American Express - American Express, Rewards Green Card - I opened my American Express Green card about 2 months ago because the card accrued no interest and got points for shopping. My experience with American Express has been extremely negative.

Posted on Friday, September 10th, 2004 at 12:00am CDT by 722789a1

Company: American Express

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My experience with American Express has been extremely negative. Once I found out that the Card required the entire balance in full every month showed me the reason why it had no interest, cause you have no balance, you can do that interest savings with any card. Then the card also has a yearly fee, WHY? Then the card also charges much more than Visa and Mastercard so not many businessess will accept the card anyway.

I called Cancelations Department, more than determined to cancel the card, but they offered me 25000 bonus points to keep it open. That is basically a $25.00 gift card a Blockbuster just to keep it open. But the trick was it wouldn't accrue until the end of the statement balance. I logged into my account online and noticed they had first subtracted 5000 points from my account and then readded them back, so technically they did give me the points without really giving me any benefit at all.

I then called the rewards department and they said they could see the points sitting there waiting to become finalized. I was told at first that the points would become available in 7-10 days. Then after that didn't happen, I called back and talked to a manager about the lie, the manager said that the rule in points becoming available is 15-30 days after my last payment was made. So I figured out the 30th day and she agreed to the day I had picked as being the day my balance should be available.

So on that day I still did not have any points available, "AS EXPECTED" so I called back and talked to a man named Carlos in the Miami office and he said they were not availble because they had to go to the clerical department to become available. He said he would watch my account and call me back in a few days after the points became available. Then about a week after that I noticed my account still did not have any points available so I called back and requested to speak to Carlos in the Miami office. I even had his extension. The representative came back and said that was not a valid extension and they did not have any Miami office, they had a Ft Lauderdale office.

So I discovered that Carlos was a ficticious name, then I was completely convinced that I had been treated like that donkey with a carrot tied to his hat to make him go a little further in anticipation of getting the carrot. So I asked to be transfered to the Cancelation department once again. Cancelations said that American Express holds integrity to be very important in their business, but she also put the carrot out their for me saying that the points actually take 8-10 weeks before becoming available. I said enough is enough and to just cancel me.

I also said this incident would be reported to and BBB. It did not make sense to me why they would give me a 25 dollar gift card to keep my account open, it does now after I see that its just an illusion of a 25 dollar gift card. I hope representatives at American Express can sleep at night with this serious integrity problem.


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5d2a2cec, 2007-11-21, 01:07PM CST

This complaint is absolutely stupid. It's not American Express's fault that this customer did not do his/her research. The American Express Green Rewards Card is a CHARGE card--meaning you must pay your balance in full every month. And if the customer did do his/her research, he/she would easily find out that there is a $95 annual fee. This customer is absolutely idiotic. No wonder America is so deep in credit card debt. It's because of people like this who don't know how to properly keep research and keep track of their finances.

28390bc1, 2008-02-16, 07:27PM CST

I thought it was common knowledge that the American Express Green Card was a CHARGE card and not a CREDIT card, and that there is a $95 annual fee. Whoever complained about this was obviously someone not paying attention. It is not American Express' fault that this person does not read the information before applying. By the way, I have a brand new Mercedes SLK for sale for only $100*

*Plus $150,000 (maybe the guy won't read this part)

865244b2, 2008-10-28, 10:36AM CDT

Complainant: You don't read very well, do you? When you applied for the card, you should've very easily seen the annual fee AND the fact that the card is a charge card and you must pay in full every month. I have the Gold charge card and it is amazing. I had an item that I purchased with the card stolen, I called them yesterday, and already I have a credit for the balance in my account today. Amex rocks.

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