Woodbury Nissan - Woodbury Nissan, Woodbury, NJ - I had a purchased a pre-owned car (a Toyota Corolla) in Feb 04 from Woodbury Nissan in Woodbury, NJ. My experience was really brief (I paid cash and the whole process took about 1 1/2 hrs). I had my boyfriend with me and th

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and things went well. My car was totaled in an accident last week and I was given a rental until my check came.

I returned to the same salesperson, Freddy Cooper, because I had already bought a car from him and Woodbury Nissan is 1 mile away from my house and I wanted to establish a good relationship with my local car dealer. I was torn between buying a newer car and getting financing and just purchasing another older car with cash. I thought my credit was fair/limited, but I have a good job and I've had car loans in the past. I consulted Freddy with my options and concerns and he pretty much allowed me to make up my own mind. Since I had VPP thru Chase (my current employer) I wanted to take advantage. I decided a new Sentra was in my budget. Woodbury Nissan didn't have any in stock, so I drove a 2002 figuring it could only get better. This was Saturday of this week. I brought my boyfriend back Saturday afternoon to look at the preowns.

Tuesday after work I came in to submit an application for financing. It was 7:11pm. I remember because of the security system's clock on the wall. I know now no one would have made a decision that time of night, but Freddy and the manager, Gary, convinced me to stay every few minutes a little longer and wait out my decision. They sent the application to Nissan only. I thought my credit was fair and didn't want too many inquires. At 8:00 I said I was going home. Freddy was supposed to call the next day to tell me if I was approved or not. I waited until 1:30pm. I called for Freddy, he was off, I got the Finance guy, Sam.

He told me I wasn't approved even with more money down. I went ahead applied on line with Chase (even though I called ahead and they told me it was harder to get approved directly through them and not a dealership.) I did get approved on my own. I called back Woodbury Nissan and spoke with Sam again. I asked if I got a co-signer if that would help, he said probably, a strong consigner would help. I'm a single 28 year old woman and I had to call my mommy to help me, FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE OF TRYING TO GET A LOWER RATE THAN CHASE'S OFFER. We agreed that if her signing would significantly lower my preapproved rate, she would. She met me back at Woodbury Nissan Wednesday night to fill out an application. We spoke with Gary. He worked up numbers using an estimated 6% with the $2500 rebate and my $1000 down...on the base S auto in Radium preferably.

Gary said if he couldn't find a car, he would loan me a car to ensure I had transportation. I felt relieved. On the way out, a salesperson was showing a radium sentra to another customer, I showed my mom. They said that was his demo. We didn't get close or drive it because it was being shown to these other ladies. So, I had to call back the next day, Freddy was off again and I spoke with Gary, the manager. He said we were approved for either approx. 8.7% w/ $2500 rebate or 3% with $1000 rebate. I used Edmunds' calculator and figured the 3% was better. He said another dealership had calling offering him a Bronze sentra with extra options I didn't ask for like a sunroof and the price was 16,200 (VPP). I figured with $1500 down, I could still keep the payments around $250/month.

So, I called back with my agreement to the Bronze car’s deal. The last day of my rental is today, Friday, the 10th. My settlement check also came in the mail today. My mom leaves for a 2 week vacation tomorrow. Pretty much tonight is the only night I was getting a car. Freddy called me today to set up a time picking up the car. I get done work at 6:00 and it's an hour drive back home, so I said I could be there around 7pm. Freddy said no way, the dealership closes at 6:00. So be it. I had no choice. I called my mom to fax her license, I faxed my license, insurance, paystub and a $200 coupon for a new car from the Woodbury Nissan website. My mom came in to sign her part at 4:00. I left work an hour early to get there in time.

My mom calls at 5:00. She's been at the dealership since 4:00 and all of the paperwork is wrong. The sales price is $16,200 but the car doesn't have a sunroof and the VIN's don't match. The rate was 1% and the payment was too high. No one knows anything about this bronze car or why everything is screwed up.

Also my mom says a different guy than Gary or Freddy greets her by saying "Your daughter isn't getting that $200 off, she can buy the car somewhere else" They get everything straightened out by the time I get there at 5 of 6:00. I was really upset at the way they disrupted my mom's schedule the day before she's set to leave and the way she had to fight for me. She was only supposed to be my co-signer. Unfortunately, I didn't have the luxury of shopping around since I had to leave the rental car at the dealership to be returned. The person I signed paperwork with was clueless.

He'd never heard of or saw this bronze car. Gary was off, no one knew why the VIN's were wrong, etc. I saw the odometer reading was 48 miles. I asked why so many if it was new. He said cars came in all the time with various miles due to the factory testing them first. I asked specifically if this was the salesperson's demo I saw 2 days before, he said no. I was so rushed and so upset I didn't question it where the car came from further.

I told them that I was upset about them not honoring their own coupon and that I was going to small claims court for false advertising. Other local dealerships have $350 and $500 coupons on their websites, but they have stipulations. I am not going to let this go. I don't care that my employer offered me the VPP program, that's an advantage of working through Chase. If they are going to make up rules as they go, the dealership should have to note on the website that the coupon has limited use. I was in and out of there. Now, I worked in an Acura dealership when I was 23-24. I know what a proper delivery should be like. Never once did ANYONE do a walkaround, show me the owner's manual, explain how to turn on the headlights ...I had to go home and learn the car by myself. I had a Toyota and prior to that a Honda. They are similar, but it would have been nice. When I was in sales, I would have offered to explain the car and the manual, service schedule, etc at a later time if the customer didn't have time to stay at delivery. I never sent anyone out in a strange car... and I always offered to stay if they had the time. Here's the kicker...I get into the car, drive to meet my mom and sisters for dinner at Charlie Browns (literally like 2 miles away) after dinner I realize my odometer reading is 199 miles. I took a picture with my camera phone so they couldn't say I'm lying. I don't know if this is retribution for using the VPP program. I don't know if it's because I came in without my boyfriend this time. I don't know if it's just miscommunication. I don't know if it's the way they do business. I don't know if it's because they aren't making enough profit on my deal. I will follow through with my intention of using that coupon and I want whatever the going rate for mileage is (37 cents or whatever) for the difference between my paperwork and what the car had on it.

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c6ccc927, 2008-12-16, 07:09PM CST

I too had a problem with woodbury nissan. I purchased a new sentra there a few years ago. I took the car there for an oil change and when I picked it up the bottom of the passenger door was smashed. When I told the service manager, he practically called me a liar, and then said I took the car in that way. When examing the bottom of the door, red chips of paint could be seen. What happened was the lot person was backing the car up with the door open and it hit something. This problem was only resolved when I called my boyfriend to explain what happened and he went to the dealership personally. To my surprise the service manager called me to apologize. I would not ever buy another thing from them again. I do not hesitate to tell everyone my story. Customer service is everything.

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