Ikea Canada - I'm absolutely appalled at the level of service provided by your call-centre.

Posted on Saturday, October 9th, 2004 at 12:00am CDT by a66de67a

Company: Ikea Canada - I'm absolutely appalled at the level of service provided by your call-centre.

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Ikea Canada - I'm absolutely appalled at the level of service provided by your call-centre.

Ikea Canada

Ikea shop-by-phone. Complaint listed in text of email below. ----------


I'm not sure if this email is still valid, as I found it by searching the internet (and discovering someone who had posted problems quite similar to mine). In short - I'm absolutely appalled at the level of service provided by your call-centre.

On August 24th you charged the MasterCard of XXXXXXXXXX, my wife, a sum of a little more than $500 (you can check your records if you'd like specifics; otherwise, I'd be happy to dig up our monthly credit card bill to find the sum).

On Sept. 21st, 2004, we received our order of 1 Meraker Cabinet w/ Shelf Unit (Product no: 80033879 18969). This was an item which we had previously attempted to order in July of 2003, but for various reasons were not able to receive it (you can look through your files to see the numerous problems we encountered with that order). Halfway through putting the item together, I realized we only had half of the item. I checked the box and, indeed, we'd only received box 1 of 2.

I then phoned Northwest Transport Ltd., the trucking company responsible for the shipping of the item. They checked their records and confirmed what I already suspected, one of your particularly

bright warehouse workers only shipped 1 of the boxes. Brilliant. (Might I remind you that while waiting on your 1-800-661-9807 number, you continually remind customers to check to ensure they have all their boxes before leaving the store. Perhaps you should stream this hold music and message into your warehouse?)

On Sept. 23rd I phoned and opened a customer service file (# S1129491). Knowing the quality of your first-line support people from previous experiences, I asked to speak with a supervisor or someone in the customer service department. Amena, the Ikea representative who served me, told me that she couldn't pass me to either, and that I would have to wait 5 business days for a return call.

On October 6th I realized that Amena had obviously lied to me, as it had been more than 5 business days and I had still not received a phone call (perhaps terming them "call centres" is a bit of an oxymoron?). I phoned the 1-800 number again, and to my surprise received Amena again. This time I asked what had happened. She said no trace had been put on the item (she offered no explanation as to why SHE didn't put the trace on it before, even after I pointed out she was the agent who first handled the file), and that would have to be done before a replacement could be shipped out. Fine, however I asked to speak to a supervisor in the meantime. Again, I was told that supervisors aren't able to take phone calls, and I'd have to be put on the "48-hour return call" list.

On October 8th I realized I had once again been duped by the tricky Amena, as no phone call had been received (despite my leaving a home number, work number and cell phone number -- truly, I would have to be living in a cave for Ikea to be unable of reaching me). I phoned the 1-800 number again and spoke to a very unpleasant woman by the name of Elisa (or possibly Eliza). Should I even mention this was after waiting 25-minutes on hold, listening to reminders that I should check that I have both box 1 of 2, and box 2 of 2 before leaving the store?

But I digress. I explained my situation to Elisa, and asked why I had not received a return call. She said there was no mention or record of this request for a call within my file (curse you Amena; tricked me yet again). Elisa was snappy, insulting and just generally unpleasant to deal with. I asked to speak to a manager, and was shocked to learn of the incredible amount of rust you put in your workers. "There aren't any supervisors working," Elisa told me. Really? How shocking.

I remember the time I spent working in a call centre, and can't recall one instance of working completely unsupervised. Ikea must have an incredibly rigid hiring process to managed to recruit employees with such credentials that it's not necessary to provide them with any supervision. Ah, but then the truth came out. Elisa admitted that there are supervisors, she just doesn't know where they are. (Which begs several questions - Are they camouflaged? Or perhaps Elisa suffers from some form of Polkaroo syndrome, where the supervisors always disappear the second before she enters the room...

I explained to Elisa that I wanted to send a letter to Ikea's head office. Elisa, who by this point I'm realizing is potentially even trickier that Amena, then tells me that there is no Ikea head office.

Really? Wow. What an efficient company that it doesn't need to have national or regional offices. But...no, no...again Elisa backpedals when questioned on the truth of her statements. She's under the impression that she works in Ikea's only office in Canada, and therefore I will have to send it to that address.

However, she does inform me that you don't retain any lawyers when I ask for an address for your law firm or legal affairs department. Once again, I'm amazed at Ikea's efficiency. Truly, the company should be a case-study in business schools everywhere...oh, wait...Elisa admits she may have been wrong again, but she just doesn't know where the legal department is (Which makes me wonder -- do you teach your new employees anything??).

Finally, the battle of wits between Elisa and I come to an end after 45 minutes, simply because I have a job to do -- and in my line of business, I simply can't get away with feigning ignorance or lying to my customers. Elisa promises me that she has put a message on her supervisor's desk, asking him/her to phone me. And she also promises me that she's put a note into my account noting that she has done so. But, of course, by now I know how much the word of employees like

Elisa and Amena are worth...

Which leads me to the points of this letter. First off, can you please just ship me box 2 of 2 from the Meraker Cabinet with Shelf (the red one)? I am missing the shelf portion. I feel I've waiting long enough, so please don't ship it by truck. Yes, we do have courier services here in the North. I'm sure there is a Canada Post outlet within driving distance of your warehouse. Have a warehouse worker (preferably one that can count the number of boxes he/she is grabbing)

drive the box over to Canada Post, and have them ship it. Express. So I can finish the job I'm halfway through.

Second, as I figure it you owe me approximately $210.99. I expect payment within 30 days, and yes - Ikea gift cards would be acceptable (I realize your hands would be tied on being able to give me an actual cash refund).

This is broken down as follows: $7.50 (the credit card's 18% interest of $500, and a deal as I'm only charging you for 30 days); $99.99 (that's an approximation of 3 hours of my time that has been diverted from my job to deal with your blunders, at my currently hourly rate of pay of $33.33 per hour); $3.50 (that's for 10 kilometres of driving, at the standard rate of $0.35/kilometre which I pay my freelance writers and photographers); and I'd say $100 is a fair, round figure for simply dealing with the stress, and barrage of lies, created by the employees of your company.

Third, I would still like the address for your legal affairs department. I feel that Ikea is in breach on contract, and is showing a blatant disregard for rectifying the situation. As such, I believe it is within my rights to take the company to Small Claims Court in the jurisdiction of the Northwest Territories. I have a feeling that my complaints contained within this email will be further ignored, and I believe I am left with no alternative for recovering my expenses save through litigation.

If you could respond quickly, it would be greatly appreciated. If you do not respond at all, it wouldn't be out of line with the rest of the service I've received from Ikea Canada.

Sincerely, Jake K


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a5a452db, 2008-01-16, 10:08PM CST

Wow, it does not surprise me that another individual in Canada has had a bad experience dealing with Ikea here. I placed an order online, waiting nearly a week without receiving any kind of confirmation on shipment. I called Ikea only to find out the order had not yet shipped. My wife and I decided we wanted to cancel our order, but were told that someone would need to call us back. After we did not receive a call we called back and the second time were told that everyone in their office was too busy so they could not help us (but we could try again in the morning when customer service was open again [I guess they stay open later to take people's money, but not to resolve customer issues]). We final got our order cancelled (at least that is what we have been told), but the money has not been returned to our credit card ($700). We have called back since and been told to wait longer. I am absolutely amazed that a company as large as Ikea can continue to operate in such an unprofessional manner!

2aef2aa6, 2008-01-21, 07:50PM CST

I worked for Ikea and.... it's hopeless

I got fired for telling a supervisor off for giggling about 'cumming' - infront of customers. I went through all the propper complaint proceedures, and their a tightknit organization, that if your new and you stand up for what's right... -your out- I'm disgusted.

5a8e0fff, 2008-05-02, 08:49PM CDT

Just counted Friday night Etobicke store 9pm: 3 cashiers and 125 customers in very long line up.

Shame. Never goinG there again!

f69a0859, 2008-05-07, 04:30PM CDT

How tipical .... blah blah blah!!! We are dealing with all of the same issues as above and are trying to do something about it! The head office is in Burlington above the store. I think it's time we figure out how to sue these bastards. Contact me regarding a class action law suit!

31aaab90, 2008-06-20, 08:16PM CDT


They are trained to make you give up if you voice your concerns. My wife and I bought a milk table to put in our about to be born baby room from IKEA about a month ago. As we were assembling, we noticed that one of the part(leg) had a holes on the left side instead of right side. We called IKEA to see whether we need to bring the whole thing or just the part that has defects. They advised us just to bring the defected part. So went I with my 10 months old pregnant wife. After an hour of waiting, they told us that we must have picked up the old version of the table so "it's unfortunte that" we have to go back home to bring in the whole thing because giving us the new one and bring the old one back cannot be justifed to "P and L"(Profit and Loss) department...MOD finally came out after rasing our voice over this stupidity, he was adamant that there is nothing he can do than us going back and bringing it in the whole thing. MOD then continued to tell us that we only have brought the part in because my wife was pregnant(?) or otherwise we would have brought the whole thing(?????) I talked to 2 different operators(I am gonna call them "bouncer") at the call centre before I got to this person name by "Crystal"(who was the other MOD at the Etobicoke store) who promised me a call back and who never called me(surprise). Now a month later, I called the "bouncer" to speak to Crytal, they said I must reiterate the whole situation again for him to transfer to Crystal. Then he told me that there was no extension under "Crystal". Well it gets better. Then he said he will transfer my call to the Etobicoke store. After 15 minutes of the wait, guess where they transferred me to "Coquitlam, B.C.". So thanks for trying to reach the ordinary people and thanks for taking their dollars and thanks for making things extra ordinary and ordial for them. You will never see another penny from me again. All the furnitures we bought for our wedding, all the furnitures we bought for our newly purchased house and all the furnitures we bought for our newly born baby room, I kick myself in the head when I think about the humilation my 10 months pregnant wife and I got that day in the store. So Congratulations for being one of the richest company in the world, you did a fabulous job convincing me as a family-friendly store but I am not gonna be fooled twice.

BTW, did I tell you that you just lost one customer but hey you've got million others right?

2daba8ae, 2008-06-27, 01:40PM CDT

As someone who used to work for IKEA Canada I can personally attest to the enormous levels of stupidity that are in play at that company.

Managers do the bare minimum to help customers, and those who go above and beyond are fired.

The entire attitude of the employees is casual and that reflects how things get done there.

Few employees have any degree of work ethic, and favouritism is the only avenue towards job security.

Never work for IKEA. They'll blow smoke up your ass the entire time you're employed there and treat you like garbage at the first opportunity.

087b1565, 2008-07-22, 10:02AM CDT

This has been a total nightmare in dealing with this company. I ordered a bed online and the person neglected to send me the mid beam. They promised 2 weeks ago to send this out via purulator. Well to find out 5 different people have not yet processed the order as they promised. I have been given the run around for 2 weeks now meanwhile sleeping on the floor waiting for this darn bed part. I will never never ever order from this company again!! It is the worst customer service that I have ever dealt with.

217e4fa6, 2008-10-02, 05:22PM CDT

A purchase and subsequent attempts to reach ikea regarding some issues we had concerning a purchase made 1 week ago which we paid for delivery of ,there was a part that had a missing pre drilled hole and 1 screw that was US...after 40 mins on hold to reach a person from Ikea we finally spoke to a person fron the Call Centre??????

we also are apalled at the lack of customer service, we now have todrive 37 km back to the store to exchange the parts .We suggest that Ikea have some store personnel that will take care of their customers who have some issues with merchandise...

439fc873, 2010-01-14, 04:02PM CST

I should have checked this site before ordering from Ikea. I've now been waiting over one month for my order to arrive. When I contacted the call center, the operator could not tell me anything about when it would come. When I asked to speak to his supervisor so I could register my complaint, he said he couldn't connect me, and that I should be talking to customer service (well duh, that's the number i dialed!)

Hopeless. absolutely hopeless.

Wade F

aa1d7877, 2010-04-07, 11:16AM CDT

I wish I had of read this. We bought $4000.00 worth of IKEA closets for our new home. They short shipped the parts and my husband doesn't have any drawers or hangers on his side. When I did finally reach someone at the call centre (after 4 calls on hold for 52 minutes each) we were told that it wasn"t feasible to ship the drawers in the colour to match our closets. It was however "feasible" to ship the white ones. When I asked to speak to a supervisor I was told one would call me back the next day. Of course no phone call. When I called back (and again waited for 50 mins) the person I spoke to said the drawers and hangers were "discontinued". What am I supposed to do with an empty IKEA closet??

40164277, 2010-11-16, 02:11PM CST

I won't tell the long gory details of my Ikea "experience" but it involved trying to change my kitchen cabinet order from pick-up to delivery. Over the period of a week and many phone calls I could not accomplish this because Ikea did not want to take credit card info over the phone. Never mind I just spend $4000 on a kitchen and my credit card was good for it.

The resolution centre people were not able to do anything. In fact I think they are robots as they repeat the same thing over and over.

Finally they would accept my credit card authorization by fax. I live out in the country and would have to drive 40 minutes return and pay for a fax. I refused to do this. "I just want to give you a ridiculous some of $500 delivery!"

I think I may have some resolution,(not 100% there yet) by calling Dynamex, the delivery people who then called the shipping dept at the Coquitlam store. Sheesh what a giant waste of time and energy all to pay astronomical delivery fees. (Can't rent a truck large enough for pick-up on Salt Spring Island where I live.

My 30 year taste for Ikea's great design at good prices has been seriously dampened. I plan to write a letter to Corporate HQ, if they even care.

38f29313, 2011-08-22, 12:49AM CDT

Hi There, all these complaints for Ikea are some years old, but things haven't changed.

This is for online and phone orders.

If you buy at the store and come back with a complaint they are quite good at dealing with it,physically.

The problems arises when you order online or on phone and things go wrong, mostly because they contract out to shippers.

They have a very effective firewall.

You cant get past the service centre.

They give you phone numbers that put you on hold.

I paid for $700 worth of goods that were taken off the credit card efficiently but I never received the goods and had no communication about them.

Only by physically driving 2 hours to the Ottawa store did I manage to trace the order but it was "in transit".

The order was cancelled because they couldn't deliver it, eventually they paid me back the order but charged me for delivery!

I wrote back with my case file and explained that I refuted the delvery charges and added my expenses, driving costs, phone calls etc... guess what no reply nothing......

Has any one been able to get further up the chain to a head office?

jacky, 2012-10-11, 02:33PM CDT

My wife and I live in woodstock ontario,we drove to the hamilton I kea to buy my daughter a bedroom suite.We had placed the order,and began our trip through the ware house to gather everything up.I have a bad leg from a car accident,and after walking five miles to the bedroom furniture I realised I forgot a cart I assumed there would be one there.Directly under the furniture was a cart with some plastic wrap scraps on top,I placed the plastic on the floor and began loading the items.As we were loading I could tell this employee was quite aggetated.Out of the corner of my eye I seen him lip the words 'dont use that fucking cart'.I told my wife what I seen him say,and we both got a laugh out of it.He then got on his walkie and called security.I thought I was losing my mind three people showed up and asked me what the problem was.I told them he was angry because we used his cart,and he would now be the one who had to walk and get a new one.I also told them that if he ever swore in the presence of my three year old again we would have a real problem.This only enraged them more and they told me to hurry up and finish my shopping and leave the store.So I proceeded to put the items back on the shelf,and we left.Ill never step in an Ikea again.

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