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Posted on Saturday, September 11th, 2004 at 12:00am CDT by 228d4bc0

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Madeline Island Rentals - Rental Property in Madeline Island (Wisconsin)

Rental Property in Madeline Island (Wisconsin)


My name is Rosana Venturini and I'm wondering if there is anyone that can help me.

I've rented a property on Madeline Island (Wisconsin) for 3 days last weekend (09/03/2004 - 09/06/2004)

I was really disappointed with the place (please read the e-mail I've sent to Madeline Island Rentals in the end of this e-mail) and even more disappointed with the response I received from this rental company.

It is really a very bad place and I don't agree when they say the property is fairly priced.

It is not fair (and not good for the turism on the island) that people rent that place thinking they are going to get a wonderful place (according to the description of the place - also please read below) and get something completely different. Thanks

Rosana -----Original Message-----

From: Madeline Island Rentals

Sent: Sep 9, 2004 2:57 PM

To: Rosana Venturini

Subject: Re: Sunrise property

Dear Rosanna,

I am sorry that you were unhappy with the Sunrise cabin. However, since you did not contact us early in your stay and did not mention your displeasure until checkout, we had no chance to make things better for you.

Most of your complaints seem to be about aesthetics and not that any of the appliance or fixtures were not in working order. While I realize that the cabin may not be up to your standards, it does meet all state standards for a vacation rental. As for the price, it is determined by the owners of the property and I would need their permission to modify it. Costs for the rentals on Madeline Island are high, mainly because of the high cost of real estate taxes and the shortness of the rental season. We believe that Sunrise is fairly priced.

I'm sorry but I am unable to offer you any discount for your stay. You did stay three nights and as I mentioned earlier, you did not give us a chance to address your issues.


Kathy Follis


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From: Rosana V


Sent: Tuesday, September 07, 2004 10:28 PM

Subject: Sunrise property


We have rented one of your cottages (Sunrise) last weekend from 09/03/2004 to 09/06/2004.

3 nights - total of US$ 705.

We were very disappointed with the place. We talked to one of the employees on Monday morning when we left. She then mentioned we would receive a call from the manager and a refund.

We have been renting cabins/cottages in Wisconsin (in different areas) for a while and this was by far the worse place we've ever stayed (specially considering the amount paid)

The description of the place was misleading:

"Watch your own private sunrise from the deck of this lovely contemporary home on Chebomnican Bay. Two bedrooms: master with queen bed, second room has a bunk bed with a double on the bottom, twin on top. Great room overlooking the lake with spacious screened porch attached. Nice kitchen, lovely dining area and full bath. Low bank sand beach with dock at front, great grassy side yard overlooking the lake. Easy bike ride to town. No smoking, no pets. "

I'd not call this home "contemporary".

The kitchen is outdated. The stove that is in the picture is not the one it is in the house.

The dishwasher doesn't work properly (it is disgusting inside) and the dishes don't get clean after a full cycle. The kitchen faucet leaks.

I'd like to know why the dining area is called 'lovely'

The master bedroom doesn't have any curtains and/or blinds that would make the room a little darker.

Yes we had a full bath but it was difficult to have a nice shower since the temperature of the water changed often and suddenly from hot to cold and vice-versa.

It says 'no pets' but the previous guests brought their dog (you can read it in the guest book).

The VCR works properly but there was no remote control. And surprisingly there was no button in the VCR itself to fast forward/rewind.

Looking forward to hearing from you

Marc de K

Rosana V Rosana V

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