American Home Shield - American Home Shield, Carroll, IA - I called AHS at the end of July 2004 because I was having problems with my A/C. After two or three phone calls they finally responded with a techician to come out. The techician told us that the A/C needed to be cleaned

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$400 but of course AHS does not cover that.

So I wanted a second opinion so I called a A/C contractor to come out, this contractor said this unit could not be cleaned again it was damaged beyond repair this unit needed to be replaced. So I decided to get a third opinion and called a third contractor, this contractor came out and said the same thing damaged beyond repair needed to be replaced. Cost of the Contractors for the unit was $1550 to $1750. I called AHS let them know what was going on and what these contractors told me. AHS said I could have the unit replaced and then send in for reimbursement. I had the unit replaced and called AHS and Ann said send in all the paper work and she would get working on it.

After a week I called to check the status of the claim. Ann stated to me that she needed to call the contractors i had come out and asked if it was ok, I told her that was fine to call them. She said she would call me after she talked with them. Ann didn't call me back I called her the next week and she said she needed a breakdown on the replacement of the A/C. I sent her the breakdown again she stated she would call me.

Another week went by I called Ann, left messages after messages. She called my home left a message that they would not reimburse me. I have called over and over left many message they will not respond. I called the contractor that she said she called, the contractor that did the work she never even called there office. the other contractor that I had come out to look at it, Ann called him but this contractor stated to me that she didn't ask him questions about the unit she talked about my finanical cituation and she didn't think she would reimburse me.

This company should not be in business. Come to find out after talking to the contractor I had replace my A/C unit, this company use to do work for AHS but he stopped because they were told to tell the homeowners that the problems were different than what it actually was so AHS did not have to pay out the money. Now i am finally many complaints and going to file a lawsuit against AHS. Crystal- Texas


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84e6a4d3, 2009-02-18, 08:15PM CST

We purchased a home in 2005 with the seller using a a 1 year AHS warranty as a sales tool for us to buy the home. We would like to be part of the class action lawsuit against AHS, and do we have any recourse against the seller and AHS using a fraudulent warranty as a selling tool.

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