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SWREG at www.swreg.org – “The Oldest Online Software Store In The World.”

SWREG: Poor service, rude rep

SWREG at www.swreg.org – “The Oldest Online Software Store In The World.” I downloaded and paid for “Anti-Virus & Trojan” quite a while back. I tried it out first, and it seemed okay, but it was not very clear in terms of telling me what was being accomplished once I tried to update the software. I asked the vendor questions, but for months all I got was a canned response telling me how to re-install it, even though I decided I didn’t like the program and wanted a refund. I tried for months to get someone to answer me. On its Website, SWREG indicates it will assist in the event a customer can’t get service from a vendor; but, they ignored me for months also. Recently someone started answering me, using the email system they have set up, but the guy (Steve) was very rude and basically said, “You shouldn’t have bought it if you didn’t like it and go away.”

I asked if he could at least help me contact the vendor and he said they get copies of all the messages and case was closed. He didn’t care that the vendor was non-responsive, and he would not give me contact information so that I could try more directly to get my money back from the vendor. Then I became angry and said that I would spend some serious time telling people that SWREG knowingly allows vendors who do not provide even basic customer service to use their system. Steve answered that “empty threats do not impress” him. That REALLY upset me. SWREG advertises itself as the “Oldest Online Software Store In The World.” They may be the oldest, but they certainly aren’t the best. I feel tricked and can’t believe months went by before I could get anyone to respond to me at all. I even tried looking up my vendor’s domain name and writing a letter, which I sent to China with no response. I am officially recommending people doing any business with SWREG. Thank you for this opportunity to spread the word about bad business. -- Natalie

Natalie K. M Click this link to e-mail the above consumer: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_68735# Consumer


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3a3ed0c0, 2008-10-22, 01:50AM CDT

SWREG is an online scam. They SCAM people through their online "stores" - you never receive the products you paid for and they never respond to emails.

If you too have been scammed by SWREG report them to all websites online and your local authorities. THESES SCAMMERS NEED TO BE STOPPED!!!!

c8cfb647, 2008-12-01, 03:45PM CST

SWREG is owned by Digital River. Digital River will not pass calls or emails along to SWREG. The SWREG website support function does not accept my email address and is non-functional.

I'm simply trying to purchase a product key for an "EVAL" version of Expense Reports Pro. The website (www.expense-reports.com) address points the consumer to Digital River. The link does not open. Digital River states this is an SWREG problem.

00e062a3, 2008-12-15, 10:26AM CST

Bad exerience from first order already. Here are data from My SWREG account for this order (amount in EURO)

Net Total: 484.70

Swreg Commission: (40.05)

Overall Net Margin Total: 444.65

Net Margin: 91.74%

I have had problem with buyer who wrote that his PayPal account was credited at USDS 630.

Great SWREG comission in a resutl!!

When I have tried widraw this amount, I was answered that my account is under verifying. And no answer to following emails.

So result of my first exerience with SWREG.

Vast fees + long delay of money withdrawal

cea532d9, 2009-01-13, 02:46PM CST

I also downloaded and paid for a software program: Duplicate File Finder from swreg. The first time I used it, my computer rebooted to the Recovery Console and I had to use system restore to fix the problems. The second time the same thing. I contacted swreg and after the third email, received an email back saying they had not received my emails. After further emails I received a vague explanation as to why my software wasn't working, however no actual fix or offer of a refund. When I emailed them again after this, they just ignored me.

I'm not prepared to let this go. Everyone should join together to stop these rip off merchants in their tracks. IT'S VERY GOOD THAT THIS WEBSITE EXISTS, JUST A PITY I DIDN'T SEE IT BEFORE USING SWREG. Everybody should spread the word.

Since writing this Digital river has been in contact with me and offered a full refund of my original payment for the software. I now consider the matter to have been resolved. 12/19/2009.

38777d5a, 2009-02-11, 05:19PM CST

I was visiting your website one Night. When I tried to leave you offered me $5 off of the regular $79 price which I unfortunately agreed to. Then you said there was a manual service charge of $3.50 which is silly because you can't do anything manual with a download. Unfortunately, I agreed to that. The order page comes up with 3 choices, one of which was what I agreed to. There was no way to deselect the other two. No one would ever agree to both download it with $5 dollars off and download it at full price. Thats obvious. The Order page said to click next for a confirmation page where I thought I would be able to adjust the order. I clicked next and wasn't sent to a confirmation page instead the order was completed for ALL 3 CHOICES. Now I don't want any software from you as the software is probably bogus like the order page. Thus I havent downloaded anything.

As this is your fault, I demand all my monies ($124.94) returned.

I noticed you changed your order page (since I used it) to two selections and an easy way to deselect a choice. That's great but I got the order page described above.

89ef2b55, 2009-02-25, 03:47PM CST

Hi Everyone! I just wanted to let everyone know that SWREG understands, cares and is very concerned about your complaints. I have been working with SWREG closely and we are making great efforts to resolve the issue. SWREG has just recently launched a customer service page (http://cs.swreg.org/) and a FAQ page (http://faq.swreg.org/) that will answer any questions and concerns that you may have. In addition, they also have a 24 hour customer service center for a very quick response which can be found here http://usd.swreg.org/contact.htm


321f6ccb, 2009-10-09, 11:13AM CDT

These emials to file a complaint is source that doesn't work for me. They don't have on recorded even purchasing their product. Soon you would think there would be someone you could talk to and find out whats going on but once again, they need to have a better solution also customer service over the phone.

bill grafton, 2014-09-02, 10:04AM CDT

will someone please contact me re product purchased and assist me in down loading it and getting key numbers. thank you

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