2002 Chrysler Town and Country Mini Van (approx 45,000 miles)

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Company: 2002 Chrysler Town and Country Mini Van (approx 45,000 miles)

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2002 Chrysler Town and Country Mini Van (approx 45,000 miles)

Chrysler repair complaint

March 26, 2005 OWNER: Alexander Matos DEALER: Massey-Yardley Chrysler Jeep 777 N State Rd 7 Plantation, FL 33317 Service: 954-327-4000 History: Sunday March 13 - Engine warning light is seen on control panel. Monday March 14 - Called Chrysler service. They told me that it might be a loose gas tank cap and instructed me to wait another day. Tuesday March 15 - Engine light still on. I returned vehicle to Chrysler for diagnosis. They advised that it could be a part of the transmission or the transmission itself and would let me know. The also told me that the car was "posibly" drivable.I called several times to inquire if the car was drivable with the warning lite "on". Thursday March 17 - I called again on they advised me that it was OK pick up the car and drive it.. They also advised me to return the car Monday for further evaluation. I picked up the car and drove it without incident for 2 days. (the engine warning light remained on) Friday March 18 - I got stuck on the exit ramp of the Florida Turnpike at 11 P.M. (a very harrowing experience) The car was towed to my home. The next day I called Chrsler and the advised me to drop the car off at any time. Sunday March 20 - The car was towed to Chrysler. I called Chrysler and they told me that they did not know what was wrong, but when they did, they would call. Monday March 21 - I called several time for the next 3 days but was told that they will call as soon as they know what is wrong. They never called. Thursday March 24 - Chrysler called and explained that the car had been repaired. and advised me that he would call to let me know the price of the repair. They never called. Saturday, March 26 - I called and was told that since it was a holiday weekend (Easter), they advised me to call Monday. A few days later , I was told that a new transmission was installed. The Charge was $4000.00. I paid the fee and picked up the car. QUESTION: WHY WAS I TOLD THAT THE IT WAS OK TO DRIVE WITH THE WARNING LIGHT ON. THE DAMAGE WAS DONE BECAUSE OF CHRYSLER'S IMPROPER DIAGNOSIS AND THEREFORE THEY SHOULD BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS REPAIR.

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