McDonalds Fryers & Negligence - McDonald's, 30th Street in Rock Island, IL - I have been trying to contact the McDonalds Corporate office but the only address I can find is in Toronto, Canada

Posted on Saturday, September 25th, 2004 at 12:00am CDT by ceaceb4b

Company: McDonalds Fryers & Negligence

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McDonald's, 30th Street in Rock Island, IL - I have been trying to contact the McDonalds Corporate office but the only address I can find is in Toronto, Canada

McDonalds Fryers & Negligence

Subject: Re: McDonalds Fryers & Negligence

Topic: McDonald's Negligence Where: 30th Street in Rock Island, IL, USA From: Sharon 309, COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_37287# September 24, 2004 I have been trying to contact the McDonalds Corporate office but the only address I can find is in Toronto, Canada. I was unable to find a "complaint department" to respond to. So I will use this forum until I can find a closer link. Not sure anyone will read this but here goes. For the last year I have gone to McDonalds almost every day either for breakfast with friends, or for lunch. The complaint is that the people in charge of the 'french fryer' have turned the alert so high it is ear piercing loud. There are 15 people per day working there....only the 'fry person' can turn the beeper off. The fry person(s) is so slow at turning the 'alert' off that it may beep 10-12 times every few minutes.

I have tried sitting behind a partial wall hoping it would block the noise from bursting my ear drums even at 40-50 feet away. I have even stuffed paper napkins in my ears to stop the I read the newspaper and have my lunch. On many occassions left with ringing in my ears for a few hours after. Sometimes worse than others.

I asked the workers from time to time if it bothered them ....they said it did when they first started working there (at the 30th street branch) but after a while they quit noticing it.

My guess is it DESTROYED their HEARING!

I only go to that McDonalds because it is close to my home and my friends go there. And because there are not many other choices.

The other day I asked if they would PLEASE turn down the "french fryer alert" that is was ear busting loud.

The manager told the "fry lady" to try turning it down. Minutes later I overheard the fry lady exclaim... " Ok, so I will BURN da FRENCH FRIES if I DO!" I can't HEAR da dat LOW!!

This woman obviously has no hearing and they need to have someone who has better hearing! I could hear it from the farthest corner of the building!

My ears hurt when I left and they have felt funny ever since. I will not go back without ear plugs!

The sad news is ..... I went in for a complete overall physical yesterday. Ordered by

my new employer. They tested my hearing. I have lost some of my hearing and the nurse asked what I did for a living. I told her graphic arts. (My days are very quiet.) My last hearing test was excellent.

And I hope this "hearing loss" is only temporary. I am really upset about this for myself....but also for the many people who are regulars, the people who work there, and my friends have been subject to this without noticing (because of other noises)...or because they didn't want to complain....or just quit going inside altogether! What a business buster that is. I think McDonalds needs to address this immediately!

Thank you,


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c458eec9, 2008-08-25, 02:35PM CDT

As a hearing impaired person who once worked for McDonalds I find your statements about that workers hearing rude and insulting..did it ever occur to you that the alarm is loud because workers in the kitchen are loud, pans rattling, cabinet doors opening and closing, cooking utensils being washed at times dropped trays dropping, people talking and not just the workers, but the patrons as well. It does get loud in Mc Donalds and in other fast food chains as well..the workers lack of hearing a turned down alarm more then likely has nothing to do with bad hearing, but instead with loud for finding a worker with better hearing I dare you to say that to a hearing impaired Mother or Father working to feed their Children, or keep them in all means let's promote a crime..after all it is against the law to discriminate against people with's a thought if there are tables outside eat outside, if not or if it's raining eat in your! guess it's back to asking an employer to discriminate!! As for your hearing loss it happens as you get older..I rather doubt you spent enough time in Mc Donalds eating to have lost your hearing because of a fryer alarm..unless you just have nothing better to do then sit in Mc. Donalds day in and day out eating..BTW I was born with my hearing loss!

e354903a, 2009-11-18, 05:34PM CST

If you were born with hearing loss no wonder you can work in mcdonalds. I haven't been able to go inside in years. Every 5 seconds some piercing alarm starts ringing. It's intolerable.

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