PG&E - unfair billing

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Company: PG&E - unfair billing

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PG&E - unfair billing

PG&E unfair billing

This is a copy of the complaint I filed with the California Public Utitlities Commission.

The Following Informal Complaint concerning: Utility Billing and Service has been submitted for processing: Name: H Debra Email Address: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_69918# City, State, Zip Code: Campbell, CA, 95125 Company Name: PG&E Company Address and Phone Number: 111 Almaden Blvd, San Jose 95125 Company Rep Contacted: Supervisor San Jose office Account Number: 0662481340-5 Name on Account: 1st Congregational Church Service Address: Street: 1980 Hamilton Ave Service City, State, Zip Code: San Jose, CA, 95125 Description of complaint: The church's current billing statement shows a required deposit of $8,712.00. I phoned the local office to ask why and was told we had been issued 2 separate 48 hr. notices within the past 12 months so we are required to pay a depost of 2 times our highest bill from the past 12 months. We were in fact late only once and that was in July. I am the church treasurer and I was traveling for 3 weeks out of the country. Upon return I discovered our regular bill, a 10 day notice and a 48 hour notice. I immediately phoned PG&E and explained what had happened and asked what I needed to do. They directed me to a local vendor and explained that once I paid the bill I needed to have the vendor phone them.

I did everything they asked me to do. The other time that they say we were late was December 2003. We were not late and when the 48 hour notice arrived I phoned PG&E immediately to ask why and was told there were some posting delays that month and I could ignore the late notice. Now they want this absurd deposit which is way in excess of the "2 times the average billing" which I read in your FAQ section. I spoke on Wednesday, October 27 with someone in customer service who was not able to help with the problem and directed me to their supervisor. I explained the whole story to him and was told that it didn't matter and that once a deposit is required there is no way to have it removed. He also said it is standard policy to demand 2 times the highest billing from the past 12 months.

He did tell me that an "irrevocable letter of credit" from the bank would be acceptable in lieu of the actual deposit. On Thursday, October 28 I went to our bank, Bank of the West, 1590 Hamilton Ave., San Jose 95125, 408-998-6771 and spoke with Michael G. D'Antonio, Sales Manager who explained the process and costs of securing the letter. He also told me that several other of their business customers had been sent similar deposit requirement billings this month and that perhaps I should pursue this with your department. Our church is over 100 years old. We have obviously been using PG&E for a very long time. We are not going to close our doors therefore we are not any risk to them as a potential defaulting customer. However, because we are a church we don't have thousands of undesignated dollars sitting around that we are able to send them just because they said so. PG&E will not accept responsibility for the billing error in December of 2003 even though they acknowledged it on the phone.

I accept responsibility for the late payment in July of 2004 but respectfully suggest that this one event does not warrant nor justify what they are now demanding. I realize PG&E has their own budget concerns but it is not fair and certainly not reasonable for them to dump their fiscal problems on local businesses, especially non-profits, as a way of securing additional funding. We will continue to be their customer and will continue to pay our bills.

There is absolutely no justification for their deposit demand. I appreciate anything you can do to help us resolve this matter. The date they want the deposit by is November 8. For your information, I will also be writing to the President/CEO of PG&E as well as the newspapers, consumer groups and anyone else I can think of. We cannot allow ourselves to be bullied by this massive corporation. I am the church treasurer of First Congregational Church, 1980 Hamilton Ave., San Jose CA 95125. Our PG&E account number is 0662481340-5.

I work out of my home Campbell CA 95008

Thank you again for your time and interest in helping us with this matter.


Debra H Deb H

Click this link to e-mail the above consumer: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_69918# Consumer


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489c22e1, 2008-08-14, 06:16PM CDT

Here is another on PG&E .

Most meter readers are not going into your

yard to read the meters . They are checking the meter by using a pair of binoculars to read the meter to the house next door. I called the PUC and asked about it , they said that it was legal for a PG&E meter readers to do so. Most meter readers are skipping homes and PG&E is using 'estimates' on current usage to charge you. Is this right? Time for your say:

6006cd1f, 2008-10-31, 03:08PM CDT

What ever became of your situation?

I'm in the same place.

d020e1b4, 2009-02-22, 01:00PM CST


I would like to know the outcome of this? This is also happening to me.

Please let me know. Thanks


c11e64aa, 2009-09-24, 03:42PM CDT

i am a small business owner and they are doing the same thing to me. i have been in business for the past 19 years and always paid all my bills . - they cut off my electric this morning at my bar and restaurant, because they put a $3000.00 security deposit on my account, that i felt was totally unfare. they said the same thing to me. we were late on a couple of our bills. due to the economy, my husband and i are now working full time in the restaurant and at times may fall behind, like once or twice on paying on time, however we have never once not paid our pg&e bill. we had to turn away at least 75customers this morning. this is just not fair. i got no notice that they were stopping service, they said they mailed something, however we never saw it. could they make a phone call or register this type of information, to be sure their customers get the info

20c3d0cf, 2010-08-19, 11:08AM CDT

I agree concur. I always pay my PG&E and in March got behind and on a payment plan with them and just this week they put a shut off notice. Said I misunderstood my payment plan and defaulted. From when??? Then was told to pay half of past due and service would not be fully shut off. Paid it and was transfered to give my confirmation number as proof and the next lady said "We can't guarantee your service to stay on you need to pay the full past due." NOT what the first lady said. I get a supervisor. JEFF, rudest man ever. Good Job PG&E.... nice HIRE. This man has customer service skills like the bull that just ran in the stands. I was clearly interrupting his web surfing time.

PG&E you should be ashamed at your company. I will tell everyone I know and anyone. The minute their is a secong optional company, I will campaign them to the end!

cc529426, 2010-10-30, 07:14PM CDT

I am a reg. consumer. I just wanted to see if I could get some advice from the writers above... I missed one month payment to pge, but I had talked to one of their employees and he told me it would be alright. I have owe a total of 500.00. I bring home $133/WEEK, my fiance brings home $600/every month. I have been giving pge 50.00 every week, even though it is putting us in financial help. Pge sent me a 5day shut off notice unless I could pay them 200.00 in 4 days! My rent is due (600/month). I contacted the utility commisions office. They assigned someone to investogate our claim. The person investogating our claim ended up working against me and working on behalf of pge (her name is Charla Muntz). She claimed she works with the B.B.B. (which I think she lied about). We scraped up the 200.00 on 10/27/10 now I recieved a letter in the mail from my investogator which said I need to give pge another 300.00 by 11/30/10! If I was already making payments to pge, can they legally shut me off? I have kept record of all my payments to pge incase this goes to court. My investigater tried telling me that pge was in the right to demand their money, she took their word over mine, and tried telling me that I should seek assistance in the month of January because thats when all funding is available again! It certainly does not do me any good within this next month! I have bills to pay other than pge, food I need to put on my table, put clothes on our backs and gas in the car. Do they expect my fiance, his two small children and I to go reside on the streets??? Please help!

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