truegreen chemlawn - never use truegreen to maintain your lawn. I did and now I'm going to have to replace all the sod in my yard and several bushes and trees

Posted on Friday, October 1st, 2004 at 12:00am CDT by 0334b7d3

Company: truegreen chemlawn - never use truegreen to maintain your lawn. I did and now I'm going to have to replace all the sod in my yard and several bushes and trees

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truegreen chemlawn - never use truegreen to maintain your lawn. I did and now I'm going to have to replace all the sod in my yard and several bushes and trees

truegreen chemlawn

if this is actually read by anyone , never use truegreen to maintain your lawn. I did and now I'm going to have to replace all the sod in my yard and several bushes and trees. let me tell you from the beginning.the service that I signed up for are full lawn maintance trees and shrubs.

my wife and I are building a new home so we decided to rent out our old home.included in the rental is lawn maintance ,so after calling around and due a little checking we went with truegreen. on February 19th the sales person came out wrought up the contract.and at the time I had been taking care of it my self and it was the thickest greenest bahaigrass on the whole street,and people would stop to look at my yard and landscaping.

then in June my yarn began to thin and turn yellow,so I maid a service call. the never responded . in July the yellowing spread to the hole yard as well as bushes and trees. I caught the service guy and told him his response was my yard is to shady.

well I live in Florida and my front yard faces due south with no large trees in front. then I finally got hold of his boss on the phone and his response was to send the guy back out to retreat . well he came out retreated one week later and said that the reason the yard was dieing was over watering well that is in possible due to the fact that my sprinklers had been off sense March.

but I can not control the rain and in Florida it rains in the summer.well the first time it rained after the retreat the yard started to turn I called again .the manager came out and said it was insects so he treated for them. it rained the yard completely died even the weeds that where not there to began died.then the hurricanes hit.

they came out too look at the yard again and said that the debris was the reason it had died ,that was late august. now it is late September I have only sand in the yard and fire ants . total lost 7200 sq ft lawn 3 loripedeliums 7 Mexican heather 5 false heather 5 azaleas 2 ornamental trees 2 camellias total estimated value around $5000.00 dollars. and they have no intentions of repairing the damage

if you want your yard to look this good call truegreen.

Thomas F

Matt and Amanda F

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94cdc6db, 2008-07-02, 05:49PM CDT

as a newhome owner i never considered lawn care all i thought i had to due was mow the lawn well that all changed when i called trugreen i had a ton of weeds never treated or anything of the sort they gave me tips on mowing height and treated and i am proud to say i have the best lawn on the block maybe your landscaper mowed yout lawn too short and/or never watered that was one of my biggest problems you said you rented the property out you think the renters are goung to keep your lawn prestine dont hold your breath and then hurricanes came through and you expected prefection well chalk one up for mother nature and claim it on your homeowners insurance

e69f2183, 2008-07-06, 09:20AM CDT

Trugreen stinks!

Their incompetence/failure to perform or guarantee what they promised is a breach of contract and we ought to sue them. I??m going to file a claim.

In 2007, I paid about $200 per month for their services. I paid an additional $600 for the aeration/seeding services that they provided in November last year, and they guaranteed me that the bald spots would be gone in 2008. They said that I would have a nice green lawn this year. It was a lie. It didn't happen. I had the same bald spots and they wrote up their first ticket saying that I had bald spots in the yard. I called them and reminded them that I paid $600 for them to prevent that. TruGreen said that someone would be out to redo those areas. They never came.

They have come out four or five times this year (2008), but my grass had more weeds, as if they planted weeds last fall, than it did the previous year. I put down some new grass in areas last fall. The grass areas that I planted grew nice grass. The grass they planted never grew. I??m seeing more weeds than ever before where they planted. Until June 27, when they came out and put dry fertilizer on my lawn, my grass was, at least, green. Since then, my grass has dried up and died in large patches. They obviously over-fertilized. I find myself, cleaning up and repairing what I pay them to do.

TrueGreen is a rip-off.

c8db911e, 2008-07-14, 07:19PM CDT

I live in upstate NY and couldn't agree more! This is the worst lawn service anyone could use. Since I began using "Trugreen" I have more weeds and they want me to pay money for service I don't receive. I caught them servicing only half of my lawn (they didn't know I was home!) and then taking off without finishing. They apply "weed killer" but the weeds never die. They put on too much fertilizer and have killed my grass and have yet to repair the lawn even though this happened back in April 2008. They wrote the book on excuses!! Use them if you like a desert and are fond of weeds.

f9464353, 2008-08-19, 08:03PM CDT

I have had trugreen chemlawn for two years now. They killed the broad leaves alright but they never touched the crabgrass. I was told that a pre-emergent was needed and for two years they forgot. In Minnesota we get five months to grow a lawn and enjoy it. I am not sure what they treat with, but my crabgrass has taken over and the lawn is almost dead. I was wondering why they wanted me to seed it so badly. I think they use a growth regulator that inhibits the grass but the grassy weeds are uneffected. I have been watering for over a month to no avail. Run from "tru-brown chem-splash"

14da98da, 2008-09-27, 11:31PM CDT

I have used TrueGreen for about 15 years here in the state of Washington without any problems like that.

72e98f20, 2008-10-14, 08:19PM CDT

My name is Chuck I have had Truegreen for almost 15 years and have always had one problem or another with them. I have had them re-sod numerous times and every time it has turned into a bigger ordeal. But this time I have lost my entire back yard and am starting to lose my front yard. As usual I call my guy, a manager by the name of Charles; but now he has not returnded my calls. Finnally when he returns my call, he comes out there and takes a soil sample which is what he tries to blame the problem on. Although the sample turns out to be inclusive. So he tells me that he is going to give me four pallets of sod. That of which I have to kill all the weeds my self and lay the sod myself and proceeds to tell me that we are to part ways because he says that they can't make me happy and that they are not going to contiue to re-sod my yard even though they haven't solved the ongoing problem. Mind you now were not talking about a little patch of weeds we are talking about a 1/2 acre of weeds and no grass anymore. I'm totaly in shock. I'm in the service industry my self for the last twenty years and I can't imagine telling one of my customers somthing like that. It is totaly unbeleavable that is how they conduct bussiness and I'am not going to stand for it. I'm going to contact corporate office; hell even the news if I have to. There not going to get away with that easly......!!!!!!!

bdc594d1, 2009-08-13, 10:18PM CDT

i'm reading your story and that's exactly what happened to us my husband and i bought a house 2 years ago and had the whole yard done shrubs beautiful green sod the best grass in the whole new neighborhood sales man coming around said to me that it could look even better i didn't think was possible but i said ok lets give it a try few monts later my grass is all burned and yellow and horrible i have been calling since last summer they came out couple times not really doing anything blaming everything but themselves i'm disgusted and heartbroken my grass is the worse now took them couple of months to ruin it completely and they are not returning my phone calls

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