- - are a web host they deleted my account (i saved 70$ for it) for no apparent reason

Posted on Wednesday, October 27th, 2004 at 12:00am CDT by 9692f862


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Hello This person paid us with a stolen credit card and then refused to provide us with sight of the card.

Regards Gordon Hudson Ltd

October 26, 2004 - Consumer Message: are a web host they deleted my account (i saved 70$ for it) for no apparent reason when i asked them why they said that there was something wrong with my credit card (this was 3 months after my account had been made and money had been taken) they asked me to scan them a picture of my credit card so i did and i recieved a reply saying that the image i sent will not open as an image.

a month later im without my account or a refund and they have never sent me an email only in reply to the ones i send with excuses


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092a0aab, 2007-12-31, 11:22AM CST

Worse company I have ever dealt with. They are fraud artist. Have taken my money and NOT provided the services contracted for. Customer service is atrocious, emails have NEVER worked properly, and they deleted ALL my email accounts and addresses book! Refused to look into technical problems on a regular basis, when you complain about a problem they simply tell you to move to another provider if you don't like the service. The stats are rarely updated and when they are all the old stats are removed and you can only get then for the current month and nothing else. Login onto the C panel it the last month takes FOREVER and many times its not even possible to log on. Once on it keeps asking for the passwords over and over again. I have reported ALL these problems and none have been dealt with. Simply get an email that says we are looking into the problem but its never resolved. I VERY STRONGLY RECOMMEND EVERYONE STAY AS FAR AWAY FROM THESES GUYS A POSSIBLE!



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