Jiffy Lube, Enid, OK - transmission flush

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Company: Jiffy Lube, Enid, OK - transmission flush

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Jiffy Lube, Enid, OK - transmission flush

Jiffy Lube - transmission flush

This business is a Lube type operation with an express feature, supposedly they are to get you in and out in no time.

I bought a 2001 Chevrolet Tracker and it was about 90,000 miles on odometer when I stopped there, on the job, to have a quick oil change while waiting for a dialysis patient at the Dialysis Center at Enid Oklahoma. I drove as a volunteer for Sooner Ride, which transports medicaid patients to doctor and medical appointments from their home to the appt and back home.

My car was past due on an oil change and since I had 5 hours before I had to pick up the dialysis patient, I found "Jiffy Lube" of Enid, OK. They convinced me that I needed my transmission flushed, I had never heard of such a thing, so I asked a few questions and was assured that it would not hurt the transmission. SIDE NOTE: ( and a fuel filter - costs $47.00 for this car)

When driving the car out of the Jiffy Lube, it was making a horrible sound, which I alerted the manager there to the problem, they had me pull to the side at the rear of the business, he and a helper "listened" and declared it to be the throwout bearing. (They remembered later that the noise was not there when I pulled in.)

Upon the sound becoming more and more laborous and irritating, throughout that week, I began searching for a mechanic that could tell me something.

I found a former Chevrolet dealership mechanic and he was certified in Chevrolet. He informed me that This Same Jiffy Lube was involved in several complaints that he was dealing with at that time. (Past summer). And informed me that they should know that these are sealed transmissions and not to be serviced in that way.

No transmission needed that if they were "sealed" in that way. I do not know what he meant. But In talking with the Honda dealership across the street from the same Jiffy Lube, they told me that they made models with the same type of transmission, and they had been warned not to "flush those models" either, because they themselves told Jiffy Lube not to. Furthermore, in some cases, making the warranty invalid on the auto.

Sure enough, it was the transmission, upon removal and replacement, the mechanic said the gears had "crystalized" and pieces were broken off everywhere inside the tranny. I kept the old tranny, and still have it.

I went to the Jiffy Lube and simply asked them to pay for the labor to install the new transmission, they refused, saying they had not been at any fault, whatsoever.

By the way, a new transmission for this model was well over $3000.00, and labor to put in, nearly 3 days.

I am getting tired of paying for stupidity, but it seems everywhere you go anymore, you are stupidier than they are if you let them work on your car. But how can the public be protected?? Who can we trust? With cars being so expensive, how can we continue to be motivated to work fulltime - the wife working to pay for autos while the husband is out busting his hump to pay for the home and bills.

Because my car was out of commission, I also lost two weeks pay, then my job ~the car was the dependant factor on me having the job. Where is the justice?

MORE ON TRACKER ~ the air conditioner ductwork is not sealed, a mouse set up housekeeping in mine, and when I started the AC, the mouse went thru the AC fan, whew, what a smell, my husband got it out and cleaned it well, but still lingering smell. I think they need to figure out a way to improve the heat/AC ductwork in this car.

On my old Tracker, a 1991 Geo Tracker, the 3 door model - the two front seats flip forward to allow riders into the back seats, the metal armatures on the seat back were under stress from riders leaning on the back of the seat to get into the back of the auto.

This car seat should have been made well enough to withstand this type of wear, both brackets on both sides of both front seats broke into, fortunately, my father is a machinist and we took both seats out, he brazed the metal back together and reinforced the two remaining sides that had not broken yet, but looked to do so soon. I sent complaints to the Geo site several times about that. Still no recall or repairs offered on some of these things.

Glenda J

Oil change - Jiffy Lube, Enid, OK

I posted a prior email about service I was dissatisfied with from Jiffy Lube of Enid, Oklahoma.

I forgot to mention this on prior complaint.

I had my car repaired, then the next oil change, I had done at my local Gas Service Station, Cotter Oil Company, Buffalo, OKlahoma. In changing the oil, the attendant, came in to me rather excited and wanted to know who had serviced my car last.

I told him Jiffy Lube in Enid, Ok. and then related the story of the problems I had encountered with the transmission after Jiffy Lube talked me into a 'flush'.

Anyway, he told me that I could have lost my engine because the oil plug was barely on there. Holding on one thread only. Wow, to make matters worse, it just made me feel worse for even using Jiffy Lube after replacing the tranny, could have even been worse.

I contacted an attorney and the amount to file was even not something I could come up with on top of what I paid for repairs to tranny, so if the engine would have burned up, I think I might have wanted to do something drastic, I thought about picketing the place, but I live over 2 hours from there.

They say they wouldn't pay for the labor on installing new transmission, and in reading other complaints about this same corporation, evidently they never settle anything they are responsible for. Something needs done.

Where is the justice????

Glenda J Click this link to e-mail the above consumer: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_7719# Consumer


5fe2217b, 2007-10-18, 09:27PM CDT

I wish I would have read your write up. I went in for a simple oil change and Jiffy Lube #1146 7002 Mechanicsville, VA 23111 804-730-099, told me that I need to have a transmission fush. They did a service called "Auto Trans Drain Fill Svc" $29.99 on 9/20/07. My car made noises and I took it to my dealship on 9/27/07. They found out that Jiffy Lube drain the transmission fuild and did not add any new transmission fluid to the car. Therefore, the transmission is destroyed. I contacted the manager that passed it off to a district manager. They never would call me back... I emailed, wrote and called. Finally they passed it on to their insurance company. Three weeks have gone by and I do not have a car to drive. They are reviewing a video tape of the service. It has taken them weeks to review this tape.

A $29.99 service that they didn't do will end up costing over $3000. The transmission has to be replaced. It looks like I will have to take them to court. WARNING: NEVER GO TO JIFFY LUBE!

Jiffy Lube #1146


District Manager Brian



Diana Harris

ef143655, 2010-10-22, 09:43PM CDT

I went to oil change at Jiffy's rip off and then recommended Transmission oil change and coolant change for $291. I was stupid enough to accept. They change all this in 15 minutes and now my car is making noise. I will have to take it to the dealer. Never ever do business with Jiffy's Ripoff again in my life

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