Western Union - Money Order, Refund Fiasco

Posted on Tuesday, June 1st, 2004 at 12:00am CDT by b90a4134

Company: Western Union - Money Order, Refund Fiasco

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Western Union - Money Order, Refund Fiasco

Western Union Money Order, Refund-Fiasco

Don't Buy Western Union Money Orders! This is what happened to me! I wrote it up for Complaintes.com and mailed it to:

COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_61537# hoping they will publish it, with minor modifications. The truth should be known and I'm sending a copy to everyone on my email address list... Western Union Money Order, Refund-Fiasco I bought a $500.00, Western Union money order from Camelot Drugs, Lomita, California on February 9, 2004 and mailed it to Asia. Camelot Drugs has a post office within the store. They don't like to put the postage on, while you're at their counter, which arouses my suspicions and raises the question of why. It only takes one second to print the postage and one more to affix it to the parcel, but they like to hand-write the amount of the postage on your parcel and print it later, taking up four times as much time.

Again, Why? I found out later, why they invest so much more time than necessary. Just follow the money

and you'll understand too. I surmise that when they get around to putting the postage on, it's easy to add up the amount of each, take that much money from the post office cash register and destroy the parcels. I call it, ‘Employee Theft of Federal Post Office Funds', a very serious charge, but who's enforcing the laws? So far, no one. I felt uneasy and called Camelot's and reported it. The manager said they do that, if there is a long line, not to worry. A month later, I mailed another package. No line and they used the same method. Why? This time, I insisted that she print the label and put it on my parcel. That one arrived, but after two months, my first package still had not arrived in Asia and the family I sent it to, waiting for this money order to buy food and heart medicine, finish a roof before typhoon season begins, was desperately poor and asked me to file a claim with Western Union to recover my $500.00 Western Union apparently doesn't like to give you a refund, preferring to keep you money, instead.

They have a phone system that seems to be designed to discourage and frustrate their ‘refund-seeking' customers. If they made it this difficult to buy a money order, they wouldn't have any business at all. That would certainly cut down on refunds. I would never buy another money order from Western Union! I would advise YOU not buy one, either! To get a refund, they demand your original receipt, not a copy! Imagine that! That's like sending cash, in the mail. After losing the parcel mailed at Camelot Drug Store, through unscrupulous practices, I wasn't about to trust Western Union with the original receipt. You might think that sending the original money order receipt by registered or certified mail would work, but remember they use a post office box and there is no one to sign for it. Now why would Western Union set up their refunds with a post office box? My guess: To prevent refunds by claiming that the receipt was lost? They require you to mail the original receipt to a post office box and I can see their excuse coming a mile away. They're going to tell me that it was lost, so I refuse to send them the original and the girl on the phone at Western Union says, ‘Get an affidavit from the store where you purchased the money order. I reluctantly go back to the store, stand in line again and obtain the affidavit. I checked it to be absolutely sure that all the pertinent information is there; the date of purchase, the money order number, the amount and so on. I send

it in and wait another month. In May, I receive a letter from Western Union. Is it my refund? No! They're telling me that my affidavit wasn't done correctly and now they require me to have it ‘notarized'. They didn't tell me that when I spoke to the girl on the phone and now I'm getting the picture of what they're doing. They want to keep my money as long as possible and cheat me out of it, if possible. So I get a form from the California Attorney General and fill out a formal complaint against Western Union. I hand-write another letter to the Federal Trade Commission in

Washington. Next, I'm going to file a ‘Small Claims Suit' against Camelot Drugs and Western Union, but I'm going to ask $5,000 and not $500, because of the aggravation and frustration, the delay in food and medical supplies that this money was earmarked for, in Asia, for a desperate family. It seems that our Congress passes more and more laws each year, but if no one is enforcing them, what good are they? All the big companies these days are run by thieves who should be in jail and I'd send the politicians there too. Government employees get paid, no matter what and they don't care if I get my refund of $500.00 or not and they don't care if the family in Asia lives or dies. When the politicians and corporate executives are locked up, maybe we won't care about them, either! When will that happen? When I wrote to the Attorney General, I asked if Western Union made a cash contribution to his election campaign. It seems that big companies screw the public, making huge profits and use part of the profits to bribe politicians through election campaign contributions. Then politicians treat them favorably when consumers complain about being ripped off by the big companies. The big companies make even more profit and can therefore, bribe even more politicians. It's hard to distinguish between government and big business. They work together to screw us. If there is an attorney out there who wants to bring down a big one, he or she might consider a class-action suit against Western Union for their refund practices. Wells Fargo recently lost a class-action suit and paid $3.2 million. The lawyers got about a third. That will make someone a millionaire, I hope! Larry W Larry W

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84439862, 2007-10-23, 02:59PM CDT

All the requirements you stated that they never told you about, such as the affadivit being sent notarized in order to process refund are all clearly included on the receipt attached to your money order. The P.O. Box is used to prevent a massive influx of letters to one mailling address. There is a different one for each department. It's just easier to use P.O. Boxes. I requested a $300 and a $100 refund from Western Union and received them both within two weeks. It is unfortunate that you had a bad experience with the system, but not everyone is out to get you (i.e. Camelot Drugs, The USPS, and Western Union). Quit the conspiracy theory crap.

94bd925c, 2008-04-03, 01:47PM CDT

Our own country is in bad enough shape and everyone wants to send money to other countries to help. The hell with Asia or any other country for that matter they make enough money from everyone buying foreign items, if they have poverty so be it let their own damn governing body pay for them. I dont feel sorry for your loss but rest assured like everyone else in the great US of A you will probably sue someone for this BS and get paid. Get over it and find something worth while to bitch about!!!!!

Sincerely, GET A LIFE!!!

ca5062d6, 2008-07-11, 08:43AM CDT

Hei body I am livin in Oslo and I experience exactly the same problemwith western union I sent abut 1000 dll to mexico the money desapear and every body is in holydays so there is no reponsable person to halpme to refund my money. if you experiences the same problem pleas send me your history to [email protected] so I can stop that people they are really making money in millions class on us and with out give us a singel service discosting doesnot ?

7ec44502, 2008-07-15, 01:52PM CDT

Ohhh, but it's not conspiracy crap.

It's the Fn' Truth. It happened to me too. And it will happen to you if you deal with Western Union. If you don't believe us, then just try to get in touch with a real person when calling Western Union's support line. There's not even a way for a customer to talk to a support representative without dialing in that you are a WU Agent. And then if you do dial in as an agent and actually get to talk to a real support rep, then they make the customer feel like a criminal. After this they transfer you off to some other department, where they finally say they are transfering you to appropriate department, but then they just hang up on you after you spent an hour on the phone getting nowhere.

Go ahead, and try it for yourself. 1 800 235 0000. I advise you to call them before doing business with them, so you can see this is for real.

2 Weeks ago, on July 2nd, 2008 I tried to send a Quick deposit to a company called Telecom Advance Limited in the United Kingdom who was supposedly a wholesale supplier of cell phones. The Agent at the Western Union was friendly, but she sent the quick collect money order to the wrong company!!! So after running back and forth to the Western Union all day trying to find out where the money order went, I found out that the Western Union Agent sent the money to a totally different company "Telecomplete".

So I asked for a refund, to get my money back. I thought it should be no problem, as it was one of Western Union's Employees fault that my money went to the wrong place. I have proof of this, as the receipt reads with the right company on it. Ok, so then they tell me that the money is already in the other wrong companies hold, and that I will have to wait until the end of the day. So I wait, and call Western Union to check if my refund is available every other day, but it never is. I try calling the support line, but as we discussed, this line is only for agents, and if a customer calls up, they get bounced around and finally hung-up on. And there is no way to talk to anybody that actually cares if you need this money to eat, or to pay bills or just get by.


They don't believe in WIN/WIN Situations to keep satisfied customers, and they won't even investigate into any fraud claims either. I did end up sending money to a scammer this same day. I couldn't get the first money order back to send to the right company, so I sent another money order for twice as much money, and the thief ran off with my money.

So I called the Western Union Fraud Line, and I was told that they don't actually do any investigations, but they will help you investigate. This is kind of pointless, as every police station and RCMP department says these fraud claims are out of their jurisdiction. And besides, Western Union is still allowing innocent people to send their hard earned dollars to these people and accounts that are known to be thieves.

So basically, if you are looking for a secure way to send money online, send it through your bank using a FREE email money transfer, or use www.Paypal.com as they will usually protect you for up to $2,000.00

Take it from us and save yourself time, frustration, and being ripped off and use another company with some morals to send your hard earned money, because the policy-makers of Western Union don't have any ethics. And they don't care about their customers!!! Why would you deal with someone that doesn't give a s#$% about you when you have a problem?

They are holding onto as much money as possible to make millions of dollars in interest leveraging other people's money to do so.

The only way to beat them is to forget about them, and use another company!

58b20f48, 2008-07-19, 02:00PM CDT

I sent money by phone and they did the transaction twice and I am still trying to get my money back. I caught the error that they made within seconds on my account and called them back but I have yet to get the error corrected on my account.

1081ee0e, 2008-08-02, 09:14PM CDT

Conspiracy? Really? I was supposed to be recieving an INSTANT money trasnfer TWELVE days ago. Their computer crashed and they have sent moron after moron out to fix it. NINE "technicians" have worked on it. Where the hell can I sign up to be a Western Union Tech Support agent? They must be handing these jobs out to every Tom, Dick, and Harry on the street. Meanwhile, my Grandmother has had a heart attack and a stroke in the last 4 days, and I have no money to put in my gas tank to go see her. So once again, this is just conspiracy theory? And a refund is out of the question because the intial trasnfer was done with cash. It is "stuck" in their system. In what world does it make sense for a company to take money for a service and not do the service and then not correct the problem? And one last time, conspiracy?

9eacbcce, 2008-08-14, 03:25AM CDT

Western Union are stealing from Poor People without means. The Kenya shilling exchange rate to 1 euro is 100.1. When I wanted to send money to My Dad thru Western Union they said the rate is 92 shillings for 1 euro. It never stops they go on like this. The rates move up and down but Western Union has always the same rate. Why do people let them snatch our money from us ? Please help poor Kenyans;

c458eec9, 2008-08-27, 12:04PM CDT

I have used WU both as a Buyer and a Seller and I am very happy with them..I have never ever had to ask for a refund..then again I'm not so lazy as to not mail off my mos via the PO..My buyers and all Sellers I deal with are very comfortable and happy dealing with WU..get your mos. go to the PO and mail them via first class or priority mail (they even deliver overseas) and if your sending a wire transfer make up a secret password it works I do it all the time.. then you wont need to file for a refund..but if you do read the instructions completely before mailing out youir refund request..oh btw mail it via the PO with delivery confirmation! Like the saying goes "burn me once shame on you, burn me twice shame on me!"

10d3dcd2, 2008-09-09, 07:47PM CDT

Well it seems I am had too, I do think this is coorporate greed. I just used a small money order for $20 to pay my credit card bill but WU wants $15 to trace the it. How stupid. In the meantime my credit card made me pay another way because then it was late and charged me an extra $15 rush fee, omg! This country if falling apart. Regular people are going broke while a very few are using regular people to become rich (the corporations) and prey on society, and their employees just go along with it to keep their regular employee job. How insane.

47ce23c4, 2008-09-14, 12:17PM CDT

I'm having the same problem. I have been very discouraged by Western Unions phone line. I can't even get in contact with a customer rep. The money orders only $75.00 but it's mine. I tink we should file a class action suite and make them pay big time. Mabey they'll clean up their act.

b949e38d, 2008-09-28, 10:59AM CDT

After my daughter got scammed out of 1200.00 usd we have begun the process of trying to reach someone or get someone to reply to fraud paperwork and/or email complaint, to no avail. I just got off the phone with someone in the fraud department and toward the end of the conversation she was yelling at me. At that point I told her the conversation was over. I cannot believe the rampant fraud associated with this organization and their total lack of caring about the customer.This situation is by no means over with. We have only been working on this for a month but I am definately in it for the long haul. Shame on them!!!!!

0dead7a6, 2008-10-07, 11:46AM CDT

I totally agree I've had nothing but problems with western union. they dont answer their phones, its all audimated and gets you know help. my husband paid off a student loan 4years ago and now the school is saying he never paid and western union wants us to pay them to find the money orders went sent out money and its been a month and have recieved no response at all. So we called and they say they have no idea what we are talking about and dont know about any money order and to write a request and send more money to look up the information. this is b.s........

45db87a9, 2008-10-18, 01:09AM CDT

i will not send money thru western union anymore. i sent 200 dollars to the Philippines yesterday , i paid $12 for the transaction. in the phil, my sister should have the option to get the money as dollar or peso whatever is her preference...but..she went to 9 western unions and was told they ran out of $$??? so my siste took the peso but their exchange rate is 2 pesos less than the prevailing rate! i already paid $12 here and they earned more when they shortchanged her there!what a greedy company!!!it's the 2nd time this happened. i called and emailed WU here in america but no one replied. i will neversend thru WU again...never!

8837a6a2, 2008-10-24, 05:17PM CDT

this happened to me as well, i have been waiting 6 months to get my money back had to get an affidivat and had it notorized and still no money what am i to do?

cindy buzzeo

[email protected]

91599185, 2008-11-12, 07:51AM CST

damn, a year late, but I requested a $460 refund after my landlord lost my rent and received the check within 10 days after mailing the paperwork. Yes, all requirements are printed on the receipt, so all you need to do is read and follow procedures.

c4a80373, 2008-12-07, 08:38AM CST


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41cddb86, 2008-12-29, 09:36AM CST

I sent funds to the philippines via wu money in minutes, when the reciver went to collect two agents told her they where offline the 3rd agent told her they did not have enough cash to pay her they told her they could give her half the amount i sent now and the rest later. when i called customer service i got an automated message then when i reached a real person he was kind but just told me it happens sometimes they run out of us funds but they had to give the reciver the full amount maybe half us funds and half peso or give her a check then she would have to find a place to cash the check! I have to say i have used wu many time without problems but this was just bad service why dont there agents have the funds? after all ou pay to send money in minutes if you recive funds in peso wu pays below the going rate and make more money from you you want a refund good luck you have to ask in writing and wait the government watchdogs could care less even though thats what they are paid to do there is no justice for the consumer I have tried another money transfer service and it was worse they dont care about the hardship they cause.

ebd96f93, 2009-01-03, 11:34PM CST

I sent money to my grandma who lives overseas for Christmas via Western Union, and 2 days later, a Western Union representative called me to confirm the transaction, she treated me like I'm a criminal and she was very rude. I said ya it was me who sent the money and then she asked me why did I keep sending money overseas (that was my 3rd time EVER) and she asked for my Social Security Number. I refused to give it to her, WHY WOULD I WANT TO GIVE OUT MY SSN TO A WESTERN UNION WORKER? And she hung up on me after telling me don't ever go back to WU again. OK! I WON'T!

8837a6a2, 2009-07-01, 02:55PM CDT

i know we have been ripped off by them 2, tried everything, then they said they lost the receipt and then i had 2 sign and send in an affidavit and still no money back, its been about 8 months now, I WILL NEVER EVER USE THEM AGAIN AND NEITHER WILL MY FAMILY OR FRIENDS how can such a large company continue 2 get away with this?

0ae965e0, 2009-07-24, 01:05AM CDT

My name is Tracy H. and I have a Huge Problem with Western Union! I paid rent on April 1st, 2009 with a Money order from them and "the Money Order has vanished?" The Leasing Office claim they haven't received it? Western Union took so long stopping payment{on June 15th} to issue Me a refund that someone cashed the money order. I sent in another Affidavit to get the front & back copy of the Money Order on June 20th, 2009...It's now July 23, 2009 and I have Not heard anything from Western Union on either Affidavits. I've called their Customer Service number(s) at least twice per week since May 1st and I get an automated message/a constant loop of dead end hold times? How could a large Company like Western Union be so Unprofessional? We all need to file a Class-Action Suit! Help Me please...

fc20c8cf, 2010-02-02, 05:57PM CST

I have been dealing with WU since June 2009 over a stolen money order. I mailed a MO in the amount of $900 to my bank for deposit. The MO was stolen from the mail and paid at US Bank in Portland, Oregon. I've got a copy of the MO, account numbers and everything on it on the back.

WU says it can't do anything since the MO was not forged.

Local police won't take a report since it's interstate mail theft, told me to contact the FBI.

FBI says it's mail theft, and to contact the Postal Inspector.

Filed a report with the Postal Inspector, but they can't even guarantee they'll do any type of investigation, and if they do it could take years to put together a federal case.

US Bank, while I have PROOF they cashed a stolen money order, claim they are powerless to do anything since they can't violate the privacy of the person who cashed my money order.

I feel like someone gave me crazy pills. This is insane. People, NEVER EVER do business with WU. Or US Bank for that matter. Apparently they are fine with cashing stolen financial instruments. God help us all.

01aee103, 2010-02-10, 02:51AM CST

Western Union money orders are a safe and effective way of keeping your money safe and effective.

Western Union is not to blame for you people being to lazy to do all of the required things that may be required to follow the requirements of requiring a refund.

You can use money orders to pay bills or buy goods and services. Western Union branded money orders are issued by Integrated Payment Systems Inc.

You can buy Western Union Money Order payment instrument at many major supermarkets, convenience stores, check cashers, and other retail locations displaying the yellow and black Western Union Money Order signs. National chains that issue Western Union Money Order payment

7536dfed, 2010-02-22, 01:21PM CST

I too have been struggling with WU for two years this coming March. I bought a money order for a little over 300 dollars, signed it, sent it in the mail and it never landed at its intended destination. I paid the 15 dollars to track the money order, saw that it was cashed by Key Bank by an unknown, absurd business, contacted WU, and they said there was nothing they could do since it was my fault, saying that I filled it out improperly.

I personally contacted the man in charge of fraud, Jose Palomares. He displayed the most ridiculous professionalism; he lied to me and gave me the run around. He had me fill out three afidavits and still NOTHING!! I can't believe they have no responsibility to their consumers and are not held accountable. I haven't used WU since and I will never do so again.

10798dda, 2010-05-24, 08:02AM CDT

My husband and I sent off our car payment, but seems the company never received it from Western Union. We contacted Western Union and they stated they would investigate. Then after we called them at the appointed time, they stated the car company had received the money, but that they would fix it and refund our money... which by the way, we still have not gotten after 4 months. So who isn't a crook. I think sending a money order is crazy. I will never send another Western Union money order to anyone for anything. We send cash money through WalMart. Walmart won't even deal with Western Union because they claim its not worth the hassle. I'm not sure how this company has stayed in business all this time, but its time we did something about it. FOUR months to receive money back is ridiculous. When the company came and tried to repossess my car, I explained we had sent it Western Union and they stated, make another payment, but never use WU.

719d28ad, 2010-06-16, 02:54PM CDT

I have just started into the "refund" ordeal and already I am enraged. No one speaks english at their service department and they bounce you around and then tell you that the bank is responsible. The bank says no, W.U. is responsible... what a freaking mess

8aa11f60, 2010-08-10, 05:50PM CDT





b0546e40, 2010-08-24, 11:35AM CDT

I am going through the SAME exact thing! Fed-Ex lost my package with 3 money orders that equaled to $2,500.00! Did you get you money back? if so how?! i need my money!

a8e2c66e, 2010-09-23, 04:40PM CDT

I to am going thru a nightmare with western Union. I sent money to my bank thru Western Union. Western Union says they got it banks says they did not. Bank says tell them to cancel and resend. Western Union says not and sends a letter to correct. Banks says can't except that has to be new one. Western Union says again we will send letter. But do they understand my bank says they will not except this. Then I call and they say they will leave message for a melissa. melissa is out of office and they leave message. Then I call bank and they say that melissa should not have anything to do with this. Says for western union to call them. Western union says bank to call them. It has been two days. Now I am gonna be charged fees from bank for not having this paid. and I paid 16 dollars to western Union to have this paid fast. what the hell am i supposed to do.

9ce0eace, 2010-10-05, 04:45AM CDT

I was completely ripped off by Western Union. They take forever creating an illusion that your money is very safe with them and it's not.

They take your money and then say it won't go through because it doesn't meet the "right criteria" and then you can't close your account and get all your information back...they sell your info breaking their privacy policy. Oh, and did I mention you forget about the transfer and leave it alone and it will be forgotten and LOST FORREVER in THEIR BANK. OH..TO BAD FOR YOU. This is deceptive business practices and will be easy to prosecute them once you prove the higher ups their are doing this in a coordinated and daily business practice.

b55a6d6b, 2010-12-28, 05:30PM CST

"All the requirements you stated that they never told you about, such as the affadivit being sent notarized in order to process refund are all clearly included on the receipt attached to your money order. The P.O. Box is used to prevent a massive influx of letters to one mailling address. There is a different one for each department. It's just easier to use P.O. Boxes. I requested a $300 and a $100 refund from Western Union and received them both within two weeks. It is unfortunate that you had a bad experience with the system, but not everyone is out to get you (i.e. Camelot Drugs, The USPS, and Western Union). Quit the conspiracy theory crap."

So how long have you worked for Western Union! :-)

8e383754, 2011-01-25, 10:09AM CST

To the one who said " Quit the conspiracy theory crap ": You ignorant B, this Criminal human world is MUCH Worse than the most Evil Conspiracy '''''theories''''

To Larry W : Very sadly, most People are toooooo WEAK. They have always been the REAL Cause of All Problems! they just complain or demonstrate, and go on taking shit for ever & EVER. They are more SLAVES than ever before... DISGUSTING!!!

57fb44eb, 2011-01-25, 10:10AM CST

To the one who said " Quit the conspiracy theory crap ": You ignorant B, this Criminal human world is MUCH Worse than the most Evil Conspiracy '''''theories''''

To Larry W : Very sadly, most People are toooooo WEAK. They have always been the REAL Cause of All Problems! they just complain or demonstrate, and go on taking shit for ever & EVER. They are more SLAVES than ever before... DISGUSTING!!!

b7c9d8f5, 2011-02-25, 03:51PM CST

I just had the same thing happen to me, I received the money orders back and I tried to cash them, but no luck. Now mind you I have the original money orders and the stub in my hands. Western Union wants 15.00 "processing fee" and a notarized statement (in Louisiana getting a notarization costs 10.00 per signature). Okay now the 3 money orders are 40.00 each, I now have to pay IN ADVANCE 15.00 plus 10.00 = 25.00 3 times to get a total of 80.00 back. This is a total rip off and I also reported this to the FTC. I would advise anyone NOT TO USE WESTERN UNION FOR ANYTHING IF THIS IS THE WAY THEY DO BUSINESS.

6d11bf7f, 2011-09-30, 06:09PM CDT

My insurance payment with a Western Union money order BOUNCED! I paid cash for it and Chase bank rejected it with the comment "return to maker". My insurance company is going to drop me because WU says I have to pay for and go through the whole refund process even though they've admitted their physical money order was defective! So I will get dropped from my general liability insurance and won't be able to work until I get my refund and purchase another company's insurance. Guess I should sue. What a hassle but screw it. I'll put together a letter of intent tonight and fax it to them. Will be like talking to a brick wall. Never again!

70c14252, 2011-10-27, 04:59PM CDT

I just had the same thing happen to me but i bought my money order through the UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE they lost my money order and required me to pay a 15$ fee to find it! I PERSONALLY THOUGHT IT WAS THIER FAULT! i called the postal service 800 number and was hung up on!

laura h., 2013-03-14, 01:53PM CDT

i mailed away for a refund on money order somehow they ut my name with someones else s money order n try tell me it was cashed when i called it myself it said it wasnt well thank god they found out what they did n said they mailed out my check last night 800 is a big mistake does anyone know once they mailed there refund check how many days it take to get it

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