Reclaim Ltd in Gibraltar

Posted on Tuesday, April 12th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by a5711ab9

Company: Reclaim Ltd in Gibraltar

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Reclaim Ltd in Gibraltar

I got a certificate from this company value 750.000 BEF issued 21/06/2000 and claimed back as stipulated in the contract on 03/09/2004.

By September 30/09.04 I got a letter back certifiying that my claim is correct and that I will be notified of payment in due course (this is by the end of December 2004, following the terms and conditions of the contract.)

This official letter is signed by the Director Malcom J Willis.

Since I didn't get any cheque first week of Jan. 2005 I called them and they explained to me that it was due to a computer crash that I would get it mid february. Nothing received in February I kept on calling them, writing them E-mails, letters and faxes.

In March they weren't reachable because of a telephone problem and finally last week in March just before Eastern I had another to telephone calls with Mr. Willis who explained me that he got the check from the Trustee on Tuesday night and that I would get it the week after Eastern. Ever since then I've tried to get in touch but mostly it is the answer machine or the lines are business or Mr. Willis is in a meeting.

It stinks!! How can you help me?

Best Regards


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67e39d0e, 2007-10-18, 06:02AM CDT

Have you had your money yet ?

c2850464, 2008-08-19, 11:21AM CDT

hi marino have just read your complaint about reclaim it happened to me also.I was supposed to get 10000 back in jan 2007 but like you nothing at all. have you had anything at all yet.

3aa95155, 2009-07-08, 01:56PM CDT

We have the same problem in 2009. Nothing has changed. Any advice??

05767cc3, 2009-08-21, 11:47AM CDT

have you been approached from anyone stating that this money is yours and that you have to go to Teneriffe to meet their legal people at which time

you wont get any cheque but if you follow proceedure you will get it back at some stage? the company in Question is TV Travel


6e5f22f0, 2010-03-22, 02:15PM CDT

Just been contacted by Meredith ! claiming to be from Fraser & Ward.Apparently if I go to Tenerife (250) for a week I will get all my money 14k in 6-8 weeks of returning.Another scam,when pushed she claimed she was from a call centre in Barcelona - yeah right...Pls don't part with anymore money..

9379e38e, 2011-03-13, 11:38AM CDT

Because Incentive leisure have been closed down, the people from said company want me to pay 259.00 to go and secure my monies in Tenerife, this reclaim is not due for another year. They did not stick to the contract, did not take my timeshare but took my money. I have been ask to go out there and spend more monies but have been told it is a scam. Jean

paul g., 2013-01-29, 06:02PM CST

It happened to me and my wife back in 2004,posted the reclaim certificate off by registered post it had to be in by a few days before being up 52 mnths 5000.00 pounds,i got in contact with them and they said it was after the 52 mnths ,did not want to know ,robbing bastards!paul

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