Carlson Wagonlit/Joyce Brown - Carlson Wagonlit/Joyce Brown in Holland - I think this is a story worth sharing. In April 2004 I booked a vacation through Carlson Wagonlit/Joyce Brown in Holland. This was originally scheduled for travel to Puerto Vallarta w/ my husband and 2 friends in

Posted on Sunday, September 5th, 2004 at 12:00am CDT by cfd2dab5

Company: Carlson Wagonlit/Joyce Brown

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This was originally scheduled for travel to Puerto Vallarta w/ my husband and 2 friends in July 2004. Due to a medical emergency/surgery (my husband had a detached retina and almost lost eye sight) we had to change the vacation date.

We paid Carlson Wagonlit an additional $403.46 to change the dates to September 4th. We went to meet Joyce Brown at Carlson and pick up all of our travel documents. It appeared everything was changed and Ms. Brown assured us "we were set". Today we arrived at Gerald R. Ford International Airport at 5:00 am for a 6:45 flight to Houston then on to Puerto Vallarta.

When we approached the continental airlines counter we were told that the tickets were never changed and they still showed travel for July 2004. They basically said "sorry, nothing we can do." It was very difficult to reach anyone at 5:00 am on a Saturday and neither Carlson Wagonlit or Apple vacations offers a 24 hour emergency number.

We finally tracked down our travel agent, Ms Brown at about 7:00 am. She said she would "look in to it" Hours passed without her updating us and in the mean time we took it upon ourselves to try to resolve the problem. We spent a total of 7 hours on the phone. Carlson Wagonlit who, made the error of not changing our tickets finally admitted they messed up but would offer no compesation. They even had the audacity to tell us their problems. Ms. Brown's supervisot, Jan Vanderploeg said "well we had to come in on a Saturday and we had to call from home..."

Ms. Brown called us after 7 hours of sitting in the airport despearately seeking a resolution, Ms Brown said "Well there is a 3:30 flight from Chicago but you will never make that." We requested that they buiy us tickets from GR to Chicago so we could go on our vacation. They declined. Both couples used vacation time from work, both couples had family from Illinois take vacation time to come watch our children, we paid parking, gas, stress etc and Carlson Wagonlit's stand is "sorry" We paid them a fee to book a vacation and signed a contract stating so and they outwardly told us they don't back their product. Ms. Vanderploeg said to us, and I quote " We don't make any money off of this."

Overall I am appalled at the treatment, the fact that no restitution was offered, no accomodations were made for their mistake and we were sent home empty handed.


Donna R. B


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