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Posted on Thursday, April 14th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by 522e4f1c

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Staples Canada


I ordered an office chair from Staples online ( . Today when I came home I received a voice mail from the delivery person to inform me that today has been the second attempt to deliver the product and request that i am to call the office.

When I called the Customer Service line at 1-877-360-8500, I was then informed that I need to reorder the item since the item has already been returned after second attempt. I then advised that I had only received a call today and that the sale item is already over if I were to re-order.

The customer service agent did not care anyhow and basically too bad this is the store policy. I also got a confirmation from the supervisor. I cannot find of such store policy indicated on the website and also I start to wonder if Staples really care to have a customer or not? Well, I decided not to order from Staples anymore if this is the treatment I am to get.

Thank you.

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4a3fe96b, 2008-08-21, 06:31AM CDT

All they had to do was call you before delivery to insure that someone was home for delivery. They could use a good manager.

9fdfe206, 2010-07-05, 07:07PM CDT

I have to agree. Staples doesn't care much about their customers. I ordered a RAM then I had to return it because it was not working. They charged me of course for that, and charged me again for the exchange after returning the defective item. The second RAM was defective as well. Frustrating as it is, the person I spoke with said they we're going to do another exchange and deliver it on a specific day (today). Today, I waited for the third RAM to get deliverd and do the exchange for the second time, 30 minutes before 5 I called to check if it was going to be delivered... The agent said that I should wait another half hour and just call back again after 5 p.m. if it doesn't come. What?!?! Then I asked her to confirm it.. then she said that only a return will happen tomorrow!!! She kept on giving me the wrong information after getting my order. Until obviously, I was getting mad that I want my money back instead. She said it'll take weeks to have the credit back. And that somebody will come in tomorrow to pick-up and deliver the third item. Another confusing information. It has been a frustrating experience. The worse part about it, not one of the agents I spoke with apologized for the incovenience, instead they even tried to argue with the customer. BOO!

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