Walmart and General Electric - In March 04 we purchased a G.E. microwave from Walmart located in Unioncity TN. In July the microwave started shooting sparks and fire when it was turned on even with nothing in it.

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Company: Walmart and General Electric - In March 04 we purchased a G.E. microwave from Walmart located in Unioncity TN. In July the microwave started shooting sparks and fire when it was turned on even with nothing in it.

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Walmart and General Electric - In March 04 we purchased a G.E. microwave from Walmart located in Unioncity TN. In July the microwave started shooting sparks and fire when it was turned on even with nothing in it.

Walmart and General Electric

I know this is lengthy but it is important as an insight in how Walmart and the companies it has inslaved work together to screw the public.It also will show how dangerous G.E. products are and how they shirk their warranty in order to mass produce cheap products for Walmart then duck the consequences of an inferior product when a complaint is made and how Walmart also deals with the same. Combine both techniques and you have a barrior almost immpossible to over come in order to get satisfaction from an inferior product.To protect myself legally. I am not saying this is what is happening as a fact. I am saying that at this moment this is how I feel based on my exsperience with them which I am relating below.

In March 04 we purchased a G.E. microwave from Walmart located in Unioncity TN. In July the microwave started shooting sparks and fire when it was turned on even with nothing in it.

We had sent in our warranty card which guaranteed the product for 1 year along with our reciept as requested by the warranty. When we contacted G.E. they sent us to a local repair shop but the shop said they have never worked on G.E. products and knew nothing of working on a warranty through G.E. We again contacted G.E. and were bounced from department to department with each saying that they were the wrong department and each in turn sending us to another "wrong department"

We then contacted the local Walmart store.

They said they could do nothing because we didn't have a reciept and no origonal box. Pointing out that this model of microwave was only made for Walmart stores didn't help.The manager we spoke with only said all they could do was fill out a "courtesy form" I believe she called in and send it to the company on our behalf. In other words their hands were washed of the product once sold.

I again contacted G.E. consumer service and told them simply. I have a warranty, do something or I will give this microwave to a local TV news station to turn on for the public to see along with my story in dealing with them.They then said they would issue a "good will check" in the amount of $65. To date we have recieved nothing however.

In the meantime I searched "G.E. microwave complaint" on the internet and was shocked to see literally dozens of stories just like mine. G.E. products catching fire and malfunctioning and G.E. shirking on the warranty. Even houses burning down with the local fire department and independant electricians contributing the fire directly to malfunctioning G.E. products.

In the meantime I went to Walmart to purchase another microwave. I certainly didn't want a G.E. product after my exsperience and reading all of that about G.E. so I chose a Panasonic... another American icon right? Nope.. the G.E. was made in Malaysia and the Panasonic was made in China and guess what... when I got it home it wouldn't turn on so again back to Walmart this time I purchased a Sharp which is at least made in Memphis TN.

I got home and it wouldn't work as the LED display was busted so back again I went where they had one more Sharp microwave in which the box had been crushed by what appeared to be a pallet jack. I took it out of the box though and it appeared to be undamaged so we took that home.. so far it works.... then again... we have only had it four days so far.

Through all of this not one manager said "i'm sorry... not one applogy of any sort" in fact the man at customer service before issueing a refund only comment was "we get tons of microwaves back" the assistant manager I spoke with only comment was the Sharp had probably been in lay away and "they throw things around and we have a lot of new employees before each waved me on so they could do whatever little possible to deal with the next upset customer." G.E. response of course I already mentioned.

I have been told by an ex Walmart manager that Walmart had a long term plan which I am outlining below. I was also told that a few years ago G.E. filed for bankruptsy and Walmart saw an opprotunity to make another slave by forceing them through their massive buying power to produce inferior cheap products and then ducking the consequences of returns by produceing a system making it extremly difficult to get a warranty honored.

He went on to say that the same was true for TV'S and that Walmart was taking back lots of TV'S that wouldn't work but when Walmart sent the TV's back to the companies that produced them it was bankrupting them so they changed their policy. He then exsplained Walmart as follows:

Walmart long ago developed a long term plan to include getting people to trust them by stateing that they only buy American for Americans (15 years ago) By taking back any product no matter how long the consumer had it (10 years ago) By helping local communities where it comes to town through donations and even giving classes to help local retailers stay in business (until 8 years ago)

Fast forward to today now that the hook has been set into the american public:

1) Almost nothing comes from America and in fact Walmart is the largest importer of products coming from countries/regions known to support child sweat shop labor.

2) going from an unconditional guarantee to a 90 day guarantee to it's current 30 day guarantee and then only if you have the origonal box and reciept.

3) Uses it's now massive buying power to force wholesalers into making products only carried by Walmart at such a low price that the companies are forced to make an inferior product and duck their warranty promise ... as happened to GE. But they have to because it's almost immpossible to shirk the massive retail market that Walmart enjoys.

In simple terms: Walmart baited a hook and tossed it out into the sea of the public. Now that it has it's catch it's time to fry it up. Their massive buying power allows them to beat wholesale people into selling at a price they can't really afford to sell at because they also can't afford not to sell to Walmart and lose so much of the retail market. In turn the wholesaler cuts corners anyway they can by making a crap product and dodgeing the warranty any way they can due to the cost because of so many returned products.

I don't know if the information he told me is true. I have not researched it.I only know of my exsperience in trying to simply purchase a microwave. Three trips driving almost 10 miles one way, Fighting two companies for a month and still getting nothing except a lot of wasted time and money and ending up with a microwave that I didn't really want and costing almost $50 more than what I origonally purchased besides what I am out from the G.E. product.

In fact at Walmart's customer service department is a box in which you can write the store manager if it is a store problem and the CEO if it is a company problem. I sent a certified letter to the CEO and I dropped the exact copies of the CEO letter in the box for the store manager each with all of my contact information on it. To date I have heard from neither and I have not got anything from G.E. or Walmart If any of that changes I will let you know.

Some may be happy with both G.E. and Walmart.... more power to them. For me I will buy at stores still known for it's integrity such as Sears and J.C. Penny, and independant grocers.. still true American Icons with American values. I will support products who have American names but haven't sold themselves out to the communist child slave shops in the name of a dollar. It won't be as convienant and it won't be as cheap but my concsience will rest better knowing I have not perhaps supported a product or company which might one day cause the death of a sleeping family.

To protect myself legally I would like to again state as I mentioned befoe.The subject matter which ws mentioned to me I do not endorse as being true and that I am only passing on what I was told. What I do know is true is my own purchase exsperience with G.E. and Walmart. I suggest than any readers of this message research this and come to their own conclusions about each of these companies by searching "WALMART COMPLAINTS" AND "GE COMPLAINTS" and forming their own opinions and not to simply rely on this letter.

Thank you for publishing this letter on and to each who has bothered to read it.

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6f1c9479, 2008-11-23, 01:50AM CST

"...the microwave started shooting sparks and fire when it was turned on even with nothing in it..."

Running a microwave empty is a sure way to break it.

ca1713a5, 2009-09-22, 12:35PM CDT

you knew Wal-mart was part of the problem...and yet you tried to buy a replacemet from...Wal-mart?

you must be a glutton for punishment.

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