2001 Harley-Davidson FLSTCI - Motorcycle Engine Failure

Posted on Saturday, September 18th, 2004 at 12:00am CDT by 847d3301

Company: 2001 Harley-Davidson FLSTCI - Motorcycle Engine Failure

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2001 Harley-Davidson FLSTCI - Motorcycle Engine Failure

Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Engine Failure

Harley-Davidson Motor Company

3700 W. Juneau Avenue

Milwaukee, WI 53208

In December of 2000, I purchased a new, 2001, Harley-Davidson FLSTCI, VIN 1HD1BWB101Y031158. In August of 2004, I noticed an unusual noise coming from the engine. On 8/28/2004, I took the motorcycle to Dillon Brothers Harley-Davidson, Omaha, Nebraska, (402) 289-5556, to have the noise investigated. On 9/1/2004, I received a telephone call from Dillon Brothers H-D, saying that the engine was worn out and recommending that a remanufactured engine be installed on my motorcycle. Price is about $4,000 for this. On 9/1/2004, I called Harley-Davidson customer service and spoke to a CSR named Phillip, (contact number 205119). I told Phillip that I was extremely unhappy about the failure of the motorcycle’s engine and asked if H-D would help with the cost of replacement. He said that he would contact Dillon Brothers H-D and call me back. On 9/3/2004, the H-D CSR Phillip left me a message saying that, "because of the mileage and the length of time out of warranty, Harley-Davidson will not be able to participate in providing any financial coverage for the repair." This is an unacceptable answer. Any reasonable person would recognize that the engine on my motorcycle failed at less than half of its normal life span. On 9/5/2004 I mailed a letter to Harley-Davidson customer service that outlined the problem. Included were copies of all of the service documentation for the motorcycle. On 9/7/2004 I called H-D customer service to elevate the issue and spoke to a CSR named Cindy. She refused to pass me to her manager and said that there would be no help forthcoming. She said she would have her manager contact me. No one has contacted me yet. On 9/10/2004 I called H-D customer service to elevate the issue and spoke to a CSR named Kate. She said that she would have her manager contact me. No one has contacted me yet. The motorcycle’s odometer reads 43,001 miles. All of the recommended service intervals and procedures have been met or exceeded. The engine oil and oil filter has been changed at approximately every 2,500 miles. The schedule in the owner’s manual only calls for oil and filter changes at every 5,000 miles. Harley-Davidson dealers have performed most of the service procedures, which I have documentation for. I am trying to get Harley-Davidson Motor Company to pay for half of the cost of the engine replacement.

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1090eda0, 2007-11-12, 11:05AM CST

Next time buy a Japanese bike.

Anonymous, 2008-09-08, 07:27PM CDT

my name is mike,I have had my problems with harley davidson as well.I own a 2007 lowrider with a litlle over 11000 miles on it;I was on my way home from a road trip 2 weeks ago when my engine blew called a tow truck and off it went to the local dealer in Montana;I live in So. California,after a number blunders starting with my local dealer about my warranty I was finally told they would replace my engine and that I was on a stranded motorist status and a rush would be put on the order to send out a new motor;after serveral days I had not been given any update on the status of my repairs and when I would be up and rideing again;so I called customer service in Milwaukee and thats when my nightmare began,they did not have me listed as a stranded motorist nor did they even have an order placed for my replacement,thier excuse was that the 105th was going on they are awful busy;why is it that Harley is always haveing a party every 5 years?Is it because thier amazed that thier still in business?After a number of CSR reps I finally was given 1 rep to deal with my case and was asured that my motor would arrive in a couple of days,after dozens of phone calls and two promised delivery dates I am still waiting for a motor to arrive and still stranded 2 weeks later the warranty dept cant even give me a tracking number to locate the status of the wereabouts of my motor;hell if I buy a t-shirt from Harley they give me billing information and tracking of my shipment with in an hour!Bottom line is that I am still stranded and Harleys customer service sucks!I voiced my complaints to the warranty dept,followed scheduled maintence and have requested that they pick up a portion of my extended stay here in Montana and unscheduled service costs for the new motor; if it ever comes and they turn thier ear to that;seems hardley fair,miss a payment or be a few days late and see how they react.I cant believe a Motor Co. the size of Harley Davidson doesnt take better care of thier customers and make us no.1 like we have made them no.1 and stood by thier junk all these years.After this experience;it makes a strong arrgument on a purchase of another brand of motorcycle foriegn or not;something that runs,I know there are other brands of bikes that run thousands and thousands of miles with very little maintance.Buyer beware I am a long time Harley owner 25 years or more,I am done with Harley Davidson! Thanks for listening. Still stranded going on 3 weeks!

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