Academy Collection Services - Academy Collection Services - He demanded my checking account information, which I stupidly gave him, and he agreed to set up 2 payments - one for 8/3 (my payday) in the amount of 118.65 and another for my next payday, 8/17, in the amount of 600.

Posted on Friday, November 5th, 2004 at 12:00am CST by 7d176435

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I have a Citibank credit card that I am attempting to pay off in full. The very first time ACS contacted me, the rep. (Jack Crow) was so mean and threatening to me that I was sobbing by the end of our conversation. He said that if I did not pay the bill in full by a certain date (within a month of the call) I would be taken to court.

He demanded my checking account information, which I stupidly gave him, and he agreed to set up 2 payments - one for 8/3 (my payday) in the amount of 118.65 and another for my next payday, 8/17, in the amount of 600. I stressed to him that I was quite sure that I couldn't get this money together but he told me that I would have to borrow it from my mom (who he called by name since he had already contacted her!) or my grandmother (who he also had called). My mother told me that he had said he was representing a company that I had gotten a student loan through and that he was looking for payment!! He said if either check bounced, it would be considered fraud and I would be taken to court.

The next day, I called ACS back and asked to speak with another rep. to try and make other arrangements. His name was Mr. Lester and he asked why I had agreed to the two payments - if I was threatened. I told him that yes, I felt intimidated and he assured me that other arrangements could be made. I agreed to make 2 payments of 300 - one on 8/17 and one on 9/10 in addition to the 118.65 I had already paid on 8/3.

On 8/19, I reviewed my bank statement online and it showed that ACS had taken out 600 instead of 300, causing hundreds of dollars in NSF fees. I called the bank, which instructed me to contact ACS and have them fax a letter saying that there was a mistake, and they would take off all the fees. I called ACS and they said they could not fax a letter, but they would reimburse me for the fees accrued on my checking account. I was to fax them a statement, endorsed by the bank and was told I would get a check fed exed to me the next day. It was a week before my check came - actually 2 checks - one in the amount of 300 and one for the fees (390) for a total of 690.

I deposited that into my account on 8/27, which still did not bring my checking account back into the positive range, due to the lapse in time between faxing the statement and receiving the check. I was told by Rick Smitz that those fees would be taken care of as well, and I would need to fax another statement for the remaining fees. I did that, and stated on the fax that I would be glad to mail in my final 300 dollar payment when I received the fee reimbursement check from them. I then called and left a voice mail for Mr. Smitz saying that I did NOT authorize any further payments from my account, and that I would send a check through the mail.

The next day, Mr. Smitz left a message on my machine saying that he received my fax, and that he did not know why I sent it and that it had nothing to do with our agreement. I have tried to call ACS after that, but keep getting voice mail. I have yet to receive a check from them, so as it stands, I feel that I owe them $300.

Now, there is more to the story: Yesterday, I went to the bank to deposit my paycheck and noticed that my account was again, overdrawn. I checked my online statement, which reflects a charge on 10/9 for $619. The explanation of the charge said, "DEBIT MEMO". I called the bank and asked what that was from and they said they could research it and find out, but most likely it was either me going into the bank and withdrawing the money (which I would certainly not do , knowing it would cause an overdraft) or that someone went into the account and took out the money.

At this point, I am expecting a call from the bank tomorrow morning explaining where the charge is from. I suspect it is from ACS, considering that the amount I agreed to pay them initially was 618.65. I have not been able to contact ACS due to their business hours and my work schedule. After the bank comes back with the results, I will be signing an Affadavit stating that I did not authorize those funds.

This is NOT legal! I have filed a complaint with Citibank, the Federal Trade Commission, and the Pennsylvania Attorney General.

Amanda J. W


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