2000 Volkswagen VR6 GLS - have experienced several problems

Posted on Friday, May 21st, 2004 at 12:00am CDT by 2d16b219

Company: 2000 Volkswagen VR6 GLS - have experienced several problems

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2000 Volkswagen VR6 GLS - have experienced several problems

re 2000 Volkswagen VR6 GLS: Misery loves company, I suppose. And I thought my first new car purchase (a Jetta VR6 GLS) was a lemon. Actually, I still do. I, like many others, have experienced several problems. Problems such as: - rear cup holders broken

- middle/rear seatbelt locked, cannot be used

- 02 sensors both replaced since MIL light kept illuminating

- MAS sensor replaced (and later recalled)

- both front windows have fallen to the "black hole" (and later recalled; INCLUDING a recall to the recall b/c they went from metal clips to plastic or vice versa)

- paint peeling from inside door handles

- alarm system faulty on passenger side door (Dealer told me that unless the car beeps at me, the alarm is not secured. So, I must lock the door. Stand by for 15 seconds, lock the door again and this time when the car beeps, the passenger door is secured. And, furthermore, (THIS IS GOOD - KEEP READING) I was told that if I drive too close to a JEA bus, their bus computer systems are run on the same channel as my Jetta's computer system and sometimes being too close to a JEA bus will cause my cars computer system to scramble). Computer system can be reset, and did you know that while resetting, VW can make your car beep in different patterns? That's probably a "feature"!

- center console/armrest latch broken

- large spring sits underneath my passenger side front seat

- seat belt no longer click, indicating locked in position (Dealer told me it still works. So, now I have to push it down and then tug on it, hoping that it really is locked -- if not, I may fly out that recalled


- child restrain seat locks recalled

- trunk lock wouldn't stay latched

- front fender separating from body of car

- grinds going into second gear (manual transmission)

- when car is put into 1st gear, it waits a few second before it gets enough power to fully accelerate

- brake dust covers alloy wheel, in just hours of cleaning On a positive note, the butt/back warmers are nice! Although, I'm sure to wear them out next. I agree, with an earlier comment, if there are this many problems with the plastic/faulty parts - recall them and pay for our repairs or springs lying around. Drivers wanted...but they're all in the dealer waiting room! L, Jennifer

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