Toyota Financial Services - Toyota Financial Services - In missing this payment, we have incurred late fees.

Posted on Sunday, November 28th, 2004 at 12:00am CST by 8ce36333

Company: Toyota Financial Services

Category: Business, Finances

As of about August of 2004, we encountered some financial difficulties. Subsequently, we did not make a payment for August 2004. In missing this payment, we have incurred late fees. I called on or about November 12, 2004 talking to a supervisor named Veronica about this issue. I suggested that I should not be charged a late fee for September, October, and November of 2004 because those payments were made on time. As Veronica and I talked, it appeared to me that we were at an impasse with negotiations. Therefore, I asked to speak to her supervisor. Veronica stated that I had to continue to talk to her. Veronica suggested that the payments I made in September, October, and November of 2004 were applied each to the previous outstanding balance, and therefore, a late fee incurred each month due the present payments for these months were late. Veronica suggested that if my payments made on time for September, October, and November of 2004 were applied for the months they were submitted for, then I would be 90 days over due for my August 2004 payment, and subsequently, would be eligible for my car being repossessed. I told her that logic is appalling. I requested to speak to her supervisor for the second time. She refused. Veronica continued to talk. I informed Veronica that the conversation between us was over because she became to demanding that I listen to her. I informed her again that I wanted to speak to her supervisor, and that I wanted the names of the President and CEO of Toyota. Veronica told me that I had to listen to her or I could hang up the phone and call back to talk to someone else. I chose to hang up the phone. Gentlemen, I am a PhD candidate in Human Services with a focus on Social Policy Analysis and Planning. I will receive my degree in approximately 5 months. I am an advocate for the socially disadvantaged and disfranchised. I communicate with social policy advocates all over the United States of America and other countries. I have a wide communication base established with the media and some international interests. I am also a mental health and substance abuse professional, as well as a HIV/AIDS trainer to Community Based Organization staff. I give this brief overview of my responsibilities to establish concern, integrity, and ethical reasoning in addressing social issues, which I believe communication between the consumer and retailer/corporate arena is a necessary median establishing respect and appropriate action. Therefore, I have two issues: one coming out of the disrespect our suffered talking to Veronica; and the other being the late fees incurred on my account. I have sufficiently stated my case for the disrespect, that being my request to speak to her supervisor and the names of the President and CEO of Toyota, which I was refused this information. My question to you gentlemen about my second issue is, “If I am having dialogue discussing my account with one of your representatives, should the representative discuss alternative payment plans avoiding late fees?” An alternative payment plan in my mind would be coming to an agreement to pay additional monies with my regular monthly payment to bring the account current, and therefore, incurring one late fee for August 2004. I have made approximately 4 calls speaking to your representatives about this account, that is, one in each month August, September, October, and November of 2004. Having the conversation I now put in writing about alternatives, I have stated in each conversation in the last 4 months. No representative I have spoken to of Toyota offered me or sought information for me to see if it was a possible alternative. They have only exacerbated the issue stating that there were no alternatives, and that, I would incur late fees because when I make a payment the payment will be applied to the previous balance. I see something wrong with this picture. Wherefore, I hope that you gentlemen will respond informing me if my thinking is distorted on this issue. If so, please outline in detail why I cannot make arrangements to pay a late payment by increasing my present payment? Also, inform me how or if I can have the late fees taken off of my account for the past months of September, October, and November of 2004. In addition, I believe Veronica really wanted to get her point across to me even though she suggested I hang up if I did not want to talk to her. I received an additional invoice dated November 11, 2004 stating the late charges she insists has no resolution. I guess people that represent your company are allowed to disrespect and take whatever means necessary to suppress and oppress. I already received my regular invoice dated November 5, 2004. This is appalling and absurd that after I requested to speak to her supervisor and received refusal that she would have the audacity and nerve to treat me in this manner. Respectfully submitted, Fred N


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