Petco / Knowingly sells bedding that can kill a small animal

Posted on Tuesday, April 12th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by 0cb05dc1

Company: Petco / Knowingly sells bedding that can kill a small animal

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Petco / Knowingly sells bedding that can kill a small animal

Petco sells cedar bedding in their store that killed my son's hamster in less than 24 hours. The cedar bedding package said that the cedar was okay for hamsters and other small animals, but in reading a hamster magazine article that clearly states that cedar and pine bedding can damage the repiratory systems in hamsters.

The store personell admitted that pine and cedar should never be used but nowhere do they post that the bedding is dangerous. Nor do they mention in their literature about hamsters at the time that you buy a hamster from the store that pine or cedar bedding is dangerous for small animals. I think that this policy is unnecessarily cruel and demonstrates Petco's desire to knowingly sell a product that can severly dehabilitate animals.

This could all be avoided if you refused to sell products that say its safe to use cedar and pine for small animals and you must also post on the hamster cages that house your animals the type of bedding that is safe to use. It was pitiful to watch this animal suffer and Petco should do everything to avoid these problems in the future and make the public aware if the bedding danger

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a7bf5a2d, 2010-09-27, 08:09PM CDT

wow cedar is highly poisons to animals.I just recently posted a complaint about them,i used to work for them and NONE of the employees know anything about animals.and the GM cares more about stocking dog food(since is 50% of their sales) other than taking care of the animals.They sell animals knowing that the animal is sick. I'm very sorry you had to experience this.Hope it does some good to know you are not alone in this,PETCO should not sell animals period.Especially things that can kill your pet.

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