Acer computers - Acer computers, Kendal, Cumbria - How I wished we had seen this site before we purchased an Acer Tm 370 from KTD in Kendal.

Posted on Sunday, October 10th, 2004 at 12:00am CDT by 43672207

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Seduced by the slick packaging of the product and the fact that Acer are the fastest growing computer brand in the world in the 4th quartile and the fact that showroom salesman waxed lyrical about the efficiency of Acers after sales service we made our purchase. Within a month the unit malfunctioned, not a good start. We tried to contact Acer to avail ourselves of the Advantage warranty that we had purchased – if I’m not mistaken the Acer web-site guaranteed a 5 day repair turn round time under this program. First problem was however to contact Acer – the phone number given was dialed and after about 15 minutes of no-response cut out. This was repeated perhaps 4-5 times during the day. Helpfully the answerphone gives an e-mail address to contact Acer this does not work: we sent a message and have never had a response! Eventually we managed to talk to an Acer operative and very quickly the product was collected from our home for repair.

5 days later the computer had not been sent back – we went through the same difficult phone contact process which was a fine way to spend the whole morning. We eventually spoke to Richard (?) who informed us that they were awaiting parts but that they had no way of tracking or predicting when the parts would arrive! When we mentioned the 5 day turn round guarantee we were told that this was subject to parts being available. We wanted to speak to a higher authority than Richard regarding this anomaly but the request was absolutely flatly denied to the point of gross rudeness. At this stage we involved KTD who were none to helpful – apparently the service we received is the industry norm! We were too optimistic in expecting the 5 day turn round time to be achieved – funny, I thought that this was what we had paid for. After about a fortnight the computer returned to its home – great we thought. It worked fine but Acer had managed to scratch the touchpad. Repeat all the above (except the Richard bit, we are quick at recognising a no-win situation if nothing else). Computer returned home – great we thought. The touchpad had been replaced but now the body of the computer had been scratched! KTD ‘replaced’ the computer with another model (slightly faster processor but no charge for the inconvenience caused to you – thank you). We began the laborious task of setting the unit up but noticed that a cluster of perhaps 5-10 pixels were dead on the screen. We returned the computer to KTD and requested that the original be returned in proper order. Eventually after another 2 weeks of torment the machine was returned unscratched and working fine. Total time the machine was away from home during the first 13 weeks of ownership was 7 weeks. We did eventually receive a call from an Acer representative (we managed to answer the telephone immediately Acer) who apologized for the service and told us that Acer were expanding rapidly and that they had just relocated their operation to the South coast. I was so relieved by this information – there was I thinking that Acer had a problem with its customer service delivery and that I had just been stung for a problematic product; I slept so much better that night! Don't buy! Nick L

Sharon L


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73ffb664, 2007-10-22, 09:37AM CDT

i'm glad to read this; want to buy a sale computer around thanksgiving.

9cadb757, 2008-05-07, 03:05PM CDT

shit happens. and has happened with all electronics companies. its not uncommon to acer, nor is it to hp, sony, dell etc. the computer store dealt with your problem the only ways they could. they only have so much power and influence when it comes to dealing with manufacturers due to warranty terms. so you may not have been wholly satisfied, but its the only way the store could deal with it. and they did their best.

its who acer need to reassess their way of working. and since the time of the acer travel mate 370 acer have grown hugely. and this story should not put anyone off buying an acer product as times have changed, and changed again, and again since this occurrence.

380c5fbf, 2008-06-17, 08:22PM CDT

I bought an ACER laptop for my son for college- I wish I had seen the websites on Acer before buying. The LCD screen has gone out twice in 10 months - they stonewalled me the last time, now they won't fix it due to being 3 weeks out of warranty. I filed a complaint wiht the better business bureau - they had three people cll me, and gave me no satisfaction - they all give you the same story - ACER cannot make it right - but they will give me a $100 credit to have them fix it for the 2nd time ( so the screen can go out agsin in the next 4 months?? NOT) - They are a company to stay away from - I bought a TOshiba laptop - it gives me no trouble - do not buy ACER

3adb3758, 2009-10-17, 07:51AM CDT

This compalint was made in 2004 and I can't believe people still question Acer service regarding this particular complaint. Since that time Acer have grown to become one of the largest computer companies in the world, battling only Dell and HP/Compaq to the #1 spot every fiscal quarter. They wouldn't have got there by having poor customer service. Since 2004 Acer have been producing better and better qualities of computer whilst maintaining their unrivalled pricing. Do not hesitate in buying any Acer product today.

3e69bcf0, 2009-12-28, 08:44AM CST

I bought my Acer One in 2008 and have had nothing but trouble - the battery keeps failing to charge. It's now the end of 2009 and my 3rd battery is refusing to charge - I live in Switzerland and have spent the best part of a day trying to get through to Acer in both Switzerland and the UK, to no avail. The online service won't accept my S/N despite the fact that I've got the Acer Advantage.

I would never recommend one of these machines to my friends - and nor would any of the technicians at our school ICT dept.!!

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