Citibank Belgium - E-banking & Phone banking & ATMs

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Company: Citibank Belgium - E-banking & Phone banking & ATMs

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Citibank Belgium - E-banking & Phone banking & ATMs

E-banking & Phone banking & ATMs of Citibank

What a pity that a bank can only protect its customers by limiting the service level. What is more interesting pretty much nothing has changed since December 2000 where I was forced to complain about Citibank Belgium again. Until the day Citibank Belgium will give the customers a tool to complain on line (their official policy is please mail us), I will continue to use this channel. See the pitiful message I received recently : In the scope of protecting our customers against potential fraud, the following actions were taken. From: Internet Banking

Date: 01-10-2004

Subject: The transfer limits are changed

Reference: MaERROR6

Firstly, we temporarily changed the maximal limits applying to the remote banking channels: Citibank Online, Citibank automated teller machines (CBC) and CitiPhone Banking. The daily cumulative maximal limit is of EUR 1.500 for any outgoing transfer to a third party bank processed through remote banking. For amounts bigger than EUR 1.500, you can always execute your transfer at the nearest Citibank branch. There is no limit on internal transfers between your own accounts. Secondly, we temporarily cancelled the &#171 Citibank Global Transfer &#187 (international transfer to a Citibank abroad) facility. We will inform you as soon as this facility is available again via Citibank Online. In the meantime, you can execute your international transfer to Citibank abroad from our Citibank automated teller machines (CBC) available in Europe. In case this solution does not help you, or in case you have to execute a transfer for an amount bigger than EUR 1.500, you can always go to the nearest Citibank branch to perform this transaction. A personalized letter will be sent to the regular users of the &#171 Citibank Global Transfer &#187. We apologize for the inconvenience that these changes may have caused and stay at your service. Yours truly, Marketing department. Kaan T

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