ACS - ACS - Academy Collection Services - I would like to share my experience with ACS. I have a credit card that has gone to collection. I've offered every collection agency a small amount per month until I can afford more to start paying off the balance. Ever

Posted on Thursday, September 23rd, 2004 at 12:00am CDT by 7d9171bf

Product: Academy Collection Services

Company: ACS

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Today I received a call from Ms. May Williams in the Pre-Legal department at ACS. She told our receptionist that she was with the State of Pennsylvania (which was a lie...she worked in the state of Pennsylvania).

When I answered the phone, she asked for my last name and I gave her my first name. She wanted to know what my last name was and I told her that I don't give out my last name when answering the phone at work. She was very rude and told me she asked for Ms. ___________. I told her that it was me. She then began to tell me that she was with ACS in the Pre-Legal department. I explained to her what had transpired in the past with other collection agencies. She told me that if I didn't settle with them today, my file would be sent back to Citi Financial and legal proceedings would start. I explained to her that they would have to wait for the full balance since they would not accept my monthly payment.

Yes, it was a small monthly payment amount, but I have several medical issues right now concerning my pregnancy (including a heart problem) that I have to take care of. I told her that I had these medical conditions. She wanted to know why I was paying on several other credit cards. I told her that all of them but 2 had been paid off a few years ago and were never used and I didn't understand why those were even brought up. I told her that the other 2 credit cards had a monthly payment of $35 total and I paid them because I could afford that payment vs. the several hundred dollar a month payment they wanted. I used those just last month to get things I had to have for my pregnancy.

She then asked me if I spent $10 a month on my credit card when it was in good standing. I told her that I didn't (it was more at times) and that my husband lost his 2nd job which we were using to pay off our credit cards. She was very difficult to understand because she sounded like the phone was shoved down her throat and kept getting mad when I told her that I couldn't understand her. She told me that my husband was not on the account. I told her that I knew that because I opened the account years before I met my husband. Yes, I did throw a few swear words in (no more than 3 total). She told me that there was no use swearing at her because she wasn't swearing at me.

She said she didn't understand why I was getting so mad when I had the pregnancy and heart issues. I told her that I was very angry that she wasn't letting me talk and that she was being very rude. She said that she wasn't swearing at me and I told her, "Yeah, because you are the employee and I'm the customer. If your employer heard you talking to the customer like that then you'd be fired." Her response was, "Well, I wasn't the one that got you knocked up." At that point, my heart was well over 150 beats a minute and I was shaking so bad, I just hung up on her. I called my husband and gave him her name, number and department.

She was just as rude to him as she was to me. She told him that he could get mad all he wanted, she would just call me back at work.

I just thought I'd share this experience with your company. I doubt there is anything you can do. It just feels good to be able to tell someone what happened. Maybe others can read it and see they are the only ones being treating like this.



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e72e6b7f, 2009-12-06, 06:29PM CST

Hi I am a retired Internal Revenue Service employee who worked in the Automated Collection System. You spent too much time with that collector. You don't have to. Especially when they speak to you in an inappropriate manner. What happened to the days when people respected you? People always complain about the IRS but, I would rather owe them than some of these agencies that use such poor collection tactics. You don't like how they treat you then hang up. If you don't have the money what can you do. You offered a payment they say they cannot accept it. That is them trying to make you fearful. We didn't strike fear into people to make them pay. You don't have to treat people like that because they cannot pay their bills. There is something called the Fair Debt Collection Act. There are things the collectors are not allowed to do, by law. If you can locate the Fair Debt Collection Act on line or somewhere, familiarize yourself with it and remember if you need help, there is a federal agency called the Federal Trade Commission. God bless you, I hope all is well with you your pregnancy and your health. Remember some collectors try to strike fear in you. Pay them what you said you could afford, if they accept it and not return it, continue to give them that amount.

1dcab5fd, 2010-09-20, 02:03PM CDT

All you really have to do is tell them they may not contact you anymore via telephone and if they do that you will file harassment charges which once approved through the state can result in a $100 per phone call charge. If they decide to call once a day on every business day that would become $500 a week. Also you can contact the Better Business Bureau and report misuse by telecommunications.

83ea1451, 2011-03-07, 05:02PM CST

I am very glad you wrote this. I got a call today from them and they were not very friendly. I am due any day now and I have been in and out of hospitals. I explained my doctor hasn't let me work thru out this whole pregnancy and they asked " don't your husband take care of you" I said I am not married. My boyfriend a.k.a. the father of my child

is overseas with the military and I live at home with my mother. Then the response was "well since he is overseas he should beable to pay for this for you. Can't your mother pay for it?" I said no my mother has stage 4 cancer. And it kept going on and on and on and back n forth with them. Finally I hung up only for them to call me back twice. I understand I have to pay this debt but I haven't worked for 9months and I told them when I go back to work I will have no problem paying it off and they refused that payment option.

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