Express - Express Retail Stores (a division of The Limited Brands, Inc.) location: West Hartford, CT - I purchased some clothing from EXPRESS where I have shopped regularly for years

Posted on Tuesday, September 21st, 2004 at 12:00am CDT by 2d6b6263

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Express Retail Stores (a division of The Limited Brands, Inc.) location: West Hartford, CT headquarters: Columbus, OH Please beware of shopping at EXPRESS Stores. I would not want anyone else to experience what I have experienced and end up having to throw away their money for clothing they were encouraged to buy because they could take them and make up their mind later. I purchased some clothing from EXPRESS where I have shopped regularly for years. I was shopping for work suits and accessories and I could not decide which fit best so the sales people encouraged me to purchase them all and decide later, because I would have sixty days to return the items I decided I did not like. (These were not their cheap jeans or sale items, these were suits where the blazers were anywhere from $118.00 to $178.00 and the pants were at least $78 each. I have not included the prices of the tops, scarves, and/or belts that were meant to go with each suit.)

After returning some of the items in a prior trip, I went to the store to return another one of the blazers and a scarf in accordance with their return policy - in well under sixty days, unworn and clearly in saleable condition - I was told that my return was refused. (Funny I've made other purchases since I bought those suits and I wonder why I wasn't barred from purchasing anything because I spend too much in the store?) I was told that it was refused because I had exceeded the amount of returns their policy allows within the past sixty days. When the sales people were eagerly encouraging me to buy 4 suits because I would have sixty days to return any suits I did not select, they made no mention of the fact that they may decide not to take them back if I return items totaling a certain undisclosed amount. (Clearly if you are buying entire outfits for work the dollar amount will be higher than if you buy jeans on sale and a tee-shirt, wouldn't that mean that I can only return a few items while someone else buying casual clothes only can return several times more merchandise?) I relied on their policy in making my purchase and had I known I could not depend on it I would have done things differently.

Not only were they using me to make their numbers when they encouraged me to take it all in the first place, but by forcing me to keep it all they are again using me to make their numbers. I have been barred from making any returns there for sixty days. That's taking precautions on their part because refusing to take that return had me ready to return every unworn item I bought from them over the past sixty days. I will not be shopping at ANY of the stores (EXPRESS, Limited, Victoria's Secret, VSD Catalog, Bath & Body Works) anymore.

Keron L S

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9a575e2b, 2008-02-13, 07:08PM CST

I find your post humorous. You claim to be such a loyal customer. Yet if you were, like myself. You would know that you have 90 days to return items. (This hasn't changed in the last 6 years). Also, Express isn't denying your return. The Verifone machine is denying it. It is an item used to prevent people from stealing merchandise and returning it.

You can return 300 dollars worth of merchandise a month. Which would equate to 900 dollars total for your entire purhcase. (Since you have three months to return the items). Did you really buy that many sizes of clothes that you needed to return that much merchandise? That is just stupid on your part.

Then by one problem you decide to cut your relationship with the entire company? Right. HA!

63d5effb, 2008-03-18, 10:52PM CDT

Funny because I just tried to return a blazer today to Limited and was told that the item had been worn and they cant take the return. (I assure you, I DID NOT wear the suit nor did it look like it had been.) I asked why they would sell me the suit if it was "dirty" and the manager simply said she did not sell it to me and that I would have to call customer service (which I will do first thing in the morning.) I shop at these stores all the time and it is very upsetting that they would treat me in such a manner.

c20425e7, 2008-03-29, 09:18AM CDT

If this is what you were "told" you were mistaken and seem to know enough to look into this further. I would have got every manager on top of the next one until they accepted my return. That is assuming all forms of payments have been cleared. The way you explain it makes it against the law and you should know better than to not look into it further rather than ban all of their stores.

12273325, 2010-04-29, 05:24PM CDT

the ONLY way u wud actually get denied is if ur returning without a receipt...or if u have made more than five returns...i have taken bak 500 dollar returns with legit receipts and the new policy states u can return up to $250 without a receipt obviously u didnt have a receipt if it was denied...and honestly even if it is denied all u have to do is call customer service or talk to a manager and explain ur problem and they take care of it....theres no reason for all this drama...the associate that denied u just works there and so do all the managers...its a company ...they all follow rules...and ALSO to let u know...the return policy is clearly displayed at EVERY single register for u to read BEFORE u make the purchase...and its the sales ppls' JOB to sell...use ur OWN head next time...

da3ebe52, 2010-07-09, 02:43PM CDT

I have just run into this myself. And to the one who was claiming a true loyal customer would know the exact return policy:

1. Those policies change over time. You may have 90 days now, but he may not have then.

2. As it stands today, when I had the problem, you cannot return more than 250 dollars in 90 days. Not 30 days as you claim, but 90. Not only that, but you can not make more than 5 returns in a 90 day period. I was told this by the manager at the store. You cannot make more than 5 returns, or returns that total over 250 dollars in a 90 day period. Which means that by the time your return probation has ended you can no longer return an item you don't like.

So, it seems like you don't know the policy either. How do you like your crow?

Either way, it's a blatant misrepresentation of their Return Policy which states that any unworn item in resalable condition may be returned within the first 90 days after purchase for refund (with receipt/invoice) or merchandise credit(without receipt/invoice).

I, as a consumer, have the right to change my mind, as long as it is in accordance with the retailers return policy.

The Express Return Policy never mentions this limitation, therefore it cannot be considered legal to deny my return when it is in accordance with their own policy.

They should perhaps consider that if I have returned that amount of money at their store, how much more have I spent and kept?

This is as bad as the record labels punishing people who actually buy their CDs, by adding embedded copy protection. In going to this extreme to "protect yourself from theft and abuse" you are hurting your true customers.

I, personally, will no longer be a customer.

03bcba32, 2011-03-22, 09:05AM CDT

I understand that they should tell everyone that they cannot exceed a certain amount in returns. We all know that people wear clothes and return SOMETIMES. NOT EVERYONE DOES THIS. They want to make sales as opposed to having to return people's cash to them all the time. If everyone did that they will be out of business. And they forced you to buy?? come on, you must know that they want to make a sale. They are in the busines of selling. They could say whatever but the final choice is on you. Always find out the return policy. That's smart shopping. Customer beware. This is nothing new. They are selling. You think they should tell you not to buy? Decide for yourself. They did not force you. You don't sound good saying that. Everyone is noy going to look out for your best interest. That's not how this world works.

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