Target, Naperville, IL - Mr. Coffee coffee maker

Posted on Friday, April 15th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by 1ef336e8

Company: Target, Naperville, IL - Mr. Coffee coffee maker

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Target, Naperville, IL - Mr. Coffee coffee maker

Top of the line Mr. Coffee maker

I purchased the top of the line Mr. Coffee coffee maker 98 days ago from a Target store in Naperville, IL. I will not shop at Target Stores anymore and I will urge the general consumer not to risk purchasing any item from there either. Because of the most appalling lack of responsibility the Target store took for selling a defective product. After about 60 days after I purchased this $55.00 stainless steel Mr. Coffee coffee maker, it simply stopped working. So I went out the next day and purchased another brand of coffee maker from another merchant to replace it. Apparently Target believes they are above the customers that make the mistake of shopping there because I was told my receipt (that proved the date, time and amount of the purchase) was not any good. It "expired" 8-days earlier and I was simply out of luck. The clerk game me a card stating if I have a problem with this policy that I should e-mail the "Target Return & Exchange Department" in Minneapolis, MN. Then the clerk asked me to step aside. Well guess what, the e-mail address appears to be "unavailable". How convenient for Target and not at all surprising to me. So, I have to take a nearly $60.00 loss for making the mistake of trusting Target Stores. I recommend the risk of shopping at Target is not worth the possible loss of money on the purchase, time spent trying to return it (and being turned away) and the additional money spent re-buying the same thing somewhere else. I feel like Target believes, "Hey, you screwed trusted us".



Naperville, IL

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27167971, 2008-10-26, 09:23PM CDT

I totally agree with Target's poor return "policy". I used to spend thousands at the two Naperville Super Targets - groceries, toys, clothes, Starbucks, gift cards for teacher presents. Not any more. They wouldn't even let me do an even exchange on an item for an alternate size. I went and found it on the rack and had it in my hand at the customer service desk. They are all just robots reciting "policy". If they would stop for a minute and think about the impact, they would never behave with such stupidity.

c7bad736, 2009-07-02, 12:57PM CDT

Don't get angry, GET SMART! If your receipt has expired, NO PROBLEM! Simply go back to the Target store and buy the exact same item again. You take that brand new item home and swap it for the defective one and use the receipt that you just got from purchasing the brand new one when you return it. That way you will have a brand new WORKING item and get your money back when you return the defective one with your most recent receipt! Don't let the stores get over on you. Think around the box!

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