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Posted on Friday, May 28th, 2004 at 12:00am CDT by 86795f49

Company: Onstar billing practices and service

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Onstar - Another complaint Re: Onstar billing practices and service


Another complaint Re: Onstar billing practices and service

It seems that Onstar is more concerned with the money than the level of service or communication with it's subscribers. I use the service regularly for directional purposes.

Last evening upon dialing up to them while driving ( a relatively safe practice, as I can watch the road and maintain hands on the wheel while talking) looking for directions, I was immediately greeted with "your credit card for renewal did not go thru, could you give us a different card number now".

This is after some 3-4 weeks back giving them a renewal via the uplink as I was stationary and waiting for a meeting. Additionally, yesterday (ironically) in my monthly credit card billing, I was informed of a charge against my card for continued service as well as being informed they had made a mistake and had not been charging tax which was being added to my monthly charge.......

A couple of scenarios rather quickly entered my thought process while sitting on hold for 5 minutes waiting for a manager.

1-What are the liabilities of reaching into my back pocket for a wallet while driving?hmmmm..I may need the service for air bag deployment as I just got in an accident.....

2-What if a had a Client on the seat next to me and they were suddenly concerned with my credibility? Can you say lost income...........

I'm quite confident there are more , but I'm just too mad currently to generate more.

After now almost 15 minutes of banter with a manager, I still had not received directions to a destination I was late to and had been driving in the general direction of. At no time did Onstar ask if I would like those directions (on the last day of my non-renewed service), the emphasis was entirely on THE MONEY.

It seems they have my address,phone number etc.. but felt the best time to resolve this was when their client needed them not at a time convenient to their client.

Long and short , I got directions @ a gas station after a very frustrating experience.

To be continued.....

Jim P

Jim P

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91234039, 2007-12-24, 01:29PM CST

I to have had it with onstar!! last year i noticed they would pull $4.99 out of my account then 3 days or so later the money is put back in. it seems to me that this is an illegal practice. i could not figure out what they were up to.

i sold my car and went to a truck. this is were the headaches began. I rolled over the subscription to the truck and have a year free. they charged my acount for $141.00 after i had paid them. so they clearly owe me the $141.00. i have been getting the royal run around for the last 3 weeks.. they say the will put the money back in my account. i check and it is not in. i call them on the date it was to be put back. they say that they have no record of this. this seems to be the norm. it just keeps going on and on. they now claim that the money will be in on 1/2/08. we will see. oh but she stated the it may not go back in till 2/2/08.

does this sound like something you have gone through. class action suits anyone?

31f288cd, 2008-02-28, 11:31AM CST

I feel the same way as you I have been trying to get a refund from Onstar since December 2007 when I sold my 2007 GMC Envoy & purchased a 2008 Pontiac G6 which was Onstar & was told that my remaining 4 months of OnStar could not be transferred to the new car so I requested that they cancel the account & send me a refund and as of today I still have not received a refund. I have called and spoke with several people have several different cases numbers. No one at Onstar from their customer service reps to their managers know their right hand from their left hand. No one is on the same page. I am on the phone with them as we speak & they are checking into my account & have put me on hold for 15 minutes. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!!!!

c817dd6a, 2008-12-29, 03:51PM CST

I agree that Onstar billing practices are very shady. I have been trying for the past 3 years to get my credit card info removed from Onstar records so that my renewal is not automatically billed to my credit card. Each time they tell me it will be removed. But, each year I see the renewal charge on my credit card again! I never even use the service!

I had planned on buying another GM product soon. But after this experience and seeing how arrogant the GM CEO was while testifying before Congress, I will be buying anything BUT another GM product. These a$$holes can go bankrupt for all I care!

318d6f9f, 2009-02-15, 02:24PM CST

I am glad I am not the only one having problems with onstar. I am so frustrated with this company. I purchased a used vechicle that has onstar on it. There was a balance of 5 months left on it from the previous owner. I was on the road driving and talking to the advisor about onstar and how it works. Since there was a balance all i had to do was purchase minutes. My husband purchased 100 minutes with his cc over the phone. 2 days later there was an additional charge on our checking account for 298.00. We immed. contact onstar about this charge and were informed that it was for a years subcription. We informed them that this was an unauthorized charge and to remove it immed. that was in January. It is now mid February and they still have not credited the amount back to us, but each time i call they promise to credit and it will show in 3 to 5 business days. They promise to call back when this is done. I have not received a call and this is the 3rd time they have said this to me. In the meantime the $298 overdrafted our account and all the little checks that were written prior overdrafted and our account is $600 in the red. The bank has frozen our account and wants any kind of info. say like a verification no. on the credit reversal, so they can reverse the o.d. fees and put our account back in order. But they cannot do that until onstar provides them with something other than a promise. Onstar has not cooperated and i keep getting the same lines. I am about ready to call the BBB or file a suit. This is not a good thing to do to a first time customer. Any ideas?

076fc57e, 2011-03-09, 06:14PM CST


f942851f, 2012-12-03, 09:44AM CST

These posts are old, but nothing has changed. We purchased a 2012 Silverado in May 2012, which included 6 months complimentary OnStar. At the time of purchase, at the urging of the sales person, we gave OnStar our debit card number "in case" we decided to purchase something, or if we decided to renew. I have experience with Ford's Sync (which by the way runs rings around OnStar), so had no reason to doubt we'd remain with OnStar. It wasn't until some experience with them that we dediced we would not renew. Today, I noticed they had debited my account $28.90 for what I later learned was the first monthly fee for continued service. They were never authorized to take any charge, and they sent me no notice. Throughout the free trial, we received e-mails from them so often they got annoying. Nonetheless, I checked everyone. Somehow, any email with advance notice of subscription charges conveniently failed to make it to my Inbox. Abyssmal practices.

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