2000 Ford Focus - paid $ 165 to get ignition switched fixed - 14 months later ignition switch began to stick again - 2000 Ford Focus - I have the same problem with a 2000 Ford Focus zx3 ignition switch as the previous complaint I found here

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Company: 2000 Ford Focus - paid $ 165 to get ignition switched fixed - 14 months later ignition switch began to stick again

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2000 Ford Focus - I have the same problem with a 2000 Ford Focus zx3 ignition switch as the previous complaint I found here


I have the same problem with a 2000 Ford Focus zx3 ignition switch as the previous complaint I found here (Attached below).

The key won't turn in the ignition -- I have to get my car towed and fixed. And I was given a quote of 350$ for the ignition cylinder, plus about 100$ for the tow!

I searched the web and found so many people have the same problem. Should not Ford recall the Focus for it?

Thank you.

Y. Sun

From: Naqvi, Danielle [COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_36486#] RE: 2000 Ford Focus - paid $ 165 to get ignition switched fixed - 14 months later ignition switch began to stick again

On June 16, 2001 I bought my 2000 Ford Focus. On June 03, 2002 I had to have my car towed to the dealer and have the ignition switch fixed. I could put my key in the ignition, but then it wouldn’t turn. This cost me $165.00. In August 2003 my cars ignition started to stick again. I call the 800 number for Ford and was told (exact words) “That’s too bad; our warranty only is good for one year.” I told him it was only a little over one year since I put all of that money into the same problem, I believe Ford should take care of this problem. He said there is nothing we can do. I would have to pay for it to be repaired again and just hold the receipt. (In case of a recall) I could not get any help unless there was a recall on this item. That is pretty sad that Ford can not give a warranty for more than a year on there products. If they have such little faith in there products then why should we trust them? Now my car won’t start at all. I am at a loss as to what do. I can not afford to keep putting money into this car every year for the same problem. Any suggestions as to what I can do? I would appreciate it. Thank you D Naqvi

Yin-e S

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f216a1e0, 2008-04-16, 02:54PM CDT

Hi i am having the same promblem with my 2000 focus the key goes in and sometime it takes hours or over night before the key will come out of the ignition I called Ford Dealership and was quoted a price of $550 to replace ignition switch but could not guarantee that it would not happen again since no new switches have been made they also stated that they have had many customers with 2000 and 2001 with the same problem

2b170aec, 2008-08-09, 03:52PM CDT

We purchased a used 2003 Focus in June 2008. It replaced my wifes dead van.

In August, the dreaded key wont turn problem arrived after work, at 11:30 PM.

Since this was the first time it happened to us, a small tap on the key got the car running.

I had previously searched for problems with this model, so when it happened, I knew somewhat how to get the car going.

The next morning, I removed the cylinder lock from the car using this information:


I checked to see if the problem was still there. It was. Holding the outside of the cylinder assembly, I could not turn the key. Tapping on it did allow the key to turn.

I then removed the steel clip on the end of the lock assembly and removed the actual lock mechanism.

I then inserted the key to see if the locking bar would drop down like it was supposed to.

Only part of the bar went down. Taping on the key and working with it, made the rest of the bar drop down. After working with it about an hour, the lock would work 100% of the time. I at least then I knew nothing was broke, just things sticking inside.

The bar would stick up where the deepest part of the key was. I suppose any of the tumblers will stick, mine just happened to be one of those.

This gave me a clue as to what was sticking. The tumblers and connecting linkage to the bar was the problem. I did not attempt to disassemble the lock any further. Major lack of knowledge and scared I would not be able to get it back together. As it turned out, I did not need to do any other disassembly.

With locks, the use of oil is not a good idea. Oil collects dust over time. So I decided to use spray silicone. This would allow the silicone to seep in and around any moving parts. The liquid part of the spray would then evaporate and leave dry, very slippery, surfaces.

I sprayed the silicone into where the key goes in and around the bar. That was the only places I thought where anything that moved would be. I worked the lock for about an hour and sprayed about 4 times. I do not know if less spraying is needed, that is just what I did. I could no longer get the lock to fail to turn.

The major problem with the lock assembly is lubrication and weak springs. The springs work good at first, but weaken over time. That is very normal. These are marginal at first and then get worse. I imagine eventually the springs will have to be replaced. This just delayed it for a while. The lubrication type that is needed would keep the linkage working longer. That is something I know very little about. Silicone works for me.

In talking to the wife, the key worked OK at first, then, started to catch when she turned it. But it would turn. Looking back, it would have been a good idea to find this earlier. I had read many web pages and had just assumed the lock would fail and I would just need to shell out big bucks to the local Ford dealer. Maybe someday I will, but I am hoping I delayed that a few years.

I think I will do this on a preventative schedule. I am thinking once a year, but if the key starts to stick, then more often. The whole job would take less than 3 hours when you know what to do.

8d5c9cdc, 2008-09-03, 09:39AM CDT

I have a 2000 Ford Focus with the same ignition switch problem. I doubt very much I will purchase a Ford again if this problem is not resolved with a new ignition switch.

a08f6e80, 2008-12-23, 11:50AM CST

I have the same issue with my 2000 Focus ZX3. I found that tapping on the end of the key while it's in the ignition, I have been able to get it to turn. I am going to replace the ignition cylinder this weekend for $350 at a Ford dealership.

b3945fc0, 2009-02-12, 04:08PM CST

If it is the problem with the ignition itself, Ford has a service bulletin out on it, basicall they will fix for ten years.

However, if it is the switch that goes to the shifter, that is another story, this is just yet another problem with Ford Focus's. I have only 32000km on my 2005, and ford won't fix it because warranty is off, yet it is a known problem. Looking at almost five hundred dollars to fix this. Because there are no other parts than FORD parts for this piece, it could again go in another 32000 KMs. Anyone want to buy a ford focus. Low miles.

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