Earthlink Webhosting - Earthlink Webhosting - My website has been hosted on Earthlink/ Mindspring unix servers for many years. In October 2003 my rate increased from $29.95 per month to $129.95 per month

Posted on Sunday, May 16th, 2004 at 12:00am CDT by b1048a14

Company: Earthlink Webhosting

Category: Internet Services

The reason for the increase was because they informed that I was using additional space. My current usage with Earthlink/Mindspring was listed at 546MG. In May 2004 I transferred my website to a new hosting company, because of additional programs that are needed. My current hosting company, records the total files 350 MG. Total documentation includes the size of the files on my harddrive (349MG), New Hosting Company (353MG) and Earthlink/Mindspring documentation (545MG). I have been in communication with Earthlink/Mindspring to inquire why there is such a discrepancy. Their excuses are numerous. However, they are unable to document any of these excuses. Excuse One: Earthlink uses fancy servers. The type of server has nothing to do with the number of files transferred. The numbers of files on my harddrive are the same number as listed by new hosting company.. My harddrive (a PC) is not the same type of computer as the new hosting company (a Unix) Excuse Two: My new hosting company compresses the files. Excuse Three: Backup of files.. The current files listed contain the backup files also. I have listened and evaluated every excuse that they might have concerning this discrepancy and they are unable to provide any documentation was to why I have been overcharged. Their continual excuses make me think that their policy is to lie to their customers and never refund any money. Linda


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