Chase - Chase, Prestige Services, Reunion Group - We recieved a letter in the mail 9/18/04 from Prestige Services of Ft. Lauderdale (local). Since We'd never heard fo them I was going to dispose of it with the other junk mail, but curiosity got the best of me a

Posted on Monday, September 20th, 2004 at 12:00am CDT by 07a7475c

Product: Prestige Services, Reunion Group

Company: Chase

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We recieved a letter in the mail 9/18/04 from "Prestige Services" of Ft. Lauderdale (local). Since We'd never heard fo them I was going to dispose of it with the other junk mail, but curiosity got the best of me and I opened it. Inside was a letter listing a bunch of "Prestige " services to be provided for my wifes Chase credit card,and notification that we would be "automatically" billed (bilked?)$49 if we didn't call to cancel our "Chase Prestige Credit Card status".

It sure sounds like we were to cancel our Chase credit card if we didn't want to pay the $49. It went on to say "But you don't have to do anything now.This notice is merely intended to keep you fully informed". It was signed by T. Timothy Quinlan . In very tiny print at the bottom there was a disclaimer stating that "The Reunion Group-the exclusive provider of Chase Prestige Card benefits and solely responsible for them. Chase manhattan Bank USA, NA and Reunion Group are not affiliated companies."

Instead of calling them (Prestige Svc.) I called the number on the back of the Chase card, and spoke to a customer service person. He seemed to know all about the Prestige Service plan, but insisted it was not affiliated with Chase. Next I called Prestige(866-715-9905) to cancel the "Chase Prestige Credit Card status". I spoke to Steve (ext.5269 )-he has no last name but he says he does have parents, who told me Prestige was affiliated with Chase, and when I asked him about Reunion Group he said they were affiliated with Chase too.

I was told that we must have approved the Prestige program either by mail, or phone contact , and recieved a free period of the service. So apparently we accepted a "free offer" at some time that actually costs $49/mo. later on. They get your credit card billing information directly from Chase as far as I can tell , we didn't give it to them,(Steve X didn't have it, or seem to need it to charge us $49). I was fortunate enought o get this cancelled before we were billed for it (I hope).

Nowhere on the Envelope this notice came in was there anything to indicate it was related to our Chase credit card, I suspect many people will not open these, and miss the chance to cancel a service they probably don't know they have, or have to pay for. Also the wording of it seems to imply that your credit card will be cancelled if you reject their service.

William P

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bed280b5, 2008-01-09, 10:03PM CST

i know this is late but i just got the same issue..and i was wondering to cancel the program do you have to give the your credit card number? Can i just say i want to cancel it and that's it?

0d9e2464, 2008-07-15, 12:01AM CDT

i just got this in the mail, and as with anything you get credit card related. You gotta make sure you read EVERYTHING!

I saw the first sheet with all these wonderful sounding perks and add-ons to this "upgraded" service. Then i got to the second page that had the disclaimer on there and in bold i saw "$79 annual charge"

Hell no. but remember you gotta read everything or else your gonna have a hell of a time with them later on. And i never got the impression it would cancel my current service, it was just some stupid promo they made sound important.

b4a59d57, 2008-07-17, 08:07AM CDT

This original post is now four years old and they are still at it. I received the same offer, but now you have to check a box on the mailer and send it back in -- and the the price has gone up to $79 /year

3a663a32, 2008-08-07, 11:24PM CDT

My chase credit card has been charged with the $79 RGI*Prestiage Card Service and I had no clue as to what is was for until I found this complaint. Can I call the number listed on the charge (888) 220-3787 to cancel this charge??

0aaaea64, 2008-09-08, 09:20PM CDT

I just got this piece of mail today! It sounded good and I was ready to go with it until I read that the "Prestige Club Card" was $79 a year which is automatically billed to your account annually for as long as your account is in good standing and for as long as you wish to remain a member. These people probably make tons of money tricking people who don't read the fine print!

cad04d0c, 2008-09-09, 05:07PM CDT

I called and talked to a Cherisa she said if you don't want it don't send it back you won't be charged for anything. I told her they keep sending it to me and everytime I send it back written across DON'T WANT IT. They keep sending. She said don't send it back just destroy it.

b5897990, 2008-10-06, 02:00PM CDT

You must sign and send in to be billed. Instead, cut your name and address out and use the paid envelope to send them some junk mail, just as Paul Harvey suggests. They then pay double for their junk mail.

4fd80cde, 2008-10-09, 06:06PM CDT

Oh Boy! I just found the $79 charge on my statement. I recall the flashy ad with perks & thought what the heck. I do not recall seeing any charges so may have returned it. Now I have to start the fight to get this back & cancelled. I usually catch these things so it must be very obscure.

I have to say that I called Chase & they were very comforting by responding that they would credit my accnt and clear up the problem.

Anonymous, 2008-10-28, 09:14AM CDT

My 90 year old mother recently received a letter with her statement from Chase, welcoming her to the Prestige Card and going on and on about how she was selected and so deserved it and all. It made it sound like it was a free upgrade or somethjing. Then, in the tiny fine print, it says you'll be billed for it. I was furious that they would pull this kind of low life, fraudulent crap on my mother. I had her call them and we both spoke to them about it and got it cancelled--they say they'll credit her back, but I no longer trust them as a company and we will close the account as soon as we get the credit. All I can say is America--vote with your feet! If a compnay does something like thgis to you, close all accounts with them right away. That seems to be the only thing that they pay any attention to. You can call and complian all you want, but they won't pay any attention, they'll just keep doing it until it starts costing them business. I will NEVER do business with Chase Bank again.

f02d7772, 2009-10-26, 11:17AM CDT

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2892ea77, 2013-03-01, 03:10PM CST

I paid off my Chase card and cut it up to never use again back in 2006... Then, I check my credit report and after much investigation- i found that RGI Prestige Card Services charged my card $79.00 7 months after I paid the card off (unbeknownst to me)-- now, I have debt collectors calling and harrassing me to collect a debt that is now $281.74 because of late fees/interest. I never received a statement from Chase and I even called RGI Presitge Card Services and gave them my Chase Account Number, and of course they couldn't find my information. So now, I am having to dispute the information and hopefully it'll get removed from my credit report.

79ec706c, 2014-10-08, 11:52AM CDT

thanks for this post! i too was just gonna trash it. Called them up and canceled...Only had to verify address...TG I have a PO

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