Elle Bridal - Elle Bridal, Southborough, MA - I ordered my gown 11 months in advance and it arrived 6 weeks after the original arrival date quoted

Posted on Tuesday, October 19th, 2004 at 12:00am CDT by ab37cd12

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DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH Elle Bridal!! Read some of the other not-so-positive postings related to Elle on this site and then go to http://www.theknot.com/ chats and you will quickly realize Elle Bridal is NOT the kind of establishment you want to be trusting with such an important part of your big day - I am speaking from EXPERIENCE!!! My experiences:

&#216 The owner is unreliable, unprofessional, unorganized and non-committal, not to mention NASTY to her staff AND customers. &#216 EVERY time I was in the shop the owner was in a standoff with an unhappy customer. &#216 She's been in 3 different locations in the past 1.5 years. The location at Route 9 East in Southborough was unfinished for the entire 11 months I did business there, had terrible lighting, was dingy and had terrible parking. &#216 I ordered my gown 11 months in advance and it arrived 6 weeks after the original "arrival date" quoted. &#216 I ordered my veil 2.5 months in advance and it arrived days before my wedding. Once it was past the arrival date and when I would contact the shop for an update Lori, the owner, became VERY uncooperative and told me that I was not the only bride she had and I could not call anymore, she would call me when it arrived. &#216 I ordered detail to be applied to the dress that never arrived!! &#216 The seamstress is very uncooperative, rude, speaks broken English and will require you pay in CASH IN ADVANCE w/ no receipt provided for SHOTTY work. ALL of the alterations I had done there and paid for had to be re-done and re-paid for at a different establishment. There are plenty of well run, professional, clean Bridal Shops out there. There's not ONE gown or dress in Elle Bridal that is worth the agonizing, stressful, sleepless experience too many brides have already lived through. For those in the Worcester area I HIGHLY recommend Pronuptia Bridal!!! I ordered my bridesmaids dresses there and ultimately had to take my bridal gown to Susan (co-owner and seamstress) to be re-altered days before my wedding after the mess that was created by Elle Bridal, Lori, and her staff. My experience was outstanding *. the staff is courteous, organized and professional.



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