Staples - Staples, 17638 E Castleton St City of Industry CA 91748 - Tonight 11/16/2004 must be the worst experience I have ever had with your store

Posted on Thursday, November 18th, 2004 at 12:00am CST by da648eb9

Company: Staples

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A couple of days ago I found out that my cousin passed to be with the Lord after months of struggling with cancer. Today was a hectic day at work as well so I went to the gym to try and “get away” from it all for a while.

After the gym I noticed you have a new store in City of Industry which I have been anticipating, watching as it gets built for the past few months, of going in and “checking it out.” I decided to stop by and purchase a “for sale” sign which I need in order to sell my pickup truck. I drove up and noticed an employee of yours collecting carts. The time was 9:12pm. I walked in thru the partially opened front doors to the section in which I would find the product I was in search of. I found it and as I inspected the product I noticed there was an associate standing next to me, when I looked at him he said “just to let you know we’re closed already.” “Can I still buy this?” I asked. “HE WANTS TO KNOW IF HE CAN STILL BUY SOMETHING!” He shouted across the store. “NO! DOESN’T HE KNOW WE’RE ALREADY CLOSED?” I heard a man’s voice scream, again, across the store.

Jesse Moreno was the guy who finally walked up to me where I was standing and told me, when I asked again if I could still purchase the product, “No you can’t buy that you know we’re closed, and you opened the locked doors even though you knew we were closed.” “Excuse me?” I asked. “Yeah you know were closed and you opened the doors to come in, the doors were closed and you opened them to come in.” He said in a very demeaning, insulting , and very negative way. “Why are you incinuating I opened your doors, you have an associate outside collecting shopping carts, how do you think he got out?” I proceeed to ask Jesse for his manager’s name and phone # to which he replied “I am the manager.” After looking at his badge I noticed that he was NOT indeed the store manager and asked for the Corporate Office or District Manager’s phone number to which he hesitantly gave me after a few requests. After he proceeded to give me the info I requested,he still had the audacity of asking me if I was “going to purchase the sign?” “No” I said “Not after the way you have treated me.” I have been mistreated and humiliated in front of your customers and even more so question the validity of your “Assistant Manager” training if any. To be one of the largest retailers in the world is a great accomplishment to which I commend you on, but placing incompetent, rude, un-effective, untrained “leaders” in your stores is unacceptable unless you do not care of the image of your company. Being in management myself I know for a fact that if any of my Assistant Branch Managers, or Managers for that matter would ever, ever mistreat a customer like Jesse Moreno just did, the termination process would not be hard to bring to completion.

People in your organization like Jesse Moreno place you and your company at great risk and are considered liabilities and not assets. They must be either trained very well to not argue, go against nor insult customers especially in front of others including other employees. And if they do not change their behavior they must be deleted from your company. I request a call from someone in upper managerment as I have already notified the Better Business Bureau and the Department of Consumer Affairs of this horrendous incident. Steven


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