Winn Dixie - Arizona Iced Tea (stress) gallon jug Beverage

Posted on Wednesday, September 29th, 2004 at 12:00am CDT by 2f820181

Company: Winn Dixie - Arizona Iced Tea (stress) gallon jug Beverage

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Winn Dixie - Arizona Iced Tea (stress) gallon jug Beverage

Arizona Iced Tea (stress) gallon jug Beverage.

Ft.Lauderdale, Fla.

I recently purchased a Gallon jug of Arizona Rx Stress Iced Tea at A local supermarket chain store called Winn Dixie.

I have purchased this and other Arizona products in the past;when i oped this particular gallon jug; i served it to a guest in my home and they tasted ir and started to gag,they told me there was something wrong with it so i tried it myself and had the same reaction.

It tasted ROTTEN,smelled very bad and there was some foreign matter sitting on the bottom of the jug.I have tried to contact Arizone numerous times to no avail as of yet.I and anyone i know will never,never,purchase Arizona products in the future.


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901b1bb4, 2007-09-13, 09:41PM CDT

I've been drinking Arizona Iced Tea for the better part of a decade now. I know, I'm addicted to sugar, but I figure it's better than soda. I go through a gallon a week at work, and a little less than that (maybe) at home. I'll have the occasional Dr. Pepper as a substitute. Yeah, I know, real healthy. In all my times buying Arizona I've never once had an incident like this happen. I've never had the stress tea, so maybe that's it, but I always drink the regular - why mess with a good thing? Keep up the good work, Arizona. After a long day of work it's nice to have a tall glass of cold iced tea.

df427f42, 2008-05-11, 04:17PM CDT

I just had the same thing happen with a tall can of Arizona Green Tea. I think it's making me sick. I took a big gulp and almost barfed...It tasted almost like beer. I have been drinking a truck load of that stuff for awhile now. Never again!!! I actually was so struck that i went home and googled "Rotten Arizona Ice Tea", It led me here. Arizona "Rotten" Tea....yuck!

55ddaab2, 2009-09-05, 09:36AM CDT

I'm not sure about the rotten taste, maybe it was on the shelf at winn dixie for too long, but it says on the package that some of the herbs used in production will settle at the bottom and to shake well before serving so that the herbs are distributed evenly.

b27fbc2d, 2011-08-18, 09:19AM CDT

I tried this tea for the first time about three days ago and it was wonderful!! It gave me a bit of an extra energy boost without the jitters or a crash landing. It relaxes me and creates a better inner mood and state of mind. My son purchased it from a local Walgreens store here in Chicago and I plan to become a regular customer. The containers states the need to shake the product prior to drinking. I am not a coffee person but this stuff is better than coffee any day without the caffeine.

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