Ashley Furniture Store - Ashley Furniture Store, Superstition Springs, Mesa, AZ - I bought a bedroom set, and a couch in August 2004. I did not receive the furniture for 3 weeks. After the furniture arrived I noticed all the problems with the furniture

Posted on Friday, November 19th, 2004 at 12:00am CST by 322ed403

Company: Ashley Furniture Store

Category: Furniture

After the furniture arrived I noticed all the problems with the furniture, including: a headboard that would not fully screw into the rail on one side, countless amounts of blemishes, multiple rips on one piece of the couch, and the hole they left on the corner of one of my wall as they were bringing the furniture into my room.

Those all are not a huge issues for me...what is a major issue with me is the customer service I have received since. I called to schedule a technician to come out and fix the problems...they did not have a technician available for over a month. Finally, November 6th comes around. The tech comes out to my house, but the tech does not finish the job, he said he ran out of time and I will have to schedule another time for a tech to come out.

At this point I'm getting a little mad. I cancelled some plans with friends for that day because they quote you a time from 8am to 3pm (ridiculous). So then I call to re-schedule an appointment...I get, "Well sir, we can get out to your house sometime on the 20th of Nov." I tell them to put me down for that, but I have a trip planned tentively for that weekend, so I told them I would call them tomorrow (Nov. 8th). I called the lady back that I talked to the previous day to cancel and got a voice recording that said, "...leave your info...we will call you back within 24 hours." Needless to say, I received no I called back on the 10th and got the same recording...I left everything they needed, and added that I had already called. Still no call. Now it's Nov. 18th and I get a voice mail from Ashley Furniture stating that I need to call to confirm my appointment for this Saturday (Nov 20th)...the one that I tried to cancel. So I call them back, this time I got a real person. I tell the Rep on the phone about all the hassles I've gone through and that I need to re-schedule, and that I need to be squeezed in within the next couple of weeks. The Rep says, "...well, sir, we don't have anything until the 22nd of December."

Of course, this is Christmas time and I have a trip planned from Dec. 21st to the 29th. The Rep just says, "well I can do the 2nd of January." I had her put me down for that day, but somehow I don't think that's the end of this story. Almost 4 and a half months after initial purchase and my furniture might be fixed! I do not recommend Ashley Furniture to anyone! Chris


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