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Posted on Friday, September 24th, 2004 at 12:00am CDT by f78a5dd6

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In 1996, I had Sears "BEST" vinyl siding installed at a very high cost...assuming I would receive the BEST service. Within one month of installation, 20 to 25 percent of the siding blew down in a brisk (15-20MPH) wind. After re-installation and another short period of time, in another brisk wind approximately 5% of the siding blew down. Some of the second blow-down was the re-installation. After months of call-backs and frustrating responses, it appeared the siding was at least staying in place during a brisk wind. And that is after complete tear down and re-installation of one wall...and "tightening" of the siding on a second of the four walls. Now, after numerous inspections and even some comments by other Sears sales representatives...the siding is showing serious signs of poor installation. Buckling of siding sections, separation (unlocking) of adjoining sections, etc. Two Sears "experienced" technicians even commented the installation has serious flaws. One of the technicians even took pictures for the "home office" to evaluate (to determine whether the siding problem was installation or "manufacturing defects." The "home office" determined it was probably manufacturing defects...based solely on the pictures. They did not take in to account their own technicians' comments the installation was seriously flawed. I asked for a Sears repair crew to come repair a NEW separation/blow down which has developed. I was advised Sears does not have repair crews for installations which are "out of warranty," which is to say older than ONE YEAR. (Sears is so proud and confident of their installations that they warrant them for ONE YEAR...isn't that just great.)

For a "fee" of $100 to $166 dollars, Sears will locate a "Sears authorized" repair crew and refer them to me for repair. The repair cost is, of course, in addition to this "fee," for which Sears has only made a telephone call to have the repair company contact me. For $100 to $166, I get this fantastic service from Sears!!!!!!! Until the manufacturer determines whether there is a "manufacturing defect," Sears will do nothing else. So I am caught between the manufacturer and the installer, each trying to blame the other for the problems "I" am having. By the way, the manufacturer claims their vinyl siding will last for 50 years. I will not identify the manufacturer; their evaluation as to whether there is a "manufacturing defect" has not been completed. John M. H

Holliday John


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aef2fda1, 2007-12-31, 03:13PM CST

I'm a siding contractor, and have been for 22 yrs. I have been behind sears a dozen times to repair their jobs. I have never worked for sears, this is why. They will send anyone with little or no experiance out to do their jobs. Sears rule of thumb is to price their jobs at $250.00 per square, and using their brand of siding (which is crap). A good brand of siding costs around $60.00 per square, and a good installer will install it for around $60.00 per square. totaling around $125.00 per square installed. Sears is doubled that. I'll warranty my installation for 3 to 5 yrs. The only time a homeowner ever calls me back is to do more work, and I'm proud of that.

9b8ff237, 2008-05-06, 10:07PM CDT

I just had Sears install Siding for me and the cost was a little higher than others but contrary to what was said earlier Sears not only warrantees the siding for you lifetime but doubles it to 2 lifetimes meaning as long as you own the home as well as your children or hte next person who buys your house!

8671abc4, 2008-09-10, 04:56PM CDT

I guess you and I have the same feelings when it comes to this siding,I have had an issue with this and I was told it was my roof that was the problem but after trying to follow up with out good results, Yes I regret I paid out as much money as I did for what I was lead to believe that this company stood behind their work and products, now I want nothing to do with

this company.

f5d431fd, 2010-01-03, 08:01AM CST

Sears, HD, BJs and all the other home improvent companies are total RIP-OFFS. I live in NY and I had a 25 sq house priced by them at $27,000. Which was supposed to be such a deal off of their origional asking price of $35,300 What a bargian, NOT . BJS did the same thing and so did Depot. Bottom line you could do your home 3x's with a small guy and get better service for what they want. My next door neighbor fell for this scam, should be criminal. BTW I paid $9850. Looks great for 4 years now. no probs

b049a369, 2010-08-30, 08:25PM CDT

I've had Sears siding for approx 15 years. If you're considering getting Sear's siding come by my house and look at the mess they made. They did not finish the eaves which was an add on but was never done. My complaints went unanswered by Sears. I gave up on getting customer satisfaction. Comment on this comment and I will give you my address if you live in the Sacramento area so you can make a better choice on who you have install your siding.

b6946d93, 2011-01-06, 09:28AM CST

I don't understand the part of your comment: ""I was advised Sears does not have a repair crews for installations that they warrant them for ONE YEAR...isn't that just great"" According to my sales rep from Sears, ALL selections not only have a lifetime warranty, they also give homeowners a 'craftsmanship' & 'labor warranty.' That's what Sears is known for...their warranties. Also the sales rep offered 3 product/grade choices, a 'good', a 'better' and a 'best' The craftsmanship and labor warranty was different for the 3 options: Good=1 year, Better=2 year and Best=3 years for craftsmanship and labor. He even told me "even if a piece of caulk moves, it will be repaired!!" (within the guidelines of the craftsmanship warranty timeline of course) I've been a very satisfied fan of Sears and the focus they put on making customers happy is tremendous! John I hope you were able to get your siding fixed to your expectations. Afterall, our home is our biggest investment and we take pride in keeping it maintained.

ec48b72e, 2011-06-04, 08:20AM CDT

I had Sears install siding in March 2000. Lifetime warranty, product guarantee. To make longe story shorter, Sears contractor (sub contractor) did not do what he was suppose to have done. The house was sided before I got home, wasn't suppose to start until I was contacted. He was suppose to replace fascia boards, remove windows from the Florida room, place planks, and install 1/4" insulation. After fasica boards "fell" off my house around the Florida room, discovered NONE OF THAT WAS ACCOMPLISHED! The siding is nailed into nothing, the fascia wrap is stapled because the fascia boards were already pulled away from the house and he didn't repair it. Contacted Sears, wants to charge me $100 to come "look". Hired roofer who states Sears installed siding over the bad fascia board and he has evidence. Now Sears is saying the statue of limitations has expired (GA Repose Law is 10 years and it's been 11 years) for me to file a claim against them. I asked about their "lifetime warranty"...if there's a repose law then they knew when they gave it to me that it wasn't worth the paper it was written on. She said I had to take it up with the sub contractor. I didn't hire the sub contractor, I hired Sears and Sears is who I am holding responsible. Sears gave me a lifetime

warranty, that's not 10 years! Plus Sears didn't fulfill their contract.

Supposedly it's 6 years for a breach of contract. But how would I know that the install wasn't done correctly unless something happened years down the road. Was I suppose to pull up siding and check, was I suppose to pull off fascia siding and check to make sure the fascia boards are been properly replaced and clad in metal correctly, was I suppose to remove the soffit siding and check to make sure the vents were cut in, was I suppose to remove siding to make sure the

windows had been removed and boards placed to nail the siding into? What good is a lifetime warranty if it's not a lifetime? What good is their guarantee in their workmanship and taking responsibility for their sub

contractors if they will not honor their own claim? I don't feel I should have to deal with a sub contractor who may or may not even still be in business. I hired Sears and Sears is responsible for their sub contractors, NOT ME! Sears has not even been out to my house to see the damages, I am not paying them $100 to come look. Sears has made no attempt to contact my roofer on the site. And they are going to inform me that I have to deal with the sub contractor and the sub contractor's insurance. I've paid over $3500 so far for repairs because Sears sub contractor did not do what was suppose to have been done initially. Sears has a good reputation but

this incident sure has left a bitter deal in my life. Despite the Repose Law and the Breach of Contract Law, Sears is accountable. I will never deal with Sears as well as making sure everyone I know realizes a Sears Lifetime Warranty is only good for 10 years. I will not ever let Sears

touch anything in or on my house again! BEWARE!

37665171, 2012-04-08, 06:37PM CDT

I, too had Sears siding installed in 1996, Sears contracted with AMRE to install it, the lifttime guarantee was worthless, within six years; hail put holes it it, it is fading on the south side( was guaranteed not to fade) , I contacted Sears and I was told the lifetime warrantee was done after one year, And the company called AMRE was bankrupt. I , too paid quite a bit more for the siding than a local contractor, because of a better"guarantee". So much for Sears : I have not done business with them since.. Live and Learn unfortunately

Cheryl K., 2013-12-02, 05:21PM CST

Unfortunately My husband and I have the displeasure of joining this ever growing list of dissatisfied Sears Home Improvement Customers. This past October we learned some very, very costly lessons dealing with this Retail Sales Giant. Sears Best is actually Sears Worst!!

1) When your project starts(6 - 8) weeks later than the projected date with no calls - ("RED


2) Don't sign off on a contract until Sears has inspected the installation of it's contractor work as worded in their contract. ("RED FLAG")

3) Insist on regular work-site follow-ups from the Project Coordinator. In my case this individual was non-existent. When no one shows up for work-site follow-up in nearly 2 - 3 weeks into your home improvement project ("RED FLAG").

4) Make sure you receive all improvement products you paid for. In our case we are still waiting for our Garage Door Openers after nearly 10 weeks. In all fairness we just discovered we had not received them. "RED FLAG").

5) Make sure you require Sears to contract your project out to a contractor that is local to your geographic area. In other words absolutely "no" contractors that are more than 1/2 hour away. Find this out up-front so you have time to cancel your agreement before work begins.

6) Get Estimates, Get Estimates, Get Estimates. Contact other local contractors before committing to Sears Home Improvement Department.

5) Hire your own private inspector to inspect work.

6) When dealing with a large retail giant don't expect to get answers to any of your concerns once they have a signed contract and full payment. "Good Luck")

7) Buyer beware. Make sure you are getting the quality product you are sold.

8) Huge, Huge disappointment in working with this arm of Sears (Home Improvement)after decades of positive experiences purchasing products,clothing & exercise equipment.

Signed a newly disappointed, disgruntled, dissatisfied and disheartened customer

P.S. - Wish I had done my research like I normally do on everything I purchase before signing on the dotted line with Sears Home Improvement

Cheryl, Jackson, Michigan

Darin S., 2014-07-23, 02:25PM CDT

I really appreciate the input on Sear's siding. We were just getting ready to call them for an estimate w/ an 18 mos. no interest promotion. Here in Denver they seem to be close to be going out of business. Their stores are always empty having more employees in them than customers. We did buy dishwasher from them last year which we've been satisfied with.

I think Sear's is going to be a store of the past at some time in the near future.

6dd2b822, 2014-09-02, 10:03PM CDT

Sears actually sells some nice high end siding made by associated materials. In fact the Alside Centerlock siding is probably the exact same specs are same colors etc. Check here for specs

Yes they charge a lot for installation and subcontract the work. If you are hiring someone get a company that warranty's labor and material 10 years minimum.

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