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Posted on Sunday, May 30th, 2004 at 12:00am CDT by 7547b818

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Canon S50 / horrible 05-19-04 purchased item (866-580-7656) Product was in stock

05-19-04 Recieved E-mail from a James (COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_66908#) saying to contact him at 866-580-7656

05-19-04 Contacted James, said product was in stock just wanted to verify sale and asked if I would like any accessories to go with product. I said No 5-19-04 I reiceve an e-mail from COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_66909# saying an "order" was ready for delivery and should be shipped UPS FedEx or USAirborne with no reference to the product, order number, or a phone number to call them back. 5-20-04 I try to call customer service and E-mails to James, and digicams come back "Delivery Status Notification (Failure)" 5-20-04 I recieve another email from this digicam, once again with no reference to my order, I was thinking my Credit Card was stolen. 5-21-04 Check Status of Order (Was told it would be shipped tomorrow)

5-24-04 Called Custom Serv 3 x, and was hung up on

5-25-04 Rec. E-mail saying my order was to cancel if I dont contact them, and send them my drivers license and credit card info (I thought personal security issue, especially since it dont mention my order) 5-25-04 Call Cust. Serv. was told to disregard any e-mails from Digicam, and to call back, item was not in stock (even though they originally said it was) 5-26-04 Called, Cust. Serv. was now CLOSED wednseday

5-27-04 Called, Cust. Serv. was now CLOSED thursday no e-mail response

5-29-04 Called Customer Serv. CLOSED

5-29-04 Called Sales, Hung Up On, While waiting for operator

5-29-04 Called Sales, Before I could say anything, I was told to call customer service. I told him it was closed, he called me a liar, and said he would give me a direct number. 5-29-04 Called, Cost. Serv # he gave me... CLOSED

5-29-04 Called Sales to Cancel Order, I said I want to cancel my fckin order (my fault, I apologize) he replies, F** you, I will F***ng kill you, I dont give a F** about your order, and hung up 5-29-04 Called To Cancel order.

T, Terry

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