2000 Mazda MPV minivan - Mazda dealer replaced the Alternator at a considerable expense

Posted on Thursday, May 6th, 2004 at 12:00am CDT by 5a6728e8

Company: 2000 Mazda MPV minivan - Mazda dealer replaced the Alternator at a considerable expense

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2000 Mazda MPV minivan - Mazda dealer replaced the Alternator at a considerable expense

2000 Mazda MPV minivan alternator

I have a 2000 Mazda MPV minivan, 4 Months ago the vehicle would not start. The Battery was checked (Dead) and we had no indicator lights indicating a problem. After having the Alternator checked (bad) the Mazda dealer replaced the Alternator at a considerable expense, the battery was charged, and life was good once again. Last week the Engine light came on when the gas tank was low? The light was reset and all was fine for two days. While driving on the Highway the engine went dead - after pulling off to the side and restarting, the engine light came on again, so we took the vehicle to the dealer, who indicated we were missing on cyl #6 - The mechanic replaced all the spark plugs (At $6 ea) and returned the vehicle to us with a $275 charge for changing 6 spark plugs? I did not know a misfiring $6 spark plug for the low price of $45.83 could stop a engine DEAD! Apparently there is a 1 hr min shop charge, on putting the vehicle on the code reader, 1 hr min shop charge for replacing the plugs, and the cost of the plugs.....(I was only there for 1 hr 12 min...which included waiting at the counter with the mechanic, for the engine to cool down, to remove the plugs.) Then I drove straight home. Started the vehicle the next morning - Battery light is on! Had the alternator tested (NOT AT THE DEALER $$$$$$$...I had no more money!) It was determined that the alternator was bad ($26 charge for the test). Question: Do I pay for another $500 alternator and another $250 to install it from the dealer? or Can I retrofit a $115 GM Alternator in the vehicle? or is anyone interested on buying a bad Mazda MPV alternator for about $13000.00, that comes with a dysfunctional vehicle that badly needs counseling? I had the alternator rebuilt for $280 (took it out my self and reinstalled it - only took two weekends and about 12 hours of work) Started up the van and all was once again good in the world. 2 minuets later, the engine light came on again..... Regards,

Out of cash up North

Ryan B

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d436dd60, 2008-05-16, 12:25PM CDT


I have the same van MPV 2000, around 125,000km and I'm going to be on my third alternator. Was this part ever been recalled?

Joselito L

f7f7966c, 2008-11-14, 12:43PM CST

I replaced the alternator on my 2001, had to pull the right front axle. You can buy rebuilts now for about $125.00. After changing the alternator once, I think I could do it in 1.5 to 2 hours.

d251ebc6, 2010-01-20, 08:27PM CST

I dont think i can do in a 1 1/2 I would gladly pay someone else next time

2b06fc10, 2011-07-24, 06:04PM CDT

I too have alternator problems on a mpv van. But you cannot blame the cylinder mis-fire on the charging system. Sounds like you have two separate problems. And normally you the spark plugs wont cause your engine to die. If the dealer installed an alternator, and its defective. Your warranty should cover it at no cost to you. further diagnosis should reveal your other driveability issues.

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