Videocon Wahing Machines & repairs

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Company: Videocon Wahing Machines & repairs

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Videocon Wahing Machines - repairs

Videocon Wahing Machines & repairs

Subject :Videocon Washing Machines and repairs

I write this in respect of the Videocon Washing Machine which I

purchased in Vashi ,Navi Mumbai on October 30th 1988. The Model No. for this fully automatic machine is :

NA-711 H.The price of the machine was Rs 10,500/-.During the fifteen and half years of operation at our home in Vashi,the machine needed repairs only twice,the first time for gears change(January 1997) and the second time for the motor change(May 8th 2005).This should be a remarkable achievement for an appliance which is run almost daily,each time for 1-2 hrs.

In July this year(2004) went out of order.It could not be started .Your Video Service Center at Mulund, Mumbai diagnosed the fault as the failure of the component which regulates the level.After a long wait of about one month a spare component was obtained from your factory at Aurangabad.

I had to pay Rs 450/- in addition to Visiting Charges of Rs 400/-(two times in July,2004).After this replacement ,the machine could be run only once

somehow.Again your service people opened the automatic control plate and tried to ensure correct contact with the external switch button.,Start/Hold switch.The machine could barely complete one full cycle of operation.

Again the switch could not function.The automatic control switches indicated normal signals(red light).After detaching the control plate by your service person ,the inside was found to be covered by a sticky grease(silicone grease?).Accoding to your service person it has become sticky as it(i.e.the grease) has overshot its normal life of some 10 years.


I was further told by the Videocon Service Center that a spare Automatic

Control Panel –which controls the entire 50 min operation is not available

in the stock because the machine is old.That your factory can only repair

the existing component (if possible).The charges would be Rs 1140/-.(The

charges of your component as well as visiting charges are undoubtedly


I am surprised to find that the reputed Videocon International which makes

its own machines on the pattern of the old machines of National-Japan(with

whom they have had the collaboration some 15 years ago) cannot have a

technical remedy for our old machine.Could it not be possible for them to

obtain the same component(viz.automatic control panel) from Japan-if it is

really not available in your stock or elsewhere?

What about buying the new Videocon washing machine,was my natural

question coming from an anxious customer?Your service center says that the new machine will not last that long as the old(virtually imported machine of Japanese-make‘National’?).What are other indigenously made

machines?.Answer:None of the Indian Manufacturers can make such a sturdy machine

Finally,if a new appliance is not as sturdy and efficient as the old one

,what has our country achieved during the past several years?Would our

citizens be forced to opt for an imported appliance-such as a Washing

Machine- under the new WTO regime?What would be the position of our Indian Manufacturers and their R&D programmes?Are they serious enough to pursue their R&D programmes in the face of a stiff competition from abroad?

In the meanwhile we are doing manual washing of our clothes.(Good for

aerobic health-promoting exercise!!).I am gathering information from other

manufacturers and decide on which machine I should buy.Your proposal will be most welcome and we will sincerely consider the same if you could give an assurance that your machine is as good and effiecient as the old machine.

Even the look of the new washing machines in the market will not

enthuse customers like me.These are not as impressive and majestic as our

green-coloured and slick Videocon Washing Machine of October 1988.

.I intend to write about my experience on the washing machine and the

repair episode in a local news paper like the Times of India(without of

course mentioning the name of your reputed organization.). Kindly let me

have your comments and advice.

Thanking you and

With Best Regards,

Yours sincerely,


Flat 13,Sarovar ,Sector 9A ,Vashi ,

cc.Mr Priyadarshan P

Consumer Awareness Campaign

8 ,Mehr Naz,Colaba ,Mumbai-400 703

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c4741c6d, 2011-04-14, 02:13AM CDT

Really True What ever U said ..

I also Have the same washing machine (National NA-711H, Matsushita Electric Japan) Model and we had purchased it in 1984 its working from last 26 years in my house.

Now also its in running condition , but just a minor fault for last few days while its operation is on, water leaks from outlet pipe can u suggest name & address of people who can repair it.

67637f3d, 2011-11-25, 02:31AM CST

True, I am also using this machine since past 25 years without any complaints.

pj b., 2014-08-06, 07:25PM CDT

I also have a machine working since last 20 years.But suddenly y day it stopped regular working.When opened a wire in panel shorted.The panel is in sticky gum.How to remove it and repaired it is special to know how.Please help and arrange panel as all other parts are working well.



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