GATEWAY - GATEWAY - On June 11, 2004 I purchased a 505 Gateway laptop through HSN shopping network. On or about Oct. 28th I opened my laptop and the LCD cracked.

Posted on Tuesday, November 23rd, 2004 at 12:00am CST by ae152c86

Company: GATEWAY

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I did not drop it I did not bang it, no cat jumped on it like one of your staff members suggested. I called and spoke to a technician and told him the LCD cracked and how it cracked. Tech. name was Dave e-mail address started with PUT He advised me to send the computer in and he would send a box for it. Phone conversation took approx.1 and half hours. NO box came. I called and spoke to another technician Badge 403 NAME RUDY(spiderman)

Again explaining that my LCD screen broke and how it happened.Phone conversation 1 hour or more. He sent me a box, and I sent in my computer. Two days later I had a message on my machine the technician's name was Chris telling me the LCD screen was broken and they needed $599.00 to replace the LCD screen. Again I explained to them that I had not broken the computer,it had a faulty LCD screen.

He said this was not possible that there is no such thing.Well this is not true because it happened to me, I repeat, all I did was lift the lid turn on machine and witnessed it while it occurred I gave him my cell phone number so he could research it. He said he would call back but did not. Next message left on answer machine twice from ANGELA TS102 saying LCD screen broken need to pay for $599.00 for new one. I called 3 times during working business day and repeadly left cell number. I spoke to Amy, badge #gwkso32 explaining again what happened. He said he was typing in all my info but that he was off next two days and would get back to me when he wasn't so busy. I was on hold for 25 minutes with no one coming back to check on me. So far I have spoken and told same story to Dave, Rudy #403,Chris,Becky, Mike, Amy, and today the rudest of them all Anthony Badge #TS028. I have called customer service numerous times to be told to wait because they had nothing documented in there records. I have e-mailed many times, and

can give you numerous badge numbers. I have left messages, asked to speak to managers and have been stone walled

repeatedly. I have written a letter and made copies of e-mails and have sent them to head of customer relations. It should be received any day now. This is where I stand NOW!: When I spoke to Amy badge number gwdso32 he said either pay the $599 or he was going to send back computer. I said NO it was still being challenged he was insistent that I give him a payment before 6pm or he was sending it back. I finished the conversation telling him again NO, I was still

challenging the warranty. Next I called my bank Washington Mutual and filed a dispute.



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