Brad Benson Hyundai in Monmouth Junction, NJ Route 1 south

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Company: Brad Benson Hyundai in Monmouth Junction, NJ Route 1 south

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Brad Benson Hyundai in Monmouth Junction, NJ Route 1 south

Brad Benson Hyundai Monmouth Junction, NJ November 2004

Brad Benson Hyundai in Monmouth Junction, NJ Route 1 south. November 2004 First, they want to know how much you want to spend per month if you want to finance. This is something you do not need to tell them. The point is to get the sticker price lower. If you tell them what you want to spend per month they will make the payments fit and not necessarily give you the lowest price. They also want to know what you will trade in. Again, this is something you do not tell them. That way they have an idea of how low they are willing to go on the price of the vehicle before trade. The person I was with did mention what they might trade in. (I had highly advised against that.), but luckily the car that sales rep thought was being traded was not really the car that was being traded. On the vehicle that was being purchased I asked the guy to show us a price less than what was on the sticker. He comes back with the sticker price with an overpriced unnecessary appearance package added. The amount he was talking about financing was a joke! Later, after I had come up with a reasonable price the sales rep said for my friends to give him $100 good faith deposit so his boss would know that we were serious about purchasing. Again folks DO NOT DO THIS! It's the old hundred dollar trick where they feel that if you give them some money you will not get up and take your business elsewhere. So I told the sales rep they would not pay that $100. He takes the number to whoever and guess what? He comes back with whom we dubbed the “pit bull”. He is the guy who wants to intimidate you. He tries to get you to buy a cheaper vehicle for the same price as what you negotiated for the vehicle you want. He acts like the amount you want to spend is preposterous. Our particular “pit bull” tried to make the amount of money my friend wanted to put down out to be a joke. Well, needless to say we almost walked out of there. That is when our sales rep returned because he realized he was about to lose a sale. Later they came back with a nice purchase price. Then we told him what car was really being traded in. After at least 2 hours of waiting we finally see the finance guy. Well guess what! The number we saw listed was $500 more than what we had just negotiated! He claimed that he was ADDING the purchase price of the vehicle to the amount they were to get for the trade. Why would you add the two numbers? You subtract the trade in from the purchase price. He said that was what was written and that is what he follows; and besides it does not make any difference. Yea ok. Now back to the amount for the trade. The car that was being traded was Toyota Echo. According to Kelly Blue Book the trade in should have been about $4400. He was going to give my friend $500! Get this the finance guy said that because the car was not a big seller Toyota has stopped making it. He said that no one wants to buy that car and that they would not be able to sell it. He reiterated that no one wants to buy a car that they do not make anymore. Just recently I found out that his statement about Toyota not making the car was a bold face lie!

On Toyota’s website is the 2005 model! The final amount given to my friend for the trade in was $3000. Not as much as we feel they should have gotten, but much better than the original $500. In conclusion, after much haggling and the possibility of leaving twice we finally got a great purchase price. The final purchase price was even less than the true market value shown on

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2d3191d5, 2007-10-19, 10:40PM CDT

Worst Customer Service. These people were very good till we make the deal. Once the deal is done you can't get hold of any finance manager. They paid off the loan on my tradein car after 3 months that too after 100ish calls.

80389e9c, 2010-05-27, 03:07PM CDT

So do you advise every consumer to misrepresent their trade in so as to deceive the dealer as you attempted to do?

Toyota does in fact NOT make the echo any more! Replaced by the yaris....

But at least you are honest in that you bought your car way below edmunds and got a great deal!

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