Mazda RX8 6 speed - Transmission issues

Posted on Friday, October 22nd, 2004 at 12:00am CDT by 8167fcbc

Company: Mazda RX8 6 speed - Transmission issues

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Mazda RX8 6 speed - Transmission issues

Mazda RX-8/Transmission issues

I recently purchased a Mazda RX8 6 speed. This car has had more problems than I can explain in a short email. About a month after purchasing the vehicle it wouldn't start one morning. I later got it started and took it in to the dealer. They did a Flash update on my PCM and everything was fine after that. . Approximately three months later I began having trouble with my transmission. I was on vacation in Carlisle, AR when the car broke down the first time (8/9/2004).

My car was towed in to North Point Mazda in North Little Rock, then got towed to Crain Mazda in Little Rock. After replacing approximately 87 parts in the transmission, I got my car back I took my car back 40 days later (9/18/2004). Immediately after driving the vehicle I knew it wasn't right. It was making noises, wouldn't shift in to 2nd, 3rd or reverse without grinding. I took my car to Town North Mazda in Richardson as soon as I got a chance (9/27/2004). I was told the transmission was bad and they would replace it this time.

After replacing the clutch and transmission I got the car back 11 days later (10/7/2004). I knew the car still had a problem so I scheduled to have the car taken BACK in on 8/12/2004. I drove about 2 miles from the house on the way to the dealer when it went out again. The car still to this day remains in the shop again. My car has been in for repairs for 58 days since 8/9/2004. I got a call today from the dealership that has my car. They told me Mazda declines coverage becuase of neglect or abuse. How is it even possible to tear a car up in 5 days? I absolutely "babied" that car because I knew it wasn't right! Any Suggestions??? Thanks, Brian M Brian M

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55f6180e, 2008-04-11, 12:36AM CDT

trust me bro i've had several problems with my transmission as well with two different rx8's. they brought a mazda certified transmission specialist to take a look and called it abuse as well after another dealership told me that it wasnt installed properly. i thought that was bullshit but i got a great deal on a used tranny. but they screwed me cuz i had to pay fees when i took one of their rental cars. Mazda fucking sucks. neone who tells me they want one i always steer them to honda or toyota. also their customer service turned me down as well, they wouldnt even speak to me those fucks.

bbd25c06, 2008-07-19, 09:25PM CDT

you know driving a rotory is totally different than a piston engine, iv had my rx8 since november 2007, and done oil changes myself every 3000 miles and couldnt be runnin better, i drove it the way its ment to be driven, broke in nicely

70312f53, 2008-12-09, 07:43PM CST

contact your state's AG office - reserch your stat'es lemon law, and sue Mazda RIGHT AWAY

Mazda and Ford are connected in many ways - make it clear to Frod that you will contact your senators and representatives to lobby against the bailout as dishonest car companies should be allowed to go out of business.

874d3e3e, 2009-12-08, 01:55AM CST

OMG! I hate mine!

I have had at least 13 recalls...and they fixed them but know are broken again!

Not to mention the engine has flooded at least 8 times even after the recall...and what did they tell me, word for word "These cars are not ment to drive short distances, if u are going to just the gass station u need to drive it more" (WHAT? why would I buy a car I cant drive short distances and no way am I going to drive in circles b4 running quick arrens)

Some other little things that were fixed under warrenty and now are broken the viser crack! the head lights get fogged (have had those replaces at least 4 times)and for 2 second time my a/c heater get stuck on ac! (lucky i live in sunny san diego where it isnt that cold)

ALL in ALL I hate RX-8 they r shity Cars!

and lucky me i get to go to the dealer cuz my transmission is rattling!

Oh and dont bother calling Mazda head quarters that suck too!

5339da28, 2009-12-31, 07:56PM CST

I'm a proud owner of a 2007 mazda rx8, I live in hawaii and this place isnt exactly the best place to own a car like this due to the road conditions and humidity. My rx8 runs perfectly with the two small issues of that its low on transmission fluid as i type this, and next stop is to get oil to fix that, and the coolant sensor is bad, which is a common problem in rx8's. The car being not a short distance driver is true, but then again it shouldnt be driven that short of a distance unless you're just lazy. It's a high RPM loving car, needs a lot of attention (almost like women...), and if you're not willing to pay the premium gas price and keep it oil changed and give it a good drive here and there, you might as well not even get this car. It looks like one of those cars you can just buy and drive around like whatever, but do some research, it uses a 13b-msp rotary engine, which means, its very fragile and needs to be loved. So for christ sake before you cry about how it wasn't a good gas station trip car or whatever, do some research on it.. and the first post on this issue... wow. I'm assuming poor mechanic work on your car, but the only transmission issues I ever heard of with the rx-8 was that the driveshaft is hit and miss, some go out at 6000 miles some at 200,000. so, you probably got screwed by a crappy mechanic.

d6868ceb, 2010-03-05, 05:30PM CST

My son has an 06 with the 3rd trany just installed by the dealer and it still is having trouble, what finally happened?

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