NAFCO / DOMCO / TARKETT - Permastone Flooring by NAFCO/DOMCO/TARKETT - I am very disappointed with both the product and the support

Posted on Tuesday, May 25th, 2004 at 12:00am CDT by 2bc1c274

Product: Permastone Flooring


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My wife and I purchased a new floor product from NAFCO/TARKETT called Permastone. The product boasts an "Extreme Performance Warranty" for the Better living product of 20 years. The Extreme Performance Warranty says that our new floor:

- Will not rip, tear or gouge from normal household use

- Will not permanently indent

- will not permanently scuff from shoe soles

- other warranty claims that our floor performed as stated

Our new floor has done all the above within the first 6 months. We contacted the local store that sold us the floor with our complaint. They sent out a local representative from NAFCO/TARKETT. The representative agreed that the floor is not performing as designed.

He documented his findings and sent it on to NAFCO/TARKETT - NAFCO technical services requested a sample of the floor. I provided a sample that they tested and found that the sample was manufactured as designed and would not replace our floor. That’s great, they can make a judgment of my entire floor (500 ft^2) based on one 16"X16" tile that was not even used. What about the local representatives input?

I tried for weeks, calling and calling with no return phone calls from NAFCO Technical Services. I finally got in touch with the technician that tested our floor sample. He stated that the Extreme Performance warranty only covers the manufacturing of the product, the wear of the product is not covered - What! I believe that is what the warranty states. Also, if I wanted further information I would have to send it in writing. A very short phone call with little help.

I am very disappointed with both the product and the support and would not recommend Permastone flooring by NAFCO to anyone!

Gary V


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c634386f, 2007-11-09, 01:39PM CST

Gary - If it makes you feel better the same thing happened to the new tiule that was laid in our kitchen. After about 2 weeks we noticed that there were knife grooves in several pieces of permastone tile. We didn't notice the grooves until they got some dirt in them. I asked the contractor to replace them but he said he would if we bought a whole box for #140. I told him he was the one that cut the tile and that he should replace them for free. He refused. I told him what he could do with his tile and business. I have tried to get a phone no. for NAFCO but to no avail. Sounds like even if I did NAFCO does not back their product. That's OK because everyone I talk to about our kitchen floor knows not to buy NAFCO products. PO'd in PA!!

35bc189e, 2008-07-16, 01:17PM CDT

we too had tarkett permastone put down in our kitchen and have had problems. We have pads on our chairs and for some reason, the tiles seems to peal and the top coat comes off espcially where we sit. We spoke with the installer. He offered to replace them. Now we are replacing some bad tiles again. We are splitting the cost of a box of tile with the retailer and he is installing or replacing the bad tiles for free. It is very disappointing especially because I could have had ceramic for the the same price as the original floor.

f5fc64cb, 2009-08-07, 03:25PM CDT

Well the same thing happened with our Nafco Tarkett flooring. We contacted the Better Business Bureau and a lawyer. We spent over $12,000 on this flooring. The very first day on it, we started getting scratches. They said the warranty did not cover scratches, only normal household wear and tear. Well every time the couch moves or we move a nightstand to sweep behind it, it scratches. The mop bucket scratched the floor. Basically, any normal wear and tear we do scratches the floor. Same scenario happened where a rep came out from Nafco/Tarkett and took a sample of our flooring and sent it to the lab. Like yours, the found nothing wrong with the flooring. By the way, the rep used a leveler to try to blame the installers saying they didn't prep the floor good but we have had three independent flooring people come out since then and they all said the floor was within tolerances and it was a product issue. And get this- the rep's leveler scratched the floor. I pointed it out to him and he denied that it happened from his leveler. If you are still dissatisfied with the service and product, contact the BBB in Bethlehem, PA. They have been helpful for us.

1a892329, 2010-07-06, 08:22PM CDT

Thanks all for sharing your experiances

You saved me from the same fate

3d804c2c, 2011-08-15, 09:12AM CDT

I have been trying to find reviews on the permastone. We are getting ready to put down new floors throughout our home. We will be spending a lot of money and I want to get our money's worth. I just knew it was too good to be true. We are a family of 7 with kids ranging from 3-13. I know that the salesperson is going to tell me everything that I want to hear just to sell the product. I had a feeling it was not going to last up to our standards/needs. Thank you so much for telling the truth of your experience. You may have just saved me thousands of dollars.

Andrew E., 2013-02-11, 02:09PM CST

I wish I had read this before purchasing Tarkett flooring. We just purchased this in November of 2012 and installed it ourselves. The day after we installed it we noticed it began to scratch and got worse over time. We also sent a sample of the flooring to Tarkett and it came back as a denied claim. The flooring rep. who filed the claim, the general contractor, and the flooring retailer all agreed Thankfully, we have a wonderful flooring retailer, Costen Flooring, who has agreed to reinstall a different tile from a different company. This retailer is also removing all Tarkett flooring from his showroom. This looks like a pattern of fraud considering the similarities in these circumstances. Ironically, as I am writing this Jeff Silifies, who is the claims manager for Tarkett, called me to tell me that 'scratching' of floors is not covered under their warranty. Guess scratches aren't part of normal household use.

Tom B., 2014-07-31, 03:14PM CDT

Our claim got denied also. I think I see a pattern here. In their letter they gave conflicting statements.

First - "Our products are stabilized to withstand normal light exposure from sunlight through windows or doors with window treatments."

Then - "Exposure to direct, excessive sunlight is not a condition covered under Tarkett's limited warranties."

Clearly we complied to the window treatment issue (see photo). In fact the window treatment was not any specially treated fabric and it looks the same as the day we hung it.

I find it strange that Tarkett's hired inspector did not perform any test to see if these tiles made it through Tarkett's "Stabilzation Process". I think it is possible that the stabilization formula was not applied or was chemically unbalanced to achieve the proper stabilization outcome.

There is no way un-treated fabric should hold up better than Tarkett's tile.

I wish I could post a picture for everyone to see.

It is sad that this company would not stand behind their product.

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