" My answer: I'm here because I want the ameneties and the low maintenance of a 55+ community. With that, she did a disappering act and left her partner to deal with the rest of our questions. We got down to making a refundable $1,000 reservation for the lot chosen. I asked her, when do we sign up for Orleans Resale Contingency Program?(if you can't sell your existing home within a specified time period, Orleans will let you out of the contract with a full refund.) The sales manager told us about this program when were there in July (we had no clue such a wonderful thing existed until SHE told us about it.)The day before we came to leave a deposit I printed the entire program from the Orleans website. Her answer: THAT PROGRAM WAS DISCONTINUED. After I showed her what I printed from the website, the song and dance continued with, "That program is not for this community". I replied, "your manager (who had disappeared) told us about this and there is no fine print that stipulates this is only for certain communities, etc. She told us , "The website was not updated since the program was discontinued". With that, we said thank you for your time, may we have our check back, this is not for us and we left. This was truely an experience with a shady, unreputable, underhanded, false advertising organization! They truely live up to all the complaints I've read. The writing was on the wall. Our Orleans home and the experience of dealing with them could have been our worst nightmare! Word of mouth works great, the internet works better, and we dodged a bullit. Thanks to everyone who let the truth be known about Orleans!

Javier, 2012-10-13, 10:49PM CDT

Just to be a 100% sure, are these complaints about Orleans Homes ( They are about to start building in Ladysmith Village, south of Fredericksburg, VA. Their current home plans do not have a basement. Just want to make sure whether or not this is the same Orleans builder.

Sherry, 2012-10-14, 06:55PM CDT

Yes, this is the same home builder Orleans Homes. They have communities in several states. Apparently, this builder has complaints from people who have had homes built in several of there communities in different locations. However, the complaints are consistant no matter where they build. My experience took place at their 55+ community named Wildflowers in Orange County, New York. If you want to double check, go back to Orleans' website and search out this community. You'll see this is the same builder. I just checked and IT'S THEM! Beware, copy everything you see on If you decide to talk to the sales office at Ladysmith Village, you will see. Knowing what was written on and other websites, I was prepared to engage them. It was a waste of time. We prevailed only because we walked away from the deal. A home is one of the most important and the largest purchases you will make in your life. DON'T DEAL WITH ORLEANS, but if you do, good luck, and please come back to this site and post your experience.

chris Pat W, 2012-12-04, 08:35PM CST

I thought my Community was the only one ( Meadows at Mansfield ) NJ. In my community of 40 homes, there was one home owner that had his bedroom 2 feet short. They offered him free moulding to accept. My garage was built 2 and a half short in depth. They have the HVAC coming through my garage and framed and takes up space. They refused to fix. I will now sue them for consumer fraud. They will not horn their warranty. THeir subs are morons, customer service is horrible. Do not buy from these builders.

Business Reply  Linda K., 2013-02-13, 10:40PM CST

Hi, I?m Linda with Orleans Homes. I?ve read through your comments, and wanted to let you know I am available to discuss any questions or concerns one-on-one. It is important to all of us at Orleans that each of you is genuinely happy with your home and our customer service. You can reach me at 215.245.7500 or [email protected] Whether you are a current Orleans homeowner, or are interested in purchasing from us, please don?t hesitate to reach out.

Scott B., 2013-02-21, 09:03AM CST

I would have to agree with the general concensus here. Orleans SUCKS. Our home was built in and around their bankruptcy. We were delayed over 8 months for our settlement, yet they did not want to cover any of our expenses to move twice, to find a temporary rental or anything else to facilitate the experience.

Once in the house, the laundry list of issues is insane. Our project manager took the day off when we settled. His boss showed up and handed us keys. I asked him to walk the house and he said Tony would do it tomorrow. Tony showed up 3 days later and informed us that there was no longer a walk through since we are now living in the house. These are warranty claims. Low and behold, we have been in our house 2 1/2 years and our "warranty issues" still haven't been fixed. They are a joke.

Our biggest issue, is one that we have been battling for over two years. Over 90% of our windows leak. We have been battling for over two years to try and have these replaced. I have heard every excuse under the sun and we are still having water issues. We have since had mold testing done and it has shown significant levels of mold in these areas. It is to the point of taking them to court and try and get some sort of settlement for these issues.

As you have all said, the subcontractors are horrible and unskilled. I don't want their contractors to touch my house any more as they fix one issue and cause 3 more. Plumbing, HVAC, stone masons, drywall, painters, hardwoods, name it and we have had issues.

We are actually in the process of ordering yard signs urging people to stop at our house to ask questions prior to buying an orleans home. They need to know what really happens when you purchase a home from them.

To Linda, if you are truely trying to keep your clients happy and save face, then you should be a little proactive in resolving these issues. Anyone can offer help or tell us they are available to discuss questions. Obvioulsy we all have questions or issues. You should be coming to us. Fixing the issues and make your buyers happy. We are the ones that will sing your praises if you actually resolve our problems. We are your best referal...a client that has had a bad experience and you have stepped up to go above and beyond to resolve these issues. We will become your biggest advocates and large part of your sales force. and imagine that, we aren't even on your payroll.

For anyone wondering, we bought in Mullica Hill, NJ. Wheatley Meadows in Harrison Township to be exact. The biggest mistake of our lives to date. If any future buyers are looking to get insight on Orleans, please feel free to contact me. I will be happy to keep you from making the same mistakes we did. My email address is [email protected]

k r., 2013-04-16, 12:43PM CDT

We too purchased a $331,500.00 home from Orleans home builder in Lake Villa Illinois in 2005. Our basement floor is dust literally. When they pored the floor they added too much chemicals to make it cure faster it is now a dust floor in which it is in ALL the vents and everywhere in the house. Our hall bath tub had a chip we told them we wanted a new tub they refused and had a company come out and repair it. Now there is nothing but rust on the bottom. The vanity has cracks like a road map. Our drive way was sinking 4 months after we moved in, due to the fact they didn't put the correct amount of stone down. Now our drive way has chunks missing not to mention the mud coming through the holes when it rains and this stated 3 years ago. Our siding has gaps of 3" because it was cut too short. Siding expands and contracts they say. Well any idiot could tell they cut it too short. Our hardwood floors ha WHAT A JOKE pitted, dented, scratched BEFORE WE MOVED IN. I have 2 boxes of siding and 2 boxes of hardwood they sent over to fix but NEVER DID. They filed bankruptcy, they were bought out of bankruptcy by someone else but kept the Orleans home builders name. Go figure. You think they filed on purpose knowing the spotty workmanship put into the homes they sold from 2000 until the bankruptcy. My advise old or new purchase from a different builder.

harry t., 2013-07-07, 06:21PM CDT

Hey Sherry-

Let me address a few of your complaints in your typo laced paragraph above.

As for the cost of your options going up, well it happens, that's the reality of building a home. In case you haven't been paying attention to the news lately, the cost to build a home has been on the rise for years. Lumber, steel, concrete, you name it. You wait 4 months to make a decision, the cost of those options can and will go up. That's on you, be accountable for it. If you contract on a home, those prices will lock in at time of contract. You waited too long and those prices went up.

As for your complaints about inspections- let the builder do what they do (build the home) and let the city do what they do (inspect it). It's not your job to do either. If you don't trust the builder, don't buy from them, buy from one you trust it's that simple. It's not the buyers job to be on site and inspect while it's being built. That's the case for any builder.

Resale Contingency Program- Here's another one... This was there in July, but you weren't ready to buy until October. Again, if you pull the trigger quicker on it in July you might have benefited from that program. You waited, and missed out. Plain and simple. Like all programs/promotions with almost ANY company- price and participation vary and everything is subject to change. Common knowledge. If gas goes up 30 cents over night I don't complain in an online forum; I should have bought it the day before, oh well.

To the rest of you with ACTUAL construction and service problems, I'm sorry to hear about your experience with this company.

Sherry, 2013-07-16, 06:34PM CDT

Hey Harry T-

maybe you should pay closer attention to what you read before you make a comment.

Kishor G., 2013-07-19, 02:12PM CDT

I am a homeowner and a resident of Brookshire Estates in Newtown, PA. Due to extremely poor service delivery and customer relationship by Orleans Homes, Inc. in the last two years, i have surveyed the residents of Brookshire Estates utilizing a objective validated scale (SERVQUAL). The results should trouble Orleans Homes Inc. greatly. (Copy and paste below link on URL).

Orleans Homes fails to satisfy all dimensions (Reliability, Responsiveness, Assurance, Empathy, and Tangibles) of relationship marketing. The residents of Brookshire Estates in Newtown PA are tired of the organization's inability to carry out on service promises after settlement of homes. Some have been waiting 2 years for their incomplete warrenty requests.

I have also spent a great deal of time reviewing public forums, including the company's Facebook page. In doing so, it's quite clear that the experiences of the Brookshire Estates residents are far from isolated. Indeed, it is clear that Orleans homeowners throughout the country suffer from an egregious, purposeful, and widespread systemic failure throughout the entire Orleans organization to properly service their customers after the sale. The Orleans after-sale modus operandi is simply to lie to and ignore the customer. The most troubling part about this is that it is not just practiced by a few rouge Orleans employees. In fact, the lie/ignore policy appears to be endorsed from the very top of your organization--and that includes office of the CEO. What business can possibly survive long term with such a policy?

We will be utilizing the survey to post to the news media, the internet, Facebook, and other public forums. We will also reach out to potential home buyers as we experience them coming and going from Orleans model homes and sales offices. We feel that Orleans Homes, Inc. should be held accountable for it's failure to deliver the tangibles and as a result should suffer with bad public relations campaign.

09f50504, 2013-07-31, 09:22AM CDT

My husband and I recently moved into a neighborhood in Blalock Forest, Willow Springs, NC. Our experience is similar to the ones above. The original punch has never been completed and we can't get response from Orleans. We have also found a multitude of other issues, walls are wavy, trim isn't flush with walls, etc... It's like the builders never heard the terms "flush, level or plum." Our fiberglass shower insert has a hole in it. The toilet on the first floor has never worked properly. The tree they planted in our front yard was diseased and the builders HOA had the moxy to tell us we needed to request permission to remove it. We literally have a 30 page list of things that should be home building 1:01.

We had our first HOA meeting last night and our story is the least scary of them. Other folks have electrical, structural and plumbing concerns. Not to mention that the HOA wants to arbitrarily change our covenants that we all agreed to.

My question is, has anyone thought of taking legal action? How long can they really get away with this before a community is mad enough to call a lawyer?

09f50504, 2013-07-31, 09:22AM CDT

My husband and I recently moved into a neighborhood in Blalock Forest, Willow Springs, NC. Our experience is similar to the ones above. The original punch has never been completed and we can't get response from Orleans. We have also found a multitude of other issues, walls are wavy, trim isn't flush with walls, etc... It's like the builders never heard the terms "flush, level or plum." Our fiberglass shower insert has a hole in it. The toilet on the first floor has never worked properly. The tree they planted in our front yard was diseased and the builders HOA had the moxy to tell us we needed to request permission to remove it. We literally have a 30 page list of things that should be home building 1:01.

We had our first HOA meeting last night and our story is the least scary of them. Other folks have electrical, structural and plumbing concerns. Not to mention that the HOA wants to arbitrarily change our covenants that we all agreed to.

My question is, has anyone thought of taking legal action? How long can they really get away with this before a community is mad enough to call a lawyer?

09f50504, 2013-07-31, 09:22AM CDT

My husband and I recently moved into a neighborhood in Blalock Forest, Willow Springs, NC. Our experience is similar to the ones above. The original punch has never been completed and we can't get response from Orleans. We have also found a multitude of other issues, walls are wavy, trim isn't flush with walls, etc... It's like the builders never heard the terms "flush, level or plum." Our fiberglass shower insert has a hole in it. The toilet on the first floor has never worked properly. The tree they planted in our front yard was diseased and the builders HOA had the moxy to tell us we needed to request permission to remove it. We literally have a 30 page list of things that should be home building 1:01.

We had our first HOA meeting last night and our story is the least scary of them. Other folks have electrical, structural and plumbing concerns. Not to mention that the HOA wants to arbitrarily change our covenants that we all agreed to.

My question is, has anyone thought of taking legal action? How long can they really get away with this before a community is mad enough to call a lawyer?

gary p., 2013-08-08, 02:36PM CDT

What the above post says is true about the HOA when we bought this home we were handed a Hoa covenant, we read it seems real straight forward easy to follow rules. We buy in an HOA because we want to live in a HOA to keep the neighborhood nice, then when the builder holds a HOA meeting and hands out a 35 page of Architectural Guidelines, oh my gosh we have to get permission to move a bush or plant a tree, you want to build a shed bigger shed you could 8x10 what good is an shed that small. we live on huge wooded lots here you hide sheds, play swings, IF I HAD BEEN HANDED THESE RULES I WHEN BOUGHT WOULD NEVER HAVE BOUGHT IN THIS NEIGHBORHOOD.

problems with my house nothing to major just stupid things (light switches behind doors) shower stall seem to have give when you stand in it.

6c1c79ae, 2013-08-11, 08:42PM CDT

My wife and I bought a house from what-was-then Parker-Lancaster in 1996 in Cary, NC. We had all the problems mentioned above and many more. We had to replace our roof in just over 7 years, because the original roof was installed improperly. We had leaks all over the place. I sued the builder and the roofer. Seems they had reinvented themselves after 7 years. They do this every 7 years, because the statute of limitations runs out after 7 years to sue a builder over anything. Of course, they know that, and they do it regularly. They became Parker-Orleans, then Orleans Home Builders. Heaven only knows what they are calling themselves now. I don't know how anyone who works for this company can sleep at night. I don't know how they can live with themselves after ALL the people they have screwed. I can only say that anyone who buys a house from these clowns, they deserve what they get. There's enough information about them that is now public, they ought to know better.

09f50504, 2013-09-05, 08:38AM CDT

If the person that posted on 8-11-13 could provide direction on where to find the vast amount of public information about Orleans I would appreciate it. I would really like to know the best way to handle this situation. We are giving them one final chance to fix everything but we have been put through the ringer with meetings and services appointments and I am losing faith that they will fix things to a reasonable standard. If I were in their shoes I would try to go above and beyond to fix the problems my company has created but I fear that they are still trying to find cheap solutions and band aids.

Before we purchased our home I checked the BBB, local news stations, checked for any legal claims filed against Orleans, and did a general GOOGLE search for reviews and found little information. I spent several hours digging to find this forum only after we purchased our home and it started unraveling at the seams. I found a second blog on City Data but they primarily speak of foundation types. Again, if anyone could share their experiences and how they got to productive resolution it would be appreciated.

Business Reply  Linda K., 2014-03-21, 10:44AM CDT

Thank you for taking the time to share your comments. As a member of Orleans' leadership team, we want you to know that your concerns are important to us. Your comments allow us to learn and improve processes and have better communications with our buyers.

Please feel free to contact me at 215-633-2314 or [email protected] to share any outstanding problems you are experiencing and have not resolved with our team.

We genuinely want our buyers to be happy in their new Orleans' home.

Keysha C., 2013-12-08, 08:47PM CST

Why go through all that trouble get all your neighbors together with similiar problems and bring a class action lawsuit against this home builder.

c1bef70e, 2014-04-23, 03:02PM CDT

Don't even think to go with this builder. They will make your life miserable. You will have no peace of mind. They are liars.

4db158ae, 2014-05-09, 07:19AM CDT

My wife and I purchased a Oleans home in June of 2013. There are a number of things wrong in the house such as most of the doors are not properly hung, i.e. they all are subject to opening the full extent when you only need to open them partially. Most of the doors are above the floor more than needed. Some of the trim on the walls does not go all the way to the floor or base. That said I recently went to mount a picture on an outside wall and was shocked when the nail pierced the coolant line from the air conditioner. So today I am having it fixed to the tune of $1000.00 dollars. Shoddy workmanship to say the least. At 75 years of age I could think of a number of ways I would rather spend a grand.

309f5312, 2014-05-17, 09:15PM CDT

My husband and I are in the process of buying an Orleans home in North Carolina. I stumbled across this site today and have to say I am very concerned and worried about the wisdom of moving ahead and closing next month with all the frustration and dissatisfaction that has been expressed here.

Tracy M., 2014-05-19, 11:18AM CDT

I bought a home from Orleans (then Parker Lancaster) in Cary, NC 17 years ago. I have spent thousands upon thousands of dollars (no exaggeration) correcting all the problems from shoddy construction. Read my post above from 8/11/13. The bottom line is this: If you buy a house from Orleans, you WILL make a mistake. Even if you have to walk away from some earnest money, DO IT. It will be small potatoes compared to what you will spend on correcting their mistakes. Don't make an emotional decision. Use your head with this. Hundreds of my neighbors would tell you exactly the same thing.

Encycloman, 2014-10-05, 06:55PM CDT

I live in a development (Abbington) in Harrisburg, NC. Orleans is one of the builders now finishing out our subdivision - after all the quality builders suffered during the recession and left. They have absolutely no respect for the existing homeowners. Dirt & mud all over streets, nails and other tire-puncturing stuff to run over (I have personally had to repair 4 flats), and no consideration for whether existing homeowners can get past their vehicles. No point in talking to many of their workers, since they do not speak English.

Watching their work, it looks like anyone getting one of these homes is in for a lot of trouble. They do NOT seem to be a company that cares.

Emily, 2014-11-02, 04:05PM CST

I would like to get in contact with the home owner in Blalock Forest .... how can I contact you.


ceb5fd13, 2015-02-12, 12:00PM CST

Worst customer service ever. Don't EVER buy a MODEL HOME. Any time something goes wrong they say "You bought a Model Home, it was sold to you AS IS" This even goes to their bad construction. They do not know the meaning of quality work. They continually change sub contractors, kind of makes you wonder. I would not recommend Orleans to the devil or my worst enemy.

Business Reply  Linda K., 2015-03-09, 05:13PM CDT

Can you please let me know where you have purchased your home?

Linda Kelley

Orleans Homes

ceb5fd13, 2015-03-10, 05:34PM CDT

To Linda Kelley

We purchased at The Villages of Hillview, in Coatesville, PA Chester County

Sam D

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