Wells Fargo Bank - Wells Fargo Bank, Willow Pass Road, Concord, CA - This is a an excerpt of an email I sent to Wells Fargo Bank. One of their employees pushed me away from the door without provocation shortly after they had been robbed

Posted on Wednesday, November 3rd, 2004 at 12:00am CST by 6259765d

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Company: Wells Fargo Bank

Location: Willow Pass Road

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Wells Fargo Bank, Willow Pass Road, Concord, CA - This is a an excerpt of an email I sent to Wells Fargo Bank. One of their employees pushed me away from the door without provocation shortly after they had been robbed

Assualt By Wells Fargo Employee on Customer

Wells Fargo Bank

Willow Pass Road

Concord, CA This is a an excerpt of an email I sent to Wells Fargo Bank. One of their employees pushed me away from the door without provocation shortly after they had been robbed. Frank Donahue, of their Corporate Security Department defended and excused the employee's action! Dear Board Member, This is the second email I've been compelled to write to the Board of Directors on unrelated issues in the short span of five days. This is only the second communication I've ever sent to any Board, and it is a shame that the company which purports to value me as a PMA client has installed employees at the branch level who do not recognize that value. I arrived at your Willow Pass Road, Concord, CA branch at 4:40. Just as I put my had on the door to enter, one of your employees was standing at the door (inside), a young white male, who blurted out, "You can't come in! We're closed!" I said, "I thought you're open until 7:00. I just need to get some statements. Can I see the the manager." He then said, "We've just been robbed." and pushed me in the chest with his hand! I couldn't believe it! It happenned that fast! I did not step into the bank, I was not trying to enter the bank, I did ask to come into the bank. There was no reason for your employee to put his hands on me. When I asked to speak to the manager, the employee told me he wasn't available, he then locked the door and abruptly walked away. He did not consider my predicament as a customer. He did not direct me to another branch. I am not familiar with the Concord area. I was under a time constraint. I'm the CFO of nationally recognized non-profit organization. At the time, I was well-dressed with a polo shirt, dress slacks, and shoes. I was well-groomed, soft-spoken, and I'm only 5'6". I am sure I didn't look as though I posed a threat, yet your young, immature, inexperienced employee was so rude as to push me away from the door even though I was not even in the building. The manager eventually came to the door because I still needed advice on how to get my statements. When I complained about the employee who pushed me, the employee was behind him smiling! What kind of people are you employing at your branches? Do they undergo customer service training? Are they instructed to push employees to make their point? Do they smile and smirk when their unprofessional behavior is pointed out to their superior? Ive been in banking for sixteen years, including operations management, and I understand the procedures to be followed after a robbery. I've dealt with alcoholics, mentally ill, and all manner of trouble makers at a bank on the south side of Chicago, but I've never had to put my hands on any customer! And yes, I have dealt with robberies. I am very disappointed with Wells Fargo due to this incident. It shows a lack of training, a lack of supervision, and a lack of management. I am beginning to have serious doubts about your organization in light of this occurrance and related to a problem I had recently with a $20,000 deposit. If you expect me to maintain my relationship with Wells Fargo that goes back 12 years and includes $50,000 in deposit accounts and a $500,000 mortgage, I would expect, at a minimum, the following:

1) A verbal apology from the employee.

2) A written apology from the employee explaining why what he did was inappropriate.

3) Assurance from Wells Fargo that the employee will be counselled about t

4) Training for the employee covering the appropriate treatment of customers.

Max Z


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90e34749, 2008-03-17, 08:22AM CDT

Are you kidding me? The bank was just robbed. I guess you think you are just much too important to maybe have to return later to complete your business? You don't know what the situation was like inside the bank. Geez, what a selfish, self-important doofus you are!

af4d2d52, 2008-06-30, 03:23PM CDT

To be rather blunt about this, while the complainant does have something of a point, he is also making it clear that he himself needs some counseling on the appropriate way to react when a lower level employee (possibly including his) who is under extreme stress and in a somewhat unprofessional manner nevertheless gives him clear directions which he decides he does not wish to follow because he himself is too important to do so. It is very difficult to understand why this CFO did not have the common sense to realize that under such circumstances he needed to go to another branch himself, and if he did not know where one was and needed to wait to find out it still does not excuse his inappropriate distress at being told he could not use the bank at that time just as any other customer could not.

It is just possible that the CFO is unaware of his own behavior or its affect on the employee in question; I have myself noted high ranking officials of various organizations "steamrollering" subordinate employees of their and other companies to get what they wish who simply do not see themselves as doing so because they do not recognize that soft spoken implacability is still implacability or that they do not and should not have special treatment in crisis situations based on their position/salary.

858d69f6, 2009-01-09, 12:37PM CST

I didn't read your entire complaint but you should just let it go. Had I had been just robbed I would have been a nervous wreck. Although, You may feel slighted by this, you need to forgive and let it go. The man who pushed you obviously was not himself and was probably very nervous. You need to excercise some compassion.

06c08603, 2009-07-13, 04:24PM CDT

You're being snooty & self-centered. The employees could have lost their lives and all you care about is being treated like a king, no matter what. Your statements could have waited, OR you could use the money you boast about to buy a GPS. Are you the same guy who was honking at me when my brakes failed and I flipped my van? So sorry my near-death experience delayed your commute. Why don't you just buy your own island?

raymond m., 2012-08-14, 10:51PM CDT

wells fargo employees are usually so polite and helpful,almost to the point of annoying sometimes.rather than say "how dare them touch me"you should have been concerned for their safety and hoped everyone inside was alright.safety takes priority over well dressed,well groomed morons.

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