Silver line replacement windows from Home Depot

Posted on Wednesday, September 29th, 2004 at 12:00am CDT by ed0c3cc2

Company: Silver line replacement windows from Home Depot

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Silver line replacement windows from Home Depot

Consumer follow-up message - November 13, 2005 - From: //

Since my last e-mail I had no luck and no one from Silverline would return my calls. I simply filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau in NJ. Silverline called me immediately, had a technician come to my house to see, for themselves, the damaged windows and screens. He ordered 13 new windows and 3 screens to replace the damaged ones that they sent me. I was told that the technician would come and install the windows when they came in. Later I was informed that the windows were

in and they wanted to know if they knocked off some money would I install the windows. I agreed for $200 bucks off my bill. I installed the screens and windows. One is the wrong size and the other one is damaged. They have assured me that they were on order. I was assured, by Linda, that she would e-mail me a waiver so that they can pay me the $200.00 bucks.... after not hearing anything from her I called Eric and he assured me that the would e-mail me the waiver right away. It's been over a week and still no waiver. I suspect I'll loose out on the 200 bucks but what the hell... the windows project is winding down. This whole project started back in July 2004 with me ordering 21 windows. It's now November 13th and I'm

still waiting for them to send me three windows. Hell we were so hard up that I even installed two of the windows that they sent with the "staple" (that holds the weather stripping in place) sticking out the

front of the window. It's winter time here in NH and I can't keep playing with Silverline. To anyone else wishing to order from them I would STRONGLY suggest that you read up on Silverline. I would NEVER buy another window or screen from them. These windows are the Premium windows too, not the cheap stuff, yet the weather stripping doesn't stick, finger prints between the thermal pane glass, bent screen frames, staples sticking out of the front of the window sash frames, .....should I go on? Save yourself the time, headache and heartache. Shop elsewhere. And by the way... where has Home Depot been in all of this????? NO WHERE... not one bit of help. They promise they will call and never do. So I now shop everywhere but Home Depot!!!!! Paul J. M

Silver line replacement windows

I've replaced 21 windows in my home, from Home Depot. The windows are actually made in NH at Silver line windows. The windows arrived and I started installing them. During the installation we noticed holes in the screens, bent screen frames, finger prints in between the thermal panes of glass. When the sun hits the glass the finger prints light up like white neon lights.

These windows are their premium with insulation in the window frames and argon gas allegedly filled in between the two windows. We have one window that steams and you can't see out of it.

Several of the windows have long scratches across the glass that you can feel with your fingernail. Much like someone cut it with a glass cutter.

The weather stripping, on several of the windows, does not stay stuck and it gets caught in the window frame when you close the window. Also many of the windows do not have "stove pipe" foam rubber to stop the cold draft from rising up the sides of the windows. I've been in touch with COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_68359# and given her a list of 16 items wrong with these windows. Still no answer. In addition I've gone around from window to window photographing the damage. I've included these photographs in an e-mail to Lorraine. This has been going on since I purchased these windows back in July and August. Home Depot in Rochester, NH has not helped at all. I'm also battling my wife who wants to purchase new windows through Lowe's and drop these off at Home Depot. I think she's going to win. We spent the afternoon looking at Anderson windows and at windows through Lowe's. I did receive a call from "Tom" last week who asked that I call him. When I did I was told that he was out to lunch. I left a voice mail addressing my concern and told him to call me with any questions. I also told him that Lorraine had the photos if he cared to view them. On today's date I received another call from "Tom" who asked me to call him. This was at 4:45PM. I called at 5PM and the extension he told me to call was to someone named Mike Ruel and hung up. I called back and pressed 2 to speak with customer support. I was told to call another number. I did that and received a recording telling me to call another number. Again I called that number and was told to call the first number that I had. How will this all play out? How will this get resolved? I will reply in the future. For now Lorraine seems sincere however I've not received any responses from her when I sent the photo's and asked her to reply to my e-mail to confirm she received it. Paul J. M

Rochester, NH Paul J. Mo

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fc2fa6af, 2008-03-15, 09:49AM CDT

Quality control is not one of SilverLine's strongest points. In my recent installation, one out of every 3 windows had a window lock catch latch installed backwards, meaning the lever was not catching the latch. I had to unscrew the piece, turn it around, and screw it back in. This was not the premium window, but I suspect they are all put together by the same people.

My advice is to always inspect your window before it is installed. If there is ANY defect in the window you can't live with, TAKE IT BACK to Home Depot (or wherever you got it) and get a replacement or your money refunded.

dd574e5b, 2010-03-11, 01:24PM CST

I purchased these windows also in 2000. Today I had to make four calls to get someone to come out and replace more windows in my home that have streaks between the glass. This is the third time I have to do this. Each time I have to take a day off work to have someone to come and measure the windows and another day off to have replacements installed, not to mention the inconvenience of having to take down and put up window treatments.I'd like to have my $9500 back!

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