Dish - Dish networks - On 11/11 I had the Dish network installed in my house. To my suprise, the installers that did the job for the Dish network had left my house a mess

Posted on Saturday, November 13th, 2004 at 12:00am CST by 06abbe49

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On 11/11 I had the Dish network installed in my house. To my suprise, the installers that did the job for the Dish network had left my house a mess. When I first got home I saw that the installers left a box in my driveway.

As I walked in, I saw about two feet of cable wires hanging from the ceiling. Then I tried to figure out why my basement was so cold. I saw that the installers had left my basement window open.

As I went upstairs to see the system, I noticed when they drilled the hole to run the cable, they left a pile of debris for my wife to clean up.(Didn't even ask for a broom or a vacuum).

As if that wasn't enough, I see that they had put about eight nicks in the dry wall where they had hooked the wires up to the TV. I jumped on the phone to call cust svc around 6p.m. I called SBC (who we got the DISH through) and they gave me the Dish network's number. I explained what had happened and that I was not happy about it. My only goal was to get some sort of credit for what had happened. The cust svc rep gave me another number to call for a credit. I called the number that he had given me but it just kept ringing and ringing. I called the number back for customer service and spoke with another rep who told me since that the job was installed by sub- contractors, that I would have to deal with them to fix the damage.

I explained that I did not want that company back to my house to fix anything and that I wanted to speak with a manager. I was then connected to his manager, Heather.

She tried to explain since the sub-contractor did the damage, that the DISH network was not responsible for it and I would have to contact the sub-contractor directly. I told her that this was not acceptable and that all I wanted was a credit to my service for the aggravation. She agreed and

placed me on hold for about ten minutes and then I was disconnected.

Bottom line is, this the worst customer svc experiance that I ever had. The only people who helped me and took accountability were the customer svc reps at SBC. They apologized and offered us a credit, even though it was not their error or fault. The dish network should take some notes. Sincerely, James

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6147e67e, 2008-04-19, 01:34AM CDT

This is the scoop! Dish network is a large company, and requires the use of private contractors to do some of their work. If it is a retailer in which you have gone through to purchase the dish programing, than they too can install your service. There is too much work for dish network to install on there own.

The fact is that some of the people that are ALLOWED to install the equipment, do not do so in a perfessional manner! Dish network does do quality control, but they can only QC so many jobs. I do understand that dish networks customer service is less than satisfactory; I am not disputing that.They do a poor job of regulating contractors work, and are less than helpfull in compensating customers who fall victim to these crooks!

The fact is that the contractors are legally responsible in any damage done to your house. Any contractor that is going to install your service, is required to fill out a pre-install check list with you; explain it fully and go over the in's and outs of the installation. If there is anything in which you dissagree with, you can agree to not sign it. Dont allow the installation to take place, and contact dish. If you explain to them that the contractor sent was unacceptable, and that you request another one. I am sure they will be happy to ablige. They do want to make money!

In the event that you find the pre-install checklist acceptable, I would make sure that the contractor follows through with the plan, and makes sure that you agree with any changes that may be un-forseen.


I install dish and I know how these things happen. I am just trying to help everyone understand whats going on.

Dish is a big company and cannot police

everyone. You just have to make sure that you recieve the work entitled to you. It is unfortunate in this day in age that you cannot expect honesty, but you must demand it!

Have a GOOD Dish Network experience!

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