1984 Ford Tioga Motorhome purchased from Esell Marketing

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Company: 1984 Ford Tioga Motorhome purchased from Esell Marketing

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1984 Ford Tioga Motorhome purchased from Esell Marketing

1984 Ford Tioga Motorhome purchased from Esell Marketing


PO Box 91123

Sioux Falls, SD United States 57109


17601 N. 22nd Place

Phoenix, AZ United States 85014

(602)697-1720 COMPLAINT INFORMATION: Complaint #: 1714051

Complaint Type: General Complaint (not a car maker)

Date Received: 11/9/2004

Primary Complaint Classification: Advertising Issues

Secondary Complaint Classification: Selling Practices


I purchased subject motorhome based on advertising from Esell Marketing that all coach systems worked, and that the motor home had a 1984 engine . In fact, major systems in the motorhome did NOT work, and the engine in the vehicle was from the 1970's, indicating it had been replaced at least once before. As it turned out, i had to replace the motor within one month of purchase. All told, i have spent as much as the original purchase price to make the vehicle roadworththy, despite Esell Marketing's advertising that all systems worked. In addition to deceptive advertising, Esell engaged in unethical business practices by promising that two repairs would be made before delivery of the vehicle, when in fact one was incorrectly performed (installation of a cruise control system) and the other not done at all--installation of a lock hasp that was promised. Additionally, it was impossible for me to check several important systems at delivery, since no LP gas was in the unit--in hindsight, i believe this was intentional on Esell's part in order to hide problems with the unit I have spoken with other people unhappy with Esell marketing for much the same reason as I--misleading or deceptive advertising, and failure to perform as promised. I ask for reimbursement of my expenses to replace the motor, furnace, and cruise control, in the amount of $2674. Les Mahoney

Desired Settlement: Refund Settlement Explanation:

While i have spent over $6000 on repairs to this vehicle, i ask for a partial refund of $2674 to cover the cost of a replacement motor, since the motor in the vehicle was NOT as advertised, a new furnace, to replace the inoperable unit in place (a unit that in fact had been recalled due to safety problems!) and repair the cruise control system which had been improperly installed. Customer Service Rep: Tim Ruzovich

Product or Service: 1984 Ford Tioga motorhome

Model Number:

Account Number:

Order Number:

Salesperson: Tim Ruzovich

Payment Made: Yes

Purchase Price: 6100

Disputed Amount: 2674

Payment Method: Credit Card

Purchase Date: 5/18/2004

Problem Date: 6/7/2004

Complaint Dates: 6/18/2004, 6/30/2004, 10/21/2004


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