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Posted on Thursday, September 2nd, 2004 at 12:00am CDT by 389c30f2

Company: All About Pets and Grooming Inc.

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She is a ten week old Shih-tzu/ Poodle mix and I just want there to see what the breed looked like, and I could not leave her there. I did not even get her home before she was ill, and I was up all night with sick puppy. They refused to allow me to return her or refund the $650 I paid for her. He stated that I own her now sick or not and that is just too bad. He recommended that I take to the vet as in my purchase agreement it allows for treatment of the sick puppy.

I told him that I had not owned a dog in over ten years because of the suffering we all went through in her four short years due to the exact same circumstances, and I could not go through it again. Still no response other than too bad, if you had a baby and it was sick would you take it back to DR. and want a refund? And several other attacks on my integrity for wanting a healthy puppy. When I told him I would spread the word about him and his store through internet and local problem solvers on the news he said " Go ahead, everyone threatens me with that and I am still here"!!!

I took the poor little thing to the vet and they made me bring her in the back door because they were afraid of what she had. They tested for Parvo and it was negative, but she had intestinal bacteria and kennel cough. They told me that sometimes puppies test negative for Parvo even though they may have it because it can take 7-10 days to show up so she will have to be tested again. They gave her 2 RX's and told me they wanted to keep her but maybe I could give her more attention at home and I should bring her back tomorrow.

She stopped eating, I took her back the next day and a vet tech asked if she had been tested yet for Parvo as several of the dogs from that pet store had tested positive for the virus and it is highly contagious. They gave me one more RX, so now I am giving her 3 RX's several times a day. She is still sick and has emotional problems as a result of being kept in filthy conditions by someone just wanting to profit from her pain and my heartbreak. I have notified the Animal Industry , the Attorney Generals Office and two local media programs. I promise not to stop until he is suffering as much as the animals and the people he sells them to.

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e07ad901, 2007-11-11, 01:10PM CST

my step-son has a ball python (from another location.)i have gone there for feeder mice and other pet supplies, and also own 2 feeder mice from their store. the first few times i have gone in there, i noticed something wasnt right. the cats and dogs ar kept in very small cages, and looked very sick.. my son's mother also bought him a hamster from this store which died not six months later after having it from a food disease that may have spread to its brain causing the death. i first noticed something with the animal when it was brought to my house. he had a bad infection in his eye and was extremely aggressive.

the owner is about 5ft, 10in? he is on the slimmer side and wears a backwards baseball cap.

he said he has doctors in and out every week. with all these threats of having someone called on them, yet they're still standing, has anyone even checked on their store??

25c24b0b, 2008-04-29, 01:58PM CDT

I bought a puppy from there a year and a half ago that they said was a Westie/Chihuahua mix and he turned out to be a Jack Russell/Westie mix. He had kennel cough and another disease that they get from being around eachothers waste. I spent $700 to buy him and ended up spending around $1000 to get him better. I went in there once to buy puppy pads and told them that he wasn't the mix that they had said and the response I got was "well he's cute though anyway".

192038cd, 2010-08-10, 09:38PM CDT

I am so sorry this has happen to you, just today me and my 11-year old daughter was looking to buy a dog from this Pet store, but since I have read your heartbreaking news...we will not go here to purchase one, I would not want this to happen to us. It's sad that this place would not help you in some kind of way, it's very upsetting and disapointing the puppy is so sick. I will not buy a puppy from this store.

Michele, again I am sorry for your pain and what you have to go through to try to help your little puppy.

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