2002 Honda Odyssey Safety Recall

Posted on Monday, April 11th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by 8ba3998f

Company: 2002 Honda Odyssey Safety Recall

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2002 Honda Odyssey Safety Recall

To begin I would like to make a comment about the attitude of the service director at Space Coast Honda, he has got to be the rudest, most arrogant and condescending American person that I have ever met.

I am a single middle-aged Korean woman that can speak English, but not fluent in speaking

or understanding. I am having a friend help me prepare this comment as he tried to get the problem resolved by speaking with service director David Skinner. I received a Safety Recall notice for my 2002 Honda Odyssey and the recall was to "Automatic Transmission Second Gear Inspection and Install Oil Jet Kit". My VIN: 2HKRL18952H535029 I took my perfectly good running Honda (only 28,520 miles) to Space Coast Honda to have them perform the corrective action. However, when I picked-up my car it had a terrible jerk when shifting between first and second gear and still does.

I returned to the Honda service department and told them that there was a problem. The service director said he did not know what the problem was and said, "it probably needs a new transmission and that will cost around $4,500.00. I told them that the car was running just fine until their technician touched it. The service director just laughed and said I don't know.

I could tell by the way he was looking at me that he was getting a real kick out of hearing me speak my limited English ability and he kept using big words that I could not understand. My friend that went with me yesterday (04/09/2005) asked him to have a different technician exam the work that was performed to see if it was performed correctly, he refused to talk about anymore and told us to contact the Honda USA customer service. Of course they are not

open on weekends. My friend will be contacting the Honda USA customer service department, Monday, 04/11/2005, I do not expect any cooperation out of these very arrogant people. Damage Resulting = I do not know what damage was done to my transmission by the Honda technician, even I know that it should not wear out in 28,520 miles. It smells of a scam to pick on single women. Tae

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